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Monday, July 31, 2017


For thousands of years - our Earth was blessed with so much of abundance - the we human beings - homo sapiens - sought and enjoyed the best.

Some ventured out - far out - to places that today - after generations - many of them - and trying to figure out their roots - and this is possible today.

DNA is one method - in many civilizations - songs, and even the written word - have treasured memories of times past and the legacy left by their ancestors.

Today - we have proof who kept this Earth pristine for thousands of years - and who did not.

These 300 feet plus trees  -
lived for thousands of years.

In the last 350 years - we can plot - those that ventured to steal, loot, rape, murder, take people land - and proclaim themselves lord of the land - when they were and continue to be thieves - the most crooked - and a disgrace to the human race.

My travels have taken me to many parts of the world - it is often that I meet some one from another part of the world - living far from his or her home land - starting a dialog - pitting the local populace - and trying to impress me - with what they have in mind their hidden agenda.

Displaying some fake " superiority complex " - which really when display is - blatant " inferiority complex ".

Life is not all about money - even though we humans are brain washed to think that money and great wealth - that we will not take when we die - is all that matters. It is not.

Native Americans lived here in the United States - when it was better known as Turtle Island.

Then some strangers came - running away from fanatics that did not want them to practice their faith.

These unwanted urchins - seeking unknown parts of the world - and we know for a fact - unkempt, filthy, and dirty as ever - more starving - they landed on Turtle land - and nearly perished - more, of starvation and diseases - they brought with them.

The Native Americans offered them corn, wild fowl, berries, and other nutritional food - and saved their lives. 

These Whites - once they recovered and figured out what they wanted - bit the hand that fed them. 

They used guns, lies, other demonic methods - to steal the land, kill those that were once their friends, did horrible things - and continue to do so today.

Chief Joseph

The West coast of America was flourishing some 200 years ago - the Native American tribes - flourished.

The stranger who came further West -  wanted more - they were always dreaming of gold, wealth, GREED that saturates their DNA - bastards that have NO morals - even thought they proclaimed they were Christians.

Again as they did on the East Coast they brought small pox and other sexually transmitted diseases and slow but surely - killed millions of Native American tribe on the West Coast.

Here on the West Coast they cleared old growth forest -  the Sequoia trees - that lived for thousand of years - that wood  splintered - and spared the Sequoias. 

The then latched to the majestic Red Wood trees - thousands of years old too - that made good furniture and could be used for construction of homes and other things. 

Today one of those huge Redwood Trees - can fetch one $50, 000
easily - and yet - old growth - where the huge redwood flourish - at cut on the sly and sold - by large corporations.

The palefaces sought gold and found it - everywhere - in many places they did not have to dig for it - a few feet below the ground. 

They found gold - in the rivers and streams - and they took it all - as all greedy bastards who have a dead conscience - do.

Buffalo killed for their skin not the meat.
Piles of flesh - left to rot - the stench - 
spreading for miles around - only scumbags would act 
in like fashion and some do to this day.

On the East Coast they killed Buffalo - not so much for the meat but for its coat - for the Buffalo skin made find coats - much as it provided tents for the Native Americans.

The Native American always  took less - and never practiced gluttony - avarice - like the greedy palefaces  - that wanted it all.

I meet lawyers who will talk too much - and claim that this land all of it is theirs - that they have papers - can prove that the land is theirs.

Ask them to show the papers - and they cannot.

 They create fake papers,  create fake maps - they create surveys - at a point and time - when you could pay someone to fake anything.

The Whites placed a stick or stake here and there - and claimed the land.

Never mind if it belonged to the Native American - their logic was simple.

The Whites claimed the Native Americans were not human - they deemed the pale faces - were - the ones that spoke before in those times and today speak with a forked tongue - only today in a more convoluted fashion.

Here in California 18 treaties were signed with the the United States Government and the Native Americans - none of them ratified.

Today in the year 2017 - the questions are many and the answers few. Millions of acres promised the Native American Tribes of California - remain in the hands of those that have Blood on their hands. Nothing much has changed.

These folks pretend to know something - their sordid version of history.

They talk the talk - cannot walk the walk - they make their grave and step in it. 

You ask them who lived here thousands of years - before their arrival - and they say today we own the land and have prove - they own the land. They circumvent the questions - they are guilty and have blood on their hands.

 As I said they do have " fake papers " - going back hundreds of years.  For sure they have nothing going back thousands of years ago.

Today we are at some crossroad of significance - and indigenous people - are speaking out and speaking loud.

Those thieves, murderers, rapists, liars - people that speak with a fork tongue - do not know what to say.

Many recoil to a state and time where they say - the know nothing at all.

Their ancestors committed the crimes - they just found out - about a few things - and do not want to go far back - when they had no control - over the ploys, machinations and shenanigans.

Time for restitution - and one must be fair - or suffer the consequences. Some still insists this is their land - much like President Andrew Jackson - and the egoistical maniac we have today in the White House - Donald Trump.

This is a fucking joke - these idiots - need a complete brain transplant and with it - a complete blood transfusion of sorts.

There is only so much nonsense - decent human beings can tolerate.

We know the history - where some thought they were humans while the others - mostly of color were not - human beings.

 Such ignorance belies logic - and more clearly displays that such ignorance stems - from lack of cultural competency - for sure an  " inferiority complex ".

People of color - more indigenous people do not have to prove anything - not is the past - not now in the present - and for sure not in the future.

All the major inventions - all over the world - for thousands of years - are linked to people of color.

The people of color invented letters and numbers -  paintings that told the story of whatever they wanted future generations to know.

The people of color built the pyramids - the Taj Mahal.

 Much like a Black man laid Washington DC - and when it comes to inventions - I once tallied over a thousand - from blood plasma preservation, to the fridge, to train signals, to so many inventions linked to agriculture - and more.

All patents stolen by those who said they were human but ignorant - while those that were of color - had the genius to created and invent.

What baffles those that have better thinking - but those arrogant win - more by using brute force.

In San Francisco the Ohlone lived here in the Bay Area for over 13, 000 years - continuously.

 As I mentioned above 18 treaties were signed - and the Federal Government agreed to land agreements - and other agreements - and did not keep their word.

The Federal Government once recognized the Muwekma Ohlone - until 1927 - but then illegal removed the Muwekma Ohlone - from the Federal Register.

 Saying the Tribe was extinct - when this was NOT the case -  if this is not " blatant discrimination " -  I do not know what is. Aho.