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Friday, July 7, 2017


 German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President 
Xi Jinping from China - are setting the tone  -
on climate change and Quality of Life issues -
moving in the right direction.

Given the recent events world wide and more with the pressing Syrian refugees situation - climate change - sea level rise - North Korea shooting missiles in the air - our turbulent  world economy - both Germany and China and headed in the right direction.

President  Donald Trump keeps using superlatives - that only he comprehends.

Everything seems to be fine with his world - but we know both here at home and internationally - the United States - does not have a Blue Print - that matters.

Right now - more and more - the United States is playing - second fiddle.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Vladimir Putin 
have known each other for many years -
they both speak German - and this one fact - has
allowed Chancellor Angela Merkel to know President Putin -
deep enough - to keep President Putin at Bay -
 on matters of importance.

President Donald Trump can live in his own world - while President Vladimir Putin - is deeply entrenched - in hacking our system and security - our electric grid - copy right issues that are daily stolen - billions stolen from our banks - aided and abetted by State sponsored hackers -  as of now - President Donald Trump refuses to call a spade a spade.

Millions of USA Federal workers - with very high clearance - were compromised  - our Office of Personnel Management - failed to secure our information - impacting millions of Federal Workers - many of us - lost so much and more our personal information was compromised. 

The United States now has a President - who says one thing - and does another.

Russia is not to be trusted - and while we in the United States - have a better standard of living - more and more - President Donald Trump is adversely impacting - Quality of Life issues.

Russia is a mess when it comes to their economy.

Never mind - President Vladimir Putin - has access to billions of dollars - the ordinary Russian - does not have access to milk, bread, butter, meat and those basic foods - we take for granted in the United States.

Here in the United States today - most of us have to pay high premiums to receive some basic health services.

More and more in many of our cities rents are so high - that the divide between the filthy rich and the poor - those that live pay check to check - is become chronic.

Here in San Francisco we have over 12, 000 homeless - living in tents, under the bridges, under bushes.

Our elders in San Francisco, others - with compromised health cannot lay their heads - and sleep peacefully - daily facing the inclement weather.

Hundreds have died a slow death - on the streets of San Francisco - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a poor leader, with NO spine - talks the talk - but cannot walk the walk.

President Xi Jinping has lived in the United States -
he has managed to elevate the economy of China on may levels -
he now wants to impact the economy of many other Nations -
he has a plan to revive the wealth of those Nation -
linked to the famous Silk Route and impact the economies 
of all those Nations - look forward and ahead.

China is a force to be reckoned with - all over Africa - a large continent - where the Chinese have deep relations with many African Nations - importing meat,  green produce, grain, minerals, rare minerals, petroleum products and more to China.

China has flooded many African Nations with all sorts of products - much as it has for years - unchecked - here in the United States.

You pick any 10 products - in our markets here in the United States - and nine out of ten - will be made in China. What does that say of a so called Super Power?

When it comes to Solar products - China has a grip on Solar Products - and will in the future too - having invested Billions of dollars.

Here in the United States - we talk while China and Germany walk the walk.

Both Germany and China - have very large Solar Farms - producing sufficient clean energy - to supply electricity to entire towns and cities. 

Both Germany and China have excellent " high speed trains " here is San Francisco - for the last 20 years - we are hoping against hope - to build and operation - " high speed rail " - from San Francisco to Los Angeles and may be all the way to San Diego.

We in the United States - are moving at a snail's pace - toward that goal - and may attain this goal - in ten years.

Chief Sitting Bull -
he united the Tribes - the Lakota Nations

This land we call the United States - was once well known as Turtle Island - we must all remember - this land was stolen from the Native Americans - each and every square inch.

The United States an area consisting of 3, 717, 812. 8 square miles - has a population of about 314 million.

We do not have the large populations - in the billions of India, China, Indonesia, many other nations - that do not have the resources we have in the United States.

The United States once had a thriving Middle Class - no more.

The filthy rich once paid taxes - proportionality to what the filthy rich made - no more - today - the filthy rich - take so many write offs - that they hardly pay - anything much in proportionate taxes.

Hence the One Percent - and the Ninety Nine Percent.

Donald Trump - 
well know for his Twitter Feed -
throwing randomly arrows in the air.

President Donald Trump - who is a egoistical maniac - does not care much about the poor - the working poor - or for that matter those that are in the majority in our Nation - and suffering.

In the United States today 3 out of 4 seniors are suffering - they go to bed hungry. Those on fixed incomes - cannot make it pass the first week of the month.

In the United States today 2 out of 4 children - go to bed hungry - this adversely impacts their health - their studies - and their general welfare.

We know that over 59, 000 have died from Opioids - this pandemic has hit the entire Nation - we are experiencing deaths from Opioids - here in San Francisco.

We can list a hundred more issues linked to Quality of Life issues - but that does not matter - the present administration has NO - viable and sustainable Blue Print.

No - short term and long term plans - when it comes to health, safety, education, transportation , nutrition, the pandemic deaths resulting from the use of opioids , our seniors and children living in utter poverty and suffering from malnutrition - and we call ourselves a Super Power. 

Donald Trumps - vain talk - putting down those that work hard - the immigrants, targeting the Latinos -  targeting children that need help but happen to be undocumented.

Targeting those that need help with health insurance - targeting sanctuary cities  - kicking the can down the street - will come to haunt him and the Nation.

Today, the United States cannot do much with North Korea - no one has a viable solution for North Korea - China favors North Korea because it does not want the region in turmoil - North Korea - will not target China - they are partners on many levels.

North Korea if it is attacked will annihilate South Korea which is next door, has missiles that can reach Japan and the surrounding area -  cause havoc - that can easily lead to a major Nuclear War.

President Donald Trump - can throw arrows in the air - use his sordid Twitter Feed - to massage his ego.

Donald Trump - can talk in superlatives - but none of the above - does our Nation - the United States any good.

This meeting of Nations that matter in Hamburg, Germany - is just of of many eye-openers - the United States - is loosing ground - we are NO longer consider a leader - among the world's leaders.

If we must follow other Nations - after having led the world - more after World War II - on climate change, sea level rise solutions, clean energy solution,  food production and distribution.

Great advances in science, in health and education - in the fields of petroleum search, rare minerals etc - music, dance and cultural exchanges, ecumenical exchanges among all faiths.

Military advances - the digital world and sound communication - sports at all levels - curtailing the arms race to better the human race - our role at the United Nations - more -  and now play second fiddle - we know who is responsible for this madness.

San Francisco the land of the Muwekma Ohlone

Here is San Francisco - no one has given anyone entity - permission to create the sordid congestion, the increase of the Carbon Footprint, too many skyscrapers - this is not Manhattan - we have a Mayor, Edwin M. Lee who has set our once Great City and County of San Francisco - on fire.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has set San Francisco 
on Fire - doing injustice to this City of San Francisco -
that once use to be a leader - but, now is in turmoil - 
on many levels - increase in homeless, congestion, pollution -
very high rents, and all this and more - while 
Quality of Life issues - are totally, compromised.