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Sunday, July 9, 2017


Mendenhall Glacier 

Mendenhall Glacier -
Tongass National Forest -

The glaciers are melting - huge blocks of ice - weighing thousands of tons - come crashing down - witnessing one of this episodes is mind blogging - etched in your mind - and leaving a very disturbing feelings and thoughts : 

" What are we doing to our Earth ? "

My visit to Alaska was one that was an eye opener - I decided to take a cruise so that I could see as much as I could see from the ocean and visiting each port - gave me an intrinsic view - what lay before me.

I had done some reading - history is important to gauge what really is happening - and when you talk to the people - who live there - you learn more.

The photographs say it all - and remain as evidence to what is really happening - much of the damage done - cannot be undone - and it is for this very reason - we can - curtail Carbon Dioxide, Methane, other harmful emissions - that cause damage to the Ozone Layer. Time is running out.

Large chunks of ice floating -
as they break off and melt -
contributing to sea level rise

Alaska - a photograph from the Cruise Ship.

Alaska - a photograph on land one of many views.

The Lakota in North Dakota

Camp Oceti Sakowin - North Dakota

Camp Oceti Sakowin - North Dakota

November, 2016 some of us went to North Dakota - to support the Lakota Nation - and the thousands of supporters that have gathered -  at Camp Oceti Sakowin - not far from the well known - land mark - Standing Rock.

Thousands of people from all over the world - had gathered - to stand united and oppose the North Dakota Pipe Line.

 The main reason for the opposition being - that this pipeline could compromise the watershed and adversely impact the clean drinking water.

More billions of gallons of   water from which millions depend upon - the well known and respect - long meandering - Missouri River.

We travelled by van - and took many photographs - we travelled from San Francisco - through Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, - South Dakota and North Dakota  - some 1600 miles and learn a lot.

This was a spiritual journey - a fact we  mentioned each time we prayed and burnt sage - blessing us all - for a safe and awe inspiring  - journey.

Monument at Fort Yates -
in honor of Chief Sitting Bull.

At Fort Yates a monument built in 
honor of Chief Sitting Bull.

We visited many places and saw a number of Reservations - we visited Fort Yates where there is a monument built in honor of Chief Sitting Bull.

We witnessed discrimination in North Dakota - Bismark - cat calls - asking us to leave their town.

We were not afraid of these cowards -  all the same - we experienced such actions - and we can now reflect about the people - not all of them - but the crooked ones - who cannot respect themselves - so how can they possibly respect others?

The North Dakota Pipe Line -
has already leaked in many places -
the stay order was removed by Executive Order -
by Donald Trump the loser - who was NOT respected -
at the recent G20 - and is despised by the civilized world.

Not everyone can travel long distances - and more visit the source - where large projects - linked to the exploration of " fossil fuel " and related products - are taking place - exploitation of Mother Earth.

There were protests in North Dakota right before, during, and after we left - which left many injured - one protestor lost her eye - when we were there.

On route to Camp Oceti Sankowin - there were blockades - and we had to travel miles off course - before getting back on track - methods used by Law Enforcement - to harass those of us - that came from far off - to support the Lakota and the many others that supported them - to STOP - the North Dakota Pipe Line.

The flag of the Lakota Nation -
a sovereign Nation that has several treaties -
with the United States government -
none of them kept - which is a disgrace to the human race.

Chief Sitting Bull 

In my youth - I read a lot about Chief Sitting Bull - he was a fierce warrior - he was also a " holy man " a shaman.

Chief Sitting Bull - had superior powers - and what was well know - he did not fear those - that treated his people with disdain.

It was something special to be at a place where Chief Sitting Bull - roamed freely - among his people - uniting the Tribes - forming the Lakota Nation - who to this day - stand united against those forces - that do NOT respect Mother Earth.

I stopped to view the Black Hills - and learned a lot from them.

I stood and felt the presence of history - and such experiences live within one - for a long, long time - hopefully stay alive - until my last day on this Earth.

Today we have some crooked folks in the White House - today, the  present head of our United States Government - is not respected.

It is left to us all - citizens of the United States - to shed light light - where there is abject darkness. Aho.

Learn more about Chief Sitting Bull - Lakota Land and more :