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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Manager Harlan Kelly -
will lead the SF Public Utilities Commission -
for a another 5 years from now - with a new contract that 
allows him to manage and serve San Francisco - better.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has decided that Harlan Kelly will remain in his present position - and direct the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - as he has before - using his expertise as an engineer and more fortitude and diligence.

His stellar leadership at the SF Department of Public Works, heading the Infrastructure Division at the SF Public Utilities as Assistant Manager of that Department - with innovative concepts and ideas that work.

Succeeding Ed Harrington as the Manager of the SF Public Utilities Commission - to complete the Water System Improvement Project a $4.6 Billion project - now at its tail end.

Signing the many Project Labor Agreements, Supervising both the Water System Improvement Project with issues linked to Hetch Hetcy Dam.

The recent floods, the raging fires during the drought and the recent fires - Mountain Tunnel that will stay and be upgraded with repairs.

Implementing the state of the art engineering with the Sewer System Improvement Project - more the Phelps Sewage Treatment Plant in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Harlan Kelly Jr. a talented engineer -
is respected among his peers and more by the public at large.
SF City Department heads look up to him.

San Francisco needs the engineering expertise of Harlan Kelly - his cordial relationships with other City Departments - more Muhammad Nuru who is the Director of the  SF Department of Public Works.

Our Regional Partners who receive clean drinking water from Hetch Hetchy - interacting with other entities involved with clean drinking water East Bay MUD,  Mountain View,  Palo Alto and so on.

We have a $6 billion plus Sewer System Improvement Project - to address Quality of Life issues - to serve the community at large - for another 100 years.

Replacing the failing large digesters - addressing the treated effluents - made perilous by the sea level rise and salt water intrusion  - treating Bio-Solids, the Weirs that are failing - the thousands of clean water pipes and sewer pipes that must be replaced.

Sound engineering, and expertise is needed to have a blue print - that has short and long term goals - and more leadership that can lead our great City and County of San Francisco - with a dual sewer system that is challenging - and where the challenges can be met - the on going issues on Folsom Street - Cesar Chavez, and elsewhere.

Right now there is a state of flux - with many SF Public Utilities employees retiring - more, early retirement.

The need arise to fill in the positions - so that the institutional memory and more the experience that comes with it - is transferred to the newer engineering, technology with experience - that can handle the situation at hand.

These challenges are here and will come when the old equipment and facilities will be replaced by the latest and more contemporary engineering and technology.

If need be - we must fill the positions with employees who live in the City and County of San Francisco - these career jobs cannot come by wait -  " Waiting for Godot  " - should have put in place ten years ago - latest 5 years ago.

We need someone like Harlan Kelly and those with experience to work together to create an atmosphere at work - where those that work hard are recognized.

Those that impede progress - are given counseling and given a second change to stay and contribute - or leave for the good of others.

We must go to a better place - billions of tax payers money is involved - and we the tax payers cannot afford to waste millions of dollars.

Good leaders show the way - know the way and go the way.

Harlan Kelly has been in the know - and I have been working with him on issues that are important.  He has been a good listener and has tried his best to head the SF Public Utilities Commission - and take the SFPUC - to a better place.

The Hetch Hetchy system -
clean drinking water is brought all the way -
from Yosemite to San Francisco.

I want to take a moment to give praise and kudos to Mrs Shirley J. Kelly who left us recently and was the Mother of Harlan Kelly.
Harlan mother loved him dearly and so did Harlan Kelly his mother. Fresno citizens honored his mother - and I have never, ever seen so many lovely floral wreaths  - at a funeral - amazing!

Harlan father Harlan L. Kelly Senior - has been an inspiration to Harlan Kelly Jr - and his siblings.

For sure his mother - who was a business woman, gifted in interior decoration, had her own Beauty Salon and managed a number of enterprises. His mother challenged local banks to help small business and succeed. Now that is what you call a leader.

I attended Harlan's mother funeral and was accompanied by Col. Bruce Giron my good friend - the inspiration I received that day - prompted me to say a few words but more left an impression - that I will never forget.

SF City Administrator -
Naomi Kelly - hard working and focused 
on what counts - less fun fair and more action that counts.

Harlan's wife is my good friend and SF City Administrator Naomi Kelly - quiet and unassuming.

Naomi Kelly is a hard worker and has fortitude.

Her office comes  with a ten year term - to bring about and address viable and a sustainable  growth and progress to San Francisco and its over 640, 000 inhabitants.

As the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy - I make it a point to attend the many meetings at City Hall - to address Quality of Life issues - and both Naomi Kelly and Harlan Kelly - have listened to me - to better serve the City and County of San Francisco.

Harlan Kelly's sister Marion Marzette and brother Keven Kelley and their families - his many relatives, his many friends and supporters - fellow employees from the SF Public Utilities Commission  the City and County of San Francisco  - join me in wishing Harlan Kelly Jr. the best.

A tunnel by Hetch Hetchy Reservoir.

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise has challenged us to address so many issues from the 5 years of drought.

To large fires,  pollution and contamination, the quality of  clean drinking water, and the protection of our watershed.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has over 2000 employees - is an Enterprise Department - that generates its own income - from the sale of clean drinking water.

Charging those that receive sewer services, receive money from leases from the golf clubs and other open spaces used for grazing cattle and more.

SF Public Utilities Commission receives income from a quarry - and facilities that bring rental income - rents from leasing land leased for short and long term - and more.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - more its employees must be poised to move further and work as a team.

Those few elements that are few and who dare to impede progress and create divisiveness  must be removed - much like " cancer " - that causes death - if it is not nabbed in the bud - it will foster - pandemonium.

Recent audits done at the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant must be implemented - and things put on track - as soon as possible.

Kudos to the many hard working SF Public Utilities Commission employees - many of whom have brought about progress that is much needed - and have not been acknowledged.

The Commissioners did well by fully endorsing the unique agreement and allowing Harlan Kelly Jr. to take charge of the SF Public Utilities Commission - we wish him well -  and more pray for his success and that of his family and loved ones.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

On behalf of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe and as the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy - I wish you all the very best - Harlan Kelly Jr. Aho.