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Saturday, July 8, 2017


Under the leadership of Chancellor Angela Merkel -
Germany has taken the lead -
to address Climate Change and related issues with empirical data.
We need good leaders that know what they are doing - actions  -
more, embracing issues and finding solutions. Kudos!

Time is running out - we may NOT think that we damaged the Earth's OZONE layer -  we have.  Reversing the damage done - has a very narrow window of opportunity - we can stall the damage - if we have sound and holistic - leadership.

I have been an advocate addressing Environmental Issues for over 40 years - so it is not as if I woke up yesterday - and know all that I know. I am astounded by the behavior of our current White House and more Donald Trump - who seems to be living on another planet.

In making one point - on important issues such as Climate Change - one must study - review Empirical Data.

The Germans are far ahead - when it comes to this fact - and I witness this and more  in person - when I visited various cities in 2012 - all over Germany and Europe.

As much as we talk about Clean Solar Energy in the United States - we have failed to take the lead - nationwide in a meaningful manner.

We can find this out quickly by evaluating the quality of Solar Panels we make - and compare the Solar Panels to those made in Germany.

All over this Nation - private entities have tried to push for Clean Energy - the United States government has been slow - and this has come to haunt us - today.

Right now - we are partnering with other Nations - on one level.

Only some States - have the means - the funding - one of them leading the charge California the sixth largest economy in the world - California Governor Jerry Brown - taking on the White House - and pushing forward.

China today has invested Billions of Dollars - investing in buying Solar Panels from those countries making the best panels - and then improving on the technology.

Much like Germany invested in very large Solar Farms - that can generate sufficient energy - to keep large cities and towns in operation - using Clean Energy - other countries are trying to duplicate Germany.

In a few years - Germany will have State of Art technology - and we in the United States will be blaming the nonsense that Donald Trump has been uttering on Climate Change - but we have to move forward without Donald Trump. 

This Schematic for Global Atmospheric Model -
is one of many model with related instruments -
that give us - real time statics - from which scientists -
and those in technology - can address real time issues.

Today in the United States our Environmental Protection Agency scientists  - have their mouths " duct taped ".

 Their hands - hand cuffed - and we have the head of the current U.S. Department of Energy - talking utter - nonsense - when it comes to science.

The United States took the wrong path - when in the early 1950s - it chose to embrace "fossil fuels " -  opting for vehicles that polluted our environment - with petroleum products.

The United States - took the easy way out - mining coal - more surface coal - and polluting and contaminating the environment. Coal wastes was dumped into the rivers - and the horrific adverse impacted suffered by millions have come to haunt us today.

Chief Joseph

Chief Seattle

As human beings - we all must realize - that no one has caused more damage to the entire " Earth " - as does and did the White person.

Fundamentally - indigenous people fully understand - that this Earth is ours to protect - take little and leave more - for future - generations.

When " greed " saturates the very being of an individual - to grab  all he and she sees - take it all - never mind the damage caused - for future generations -  this conduct is unbecoming - this is what is happening - with  "models of economy " - that are evil - slowly eroding Quality of Life issues - all over our Earth.

We must respect Mother Earth - and those of us - who have our heart in the right place - must teach and more practice - one can do more by - example.

I am old enough - to have seen some important and historical events - in my life time.

Old enough and educated enough to ponder and facilitate discussions - with like minded educated women and men.

More - to find out what they think about such issues - as climate change, sea level rise, congestion, high density living - Quality of Life issues.

The lack of child care, the lack of nutrition, health care for our women and elders - and others of course - including those with pre-existing condition - and more insurance premiums that one can afford. Such basic issues must be addressed and solution found - by those that can shine light - where there is abject darkness.

Large chunks of ice - keep floating - 
as glacier melt - and sea level is affected -
you see this in Alaska and other places -
for those that have eyes to see and more a brain to fathom.

We see the standard of sound education eroding.

What we hear and see on television - with most anchor women and men - pushing fabricated news - very little investigative news - we gobble this information - and such sordid information - affects education - and more pollutes minds that can do better.

The ability to discern, the ability to filter, the ability to research facts - helps one to be educated on issues.

" When one is educated on issues - one can stand tall and speak with some authority - one can lead and take others to a better place.  All with one's heart in the right place. " -  that is what I say often - and people remember my words - and remind me of what I have been saying - as part of my work in the trenches.

Traveling and interacting with other human beings all over this Earth - is a rich and fulfilling experience.

My recent visit to Alaska and the neighboring regions - was an eye opener.  Talking to those that have lived in the region for hundreds of years - gives one a clear idea - of the many adverse impacts - and how living conditions are changing for the worse.

I have  met scientists who are preserving various types of " grain " - stored in controlled conditions from all over the world - further north closer to Norway.

These scientists already know that much of what we have in terms of grain - other foods - will be adversely impacted - we may have to go to " green houses " - and growing food in controlled climates - in places that are not in a natural - environment.

Other scientists who visited San Francisco - and discussed with me - the role of Russia and other nations - seeking rare minerals - in the Arctic - and the lack of funding to save whales and other endangered species.

The glaciers are melting and one can witness the melting of large area of ice - that were intact for thousands of years - hundreds if not thousand of feet of snow - all gone - gone - gone

At the G20 Humburg Summit - 
Donald Trump stands at the very left side -
in the middle the leaders that really count.

President Donald Trump is a joke - and the more he exposes himself - on his Twitter Feed - the more - he is making a mockery - of himself - and we must all stand our ground - and shed light where there is abject darkness.

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise - is here to stay - it is very difficult the damage we have done - we can reduce the factors that impact the Ozone Level - and we may even find solution to capture Carbon Dioxide, Methane Gas, aerosols and other by products - before they leak into the environment.

The methods need research - an open mind - we know that climate change is already impacting vast areas - all over the world.

Here - we have the United States government - under Donald Trump - denying what the scientists and astute leaders of the world say is true.  Donald Trump seems to think that he knows everything - and that everything that matters - must go through him and endorsed by him. 

 " Well he that rides a high horse - has a steep fall. "

What does this sordid behavior - truly say  about Donald Trump - and why should all of us - be led by a fool - we must stand united and shine.

Expose the crooks and the idiots for what they are. Aho.