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Sunday, July 2, 2017


Way back in the year 2000 and earlier - those advocates who were into " accountability " and " transparency " - fought hard for a unique " SF Ethics Commission ".

We love our City and County of San Francisco - we loved our neighborhoods, we had a taste of corruption so many times and were worse off for dealing with such ploys and machinations - enough is enough - we said - and we rallied together to do something about the situation at hand.

In the year 2001 - the SF Ethics Commission - was formed - and as months went by - we saw HOPE on the horizon.

Form 700 - a statement of Economic Interests. It provides pertinent information about a candidate's personal finances - and deters a candidate from getting into conflict of interest - situations.

Folks who seek positions or are in positions of authority - have to take an orientation on Ethics. Hopefully pass these tests. 

They also has to take a General Orientation that further gave a candidate - clarity and education - on situations and issues - to better permit them to listen to issues and cases - and of course to make fair and just - adjudications.

It should be mandatory to post the results - who take these orientations of test - who passes -  against the names of the positions they occupy on Commissions, Boards,  Heads of City Departments - Heads of Task Force and so on.

The corrupt, the wheeler and dealers were there - and in 2001  Willie L. Brown Jr. was the Mayor - he became the Mayor in 1996.

I remember Willie L. Brown Jr. making changes to the then Charter - in 1996 - curtailing the powers of the City Administrator - and bringing that office under his jurisdiction.

Knowing Willie L. Brown Jr., at City Hall in 1996 - and his lackeys - he was preparing the ground work - to do best - what he does to this day - create  loopholes  to continue - " pay to play " - wheeling and dealing - and those ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - that continue to this day.

As the Congressional Liaison to Sixth U. S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - my keen interest in Freedom of Action Act - the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) - gave me some HOPE that some fairness and justice -prevailed at City Hall - but I was shocked - at the level of corruption prevailing at that time around 1996 and earlier.

Some of us met and discussed issues on " data collection " and access to this pertinent information. The many issues that we knew - the corruption - the power play.

The over 2000 position created in 1996 - to bring in SF City Employees - as Executive Assistants - planting wanna bees here and there - in the many City Departments.

You scratch my back and I will scratch yours. Despicable - those who got in at that time - now occupying very - high positions.

We met to strengthen the San Francisco Sunshine Task Force - created in 1999.

We discussed issues that matter to us - because all of us - love our great City and County of San Francisco - our neighborhoods - believed in HOPE and the greater good of City Hall to serve the constituents of San Francisco - the decent, hard working tax payer.

Dr. Espanola Jackson and I belonged to many organizations - and attended the important meetings at City Hall and all over the City and County of San Francisco.

One of them the SF Sunshine Task Force.

Several of my good friends served well on the SF Sunshine Task Force - Ann Williams, Dough Comstock, Bruce Wolfe - others.

Various cases initially came before the SF Sunshine Task Force.

I remember  - a case that took place at the SF Airport - blatant discrimination - a noose found on the job and intimidation of a Black - a good man - a  City and County  Compliance Officer - one of the best ever.

Other cases that we gave testimony - as we deem fit to participate and work hard to showcase justice and fair play.

We were glad the SF Sunshine Ordinance Task Force (SOFT) was there and working - the process was long - and then there was the talk of the SF Ethics Commission - that finally came about in 2001.

In recent years - we see Supervisors like Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell - target the SF Sunshine Task Force. 

The Sunshine Ordinance Task Force (SOTF)  receives Ethics Complaints - reviews them - and sends them to the SF Ethics Commission.

We had a Executive Director at the SF Election Commission  who was phased out - corrupt to the core - John St. Croix - he held that post for 11 long years - and was NO good.

We have a woman Pelham who has changed things around - and put things on track. What has help Pelham is more funding and positions that were left vacant for years.

Cases gathering dust on the shelf have now been cleared - but, we still have much to do - to maintain a higher standard.

Again and again the Sunshine Task Force has seats vacant - a critical and mandatory seat - representing the Physically Challenged and related issues - was kept vacant - just because Scott Wiener a Supervisor from District 8 - thought it  mattered to him.

Cases piled up - and when some went to the SF Ethics Commission - the past Director - saw to it - that things were delayed and hurdles put in the way.

We had a case linked to Juliet Ellis - this case went forward - only when the Fair Political Practices Commission - in Sacramento -  that adjudicated this case - and fined Juliet Ellis.

Juliet Ellis - an Assistant General Manager - who continues to work - unscathed - shameless -  for the SF Public Utilities Commission.

The SF Ethics Commission took the case - because they had to - they heard the case in a nonchalant manner - agreed with the Fair Political Practices Commission - a State entity - with powers that supersede the SF Ethics Commission.

The SF Ethics Commission at that time - with John St. Croix as Director of the SF Ethics Commission - agreed with the fine that was paid - and allowed Juliet Ellis to continue to work.

Today Juliet Ellis continues adversely impact thousands - her current decisions  - pushing slogans like " your number two is our number one " - speaking of excreta and its treatment - at the Phelps Sewage Treatment Plant - speak volumes about communications and how she think about the public at large.

Wasting millions on programs - with Willie L. Brown Jr. in video that speak of her knowledge how to deal with the public at large - she is forever pandering to forces - that do not have the best interests of the City and County of San Francisco.

The Phelps Sewage Treatment Plant - situated in Bayview in the middle of a residential area. This plant is ripe with complaints - poor leadership, uncalled for Over Time, millions wasted by Mangers who have poor accountability and transparency.

