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Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Chief Sitting Bull  - Tatantanka Iyotake -
the Battle of the Little Bighorn - 
the victory over those that disrespected the Lakota Nation.

There use to be a time - when  European Nations - thought everything revolved around them. 

They still do in a way - but in today's contemporary world - they speak in whispers -  the present turmoil -  created by divisive Whites is well known.

More, where Whites rule - practicing GREED - greed will bring the downfall - of those that have NO - heart and are spiritually - bankrupt. Mother Earth comes first - respect for all living beings - equally and when one discriminates - evil reigns - and that must be avoid at all cost.

Among the confusion and turmoil - one entity that participated in the slavery and murder of the indigenous - all over the world - the Catholic Church - one has just to witness - the artifacts stolen - in the Vatican Museum. The Catholic Church is slow to apologize - and when it does apologize - it is neither here nor there.

This included the POPE who was glad when navigators - remotely delivered large tracts of land - that they discovered -  in the name of some King or Queen -  deliver and come under the POPE's jurisdiction of sorts.

The indigenous people were considered pagans - and the POPE thought - baptizing these indigenous people - at the point of the sword - was holistic. 

Things have changed now - but the damage done - continues to linger.

Indigenous people are suspicious - of the POPE to this day.

The nefarious navigators like Christopher Columbus - and many more navigators from Portugal, Spain, Holland, Great Britain, France - other European Nations - who for hundreds of years - committed murder, rape, killed children - all in the name of King, Queen, and religion.

Captured innocent people - and sold these innocent people as slaves -  BLOOD is on their hands - for all generations to come.

No human being should demean another human being.

We know history and more the history of " slavery " - there is no running away from restitution - and reparation. 

If you do not apologize, if you do not repent - you will burn in hell - more, right here on Earth.

Recently when Canada celebrated its 150th Independence - the Chief of the Six Nations - the Iroquois Tribe - joked - that the Six Nation lived in Canada for thousands of years - yet the newbies were here rejoicing in the land of the Iroquois - supposedly celebrating some 150th anniversary of sorts.

The long Cabin Iroquois Council -
women played a key role - and continue to this day.

The woman Iroquois Chief spoke about her people - she did not appreciate this mockery - those who were on her land - celebrating - some Independence that made no sense - while her people were subjected to demeaning laws and disrespect - for hundreds of years - and have lived continuously for thousands of years.

The Chiefs of the Six Nations -

each Tribe has a unique belt -

they practiced Democracy for thousands of years.

We know that Democracy was practiced by the Six Nations - a Matriarchal System - for thousands of years.

The Long Cabin - where women - more elderly women - laid the rules - were know by all those that believed in law and order - and that included our Founding Fathers - who were searching for a new way of governing - we call it Democracy - today.

We know the Founding Fathers - were amazed about how the Six Nations - practiced Democracy - and incorporated a lot of what the Founding Fathers learned - into our United States - Constitution.

The Muwekma Ohlone of San Francisco -
they have lived here in San Francisco -
for over 13, 000 years.

Closer to home the Ohlone lived here in the San Francisco and the neighboring area for over 13, 000 years.

Today - some will celebrate so called Independence Day - failing to respect the Ohlone and other Native Americans the Bay Area and beyond - be it the Miwok, the Pomo, the Piutes, others.

Chief Joseph -
his people suffered just because of the color of their skin -
he fought for his people - more the women and children -
this oppression was repeated and repeats itself to this day.

It will be so - all over the Nation - the Native Americans - have been treated with disdain - and this wrong - must be RIGHTED - now.

Fireworks - is a very immature way of celebrating - catering to the mundane and days when dynamite and cannon fire meant something.

Today gunpowder is just that - something from the past -  flames throw into the sky - and the bursting of colors - are for those that love vain and mundane ceremonies of a sort - sensualists - who entertain their senses for a fleeting moment.

After 241 years of so called Independence - we must ask ourselves - have we in the United States, the Senators and the House - shown any respect for the Native American - here in the United States?

The United States has signed umpteen treaties - with Native American Tribes - and broken each and unashamedly every one
of them.

The Flag of the Lakota Nation.

Any Native American will tell you - it is important to thank and pray for the ancestors of the host nation - the many tribes that practice " protocol " - paying homage to the Native American Chiefs of the nation - the guests visiting the host nation - and accepting the protocol of the land - without question.

Unlike the Whites who will bite the hand that feed them.

Donald Trump a replica of Andrew Jackson above -
he disrespected indigenous people -
removed Native American from their Tribal Lands -
committed the worst atrocities - a " thug' and a " murderer ".

Donald Trump - a joker - that has failed 
to behave as an decent President should -
he opens his mouth - and spews - diatribe of the worst order.

I am astounded when someone like Donald Trump thinks his kind can do as they please all over the United States. 

He should be ashamed of himself - he is a modern replica of Andrew Jackson - a mean person - who removed many Native American Tribes from their land -  placed them under guard - on land that that was barren.

 Disrespecting the Native Americans - those that we must love and respect - to die. More Native American women and children.

Today - we send flames into the air - and rejoice that some who have shown NO respect to Mother Earth.

 In less than 300 years - polluted, contaminated, and created " concrete jungles " - all over Turtle Island - now know as the United States of America. Go Figure!

On this 241st so called Independence Day - we must ask ourselves - does this land belong to you - do you respect the First People of this land - the Native Americans - if you do not - shame on you.

If you do - it is time - we work with the Native Americans to put our best foot forward - with our heart in the right place. Aho.