All shown in a recent " audit report " - made by the SF Controller Officer that come under the jurisdiction of Ben Rosenfield.

The SF Ethics Commission is unique and was meant to be independent. 

We lay women and lay men understood that from the beginning - the SF Ethics Commission works for the people.

Be it " we the people " agreed - that the SF Ethics Commission - be totally independent - so independent - that it makes its decision - with an independent attorney - more on unique cases.

That the SF Ethics Commission should NOT be dictated to by the City Attorney - in this case Dennis Herrera -  those chosen by him to dictate terms to the SF Ethics Commission  - continue to adversely impact the wishes of the constituent of San Francisco.

Some years ago - the City attorney and his appointed designee assigned to the SF Ethics Commission - advised the SF Ethics not to release some document to a Plaintiff who request the documents.

The case went to Court - and the Court agreed that the SF Ethics Commission - and the SF attorney advising the SF Ethics Commission were wrong - they had to release the documents - and more pay a fine of $10, 000 plus and court fees incurred by the Plaintiff.

We have Ethics Commissions all over this Nation - two favor the way our Ethics Commission works in San Francisco - San Diego and Los Angeles. 

We in San Francisco now want an independent attorney - to advise and back our SF Ethics Commission. 

We the people - led by Friends of the Ethics - want an amendment made to the Charter - to make this mandatory and clear to all who come before the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

Right now there is a stalemate at the SF Ethics Commission -  without the vacant seats filled.

We cannot proceed legally - because we have only 4 members on the SF Ethics Commission today - and when this  important vote was brought before the SF Ethics Commission - to seek an independent Attorney - to advise the SF Ethics Commissioners.

When the vote was taken to send a message to our corrupt Mayor, Edwin M. Lee -  two SF Ethics Commissioners - voted against and two voted in favor - and this much need vote - failed.

We know who is behind this ploy - the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - be it that Steve Kawa has jumped ship - before he could be involved deeper into many nefarious activities that Steve Kawa was involved in - but when he felt - it was too hot in the kitchen - and left it for other to burn.

It is the same with Olson Lee, and other important positions and those in those positions leaving - because they see and more feel a tsunami approaching.

No one person, no entity - can harm all the people all the time.

No one should  think for a " second " - that their time will not come - to be responsible, adjudicated - and hopefully spend a long, long, long, time in JAIL.

The vacant seats at the SF Sunshine Task Force have been filled - but as one may imagine - there was a back log of cases.

The Sunshine Task Force had to focused again and again - to being together some consensus - and they have managed to keep their wits end.

All this and more - are created by " evil forces " - who do not want to deal with the SF Sunshine Force - and the excellent work they do - on behave of decent San Franciscans.

Supervisors like Scott Wiener is one example. Mark Farrell who rigged his first election to the SF Board of Supervisors - adversely impacting his opponent Janet Reilly.

Corrupt other Supervisors the like of London Breed from District 5 - and leading the charge with action of corruption - wheeling and dealing Malia Cohen - from District 10.

In the interim many cases need to be adjudicated - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and others are paranoid that they will be exposed - they do not want to meet the fate of Mark Farrell who had to pay a fine, Lynette Sweet who paid $74,409 in fines - others too - things are back on track.

We have a case of Christine Johnson who has been playing with fire - a stooge of SPUR raising funds for this sordid entity - while all the time - talking from both sides of her filthy mouth - and making decisions on the SF Planning Department. 

Before that she served on the Citizen Committee to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - then on the Commission on Infrastructure and Investment - doing the devil's work. Despicable woman - who says one thing and does another. Pathetic. 

Only to be anointed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee to represent on the SF Planning Department - favoring developers and the wishes of SPUR - this one act is the height of corruption.

How can one raise fund for an entity that favors development without vetting all over his City and County of San Francisco.

Who is SPUR - and what is their purpose if not to favor the rich and filthy? Again and again they oppose the will of the people.

Christine Johnson raised funds for SPUR - continues to raise fund for SPUR - is ambiguous when it come to the reporting of her earning - on her own Form 700 and more. 

She has to be sent to jail - so that the many other crooks - sitting as Commissioners, on Task Force, heads of Departments - learn a lesson.

There are folks sitting on the TIDA Commission who have been fined and there is one on the TIDA Commission debarred from bidding on Contracts.

There are folks on the Office of Infrastructure and Investment - bidding for contract with the Municipal Transportation Agency - all this and more is - plain wrong - conflict of interest.

For years Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been pandering to SPUR and its lackeys.

There are laws about conflict of interest - that are State laws that forbid donation of $250 and above that have to be reported. Today - these laws in place and created to keep - " conflict of interests " at bay - are broken each and every day - the case of Christine Johns amplifies this - when asked why she is not resigning from he SF Planning Commission. She says: " I have to be told by the Mayor - Edwin M. Lee  - and then I will resign ".

This Mayor has to follow laws - the Mayor has broken laws - the Mayor has no right to be dictatorial - he is - that is why so many good people - are leaving SF City and County of San Francisco - City position - they feel the tsunami is approaching and do not want to get swept in it. It is coming and coming - soon.

We need the pertinent changes to make our SF Sunshine Task Force to work - we need the necessary changes to make our San Francisco Ethics Commission to work.

Those who are in authority must remember - we the people pay our taxes - we the people pay your salaries - you all in authority including the City Attorney and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - work for the people.

This Mayor is corrupt - corrupt to the core.

 His day is coming - early - he will be swept by a bigger Tsunami that will take the others - in one great swoop. Watch out. Aho.