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Thursday, July 27, 2017


Nancy Pelosi what does she have to 
say about Saint Luke's and the disdain it has -
for those that need " respite care" ?
Patients dumped outside San Francisco and left to die.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the SF Board of Supervisors, those in Sacramento -  who say they are representing - have ALL failed the many San Francisco - all " acute patients " - more, those that need much needed - round the clock - care - " respite care ".

The state of affairs at Saint Luke's - that now comes under - the Sutter Hospitals -  have a very bad record - their hospitals in Marin County, Martinez, here in San Francisco - most of their hospitals - have failed to take care of patients and are more interest in making money.

Hundreds of doctors  those that take the " Hippocratic Oath " - have stated the " Truth " - they do not approve the crooked ways of the Management that works and hoodwink the people at large .

It is astounding when seasoned doctors and nurses - full of empathy and compassion - are force to take on the Sutter Hospital Administrators and Management - and suffer - retaliation. 

These so called Whistle Blower have given us  " empirical data " and more - and as much as attempts are made to bring Sutter Hospitals and their Management to book - they spend millions to keep the " truth " - at bay.

Crooked - Mark Farrell - 
he should be ashamed of himself .

Aided and abetted by SF General Hospital and SF Health Department - who endorse the crooked polices and norms of California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC).

The Mayor of San Francisco Edwin M. Lee who is on the take - some of the SF Board of Supervisors the likes of Mark Farrell who is on the current - SF Board of Supervisors.

Scott Wiener who is in Sacramento - talking on both sides of his dirty mouth - both the above crooks  - favor CPMC.

Saint Luke has gone back on all of its dubious promises.

Saint Luke's - first got rid of all the patients that were mentally - challenged. Not a whimper from the SF Board of Supervisors and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Saint Luke then targeted all those patients - who received treatment linked to all sorts of chronic respiratory diseases.

The many Asthma cases - were transferred to California Pacific Hospital - on the other side of the city - closer to Pacific Heights.

Then Saint Luke resorted to busing patients that were admitted - more those that they did not want to remain in Saint Luke.

It was not uncommon to see 10 to 15 ambulances leave Saint Luke - one after the other - after some hurried intake papers were processed.

Saint Luke is now reduced to a meagre 29 acute beds - that can cater to those extremely ill.

Those who work hard  the Skilled Nurses involved in sub-acute units - who have worked years - many, more than 25 years - are stressed - they fear they will lose they jobs - and more fear their patients will die.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has a history - of targeting the most vulnerable - he did this at Laguna Honda Hospital - once built by San Franciscans - with personal donations - and then named the " Almshouse ".

More - under the patronage of Mexico - that history is rich and Laguna Honda was never meant to treat San Franciscans with disdain - more by Mayor Edwin M. Lee who lack cultural competency - while talking from both side of his mouth.

San Francisco has a history of taking over institutions that are involved with the hard work of the ' COMMONS ' - and then undermining the power of the people.

Today most everything is controlled by the Pacific Heights Mafia - and this and most - must come to a halt.

They did this with SF General Hospital the newer part - built under " Model Cities " in the 1960s.

The corrupt Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
and his lackeys have failed us all -
decent, hard working - San Franciscans.

Then the SF City and County took over - the same with the many satellite clinics - these thug, crooks, the Mayor of San Francisco, the SF Board of Supervisors - lack comprehending history and with it lack of morals, ethics, and standards. Shame on all of them.

Health care is our right - and must be made available to all - but that is not the case - if you are poor, if you are indigent - these crooks look the other way - and let you die - on the Street of San Francisco.

Today hundreds are dying a slow death - on the Streets of San Francisco - no one cares.

Attempts are made daily to arrest people - and send them to jail - some simply disappear - the current Homeless Czar Jeff - has blood on this hands.

So do the so called teams that drive in brand new cars - and take note of the " homeless " - from a distance than call - Law Enforcement - to clear area.

Some of the areas - not in their jurisdiction - case in point - the areas under the Bridge that come under Caltrans.

More, the SF Board of Supervisors - when the people speak at Public Comment - some of them leave the Chambers.

Others - are busy - making side-bar conversations - still others so called SF Board of Supervisors on the IPhones - making deals.

Malia Cohen signing letters - thanking people for contributions - - all caught on camera - the color of envelopes - so stupid and an eye opener -  " green ". All while doing the people's work.

Today at Laguna Honda - minimum care is given to those that need " sub-acute care " - good care for those that must be cared - and nearing " respite care " - is nonexistent - why?.

The people united will never ever be defeated.

Laguna Honda -
also know as Almshouse built in 1866 -
once governed from Mexico.

Laguna Honda has been cheated and those that carried out the elimination of " respite care " - as it was planned initially - must be brought to book. 

I followed this nonsense with Dr. Mitch Katz - when he was head of the SF Health Department - Barbara Gracis is now - and sitting on the fence - looking which side is green to make a landing.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee was the City Administrator - when it comes to spending money - for those that most need help - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - will do anything to avoid serving the poor and the indigent. It is in his DNA - he discriminates - hundreds of cases that can be told.

Again and again those services - that brought about the Navigation Center - were provided by " Faith Based " organizations - 30 million expanded in all.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and this lackeys - including those who speak on behalf of Barbara Garcia of the SF General Hospital and SF Health Department - take credit for things they do not spend on - others give the money - they take the credit.

The SF Health Department and Sutter Hospitals - that includes Saint Luke's and California Pacific Medical Center - the brand new hospital - at Van Ness and Geary - must be put on notice.

For starters that building opposite the brand new California Pacific Medical Center - that will be occupied by the Doctors - who will be raking in millions for California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC).

All its permits - linked with the Doctors Building - must be put on HOLD - demonstrations held - to send a clear message to the Management of Sutter Hospitals - who are worse than the Mafia.

Sutter hospitals has treated its Hospital Engineers with disdain, its nurses be they the RN and the LVN with disdain.

Sutter Hospitals - are always looking to make large sum of money - and those in charge should be ashamed of themselves.

At - yesterday's hearing at City Hall - all those defending CPMC belonged to that segment of the population that were targeted by the Nazis - and that is putting it - lightly.

You would expect that if your people suffered - you would not work with those that put money first - and empathy, compassion, love and health care and all those virtues that go with giving sound care to the patients - last.

Not a sound from Senator Diane Feinstein - not a sound from Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - they two defend Obama Care for all the wrong reasons.

San Francisco has managed to hold back a little with HealthySF and other health insurance programs - that San Franciscans - chose to create to address health issues progressively - bring about harmony and foster - wellness.

Again and again at the SF Health Commission - I have seen how these Commissioners - many to them have outlived their days of representation - lack the information - and the ability to think out side the box - the same old, stale - logic of sorts.

They sit there - cannot even think straight -  look fuzzy -experience constant " senior moments ".

Pretend all is well with them - when they must step down and permit the younger - smarter, more empathetic and compassionate generation - to deal  with the issues - and bring about the best changes linked to - Health Care and related issues.

These old SF Health  Commissioners - boarding on senility  -  are there - to push for policies endorsed by the Sutter Hospitals - and other evil entities and persons.

Sutter Hospital is so large - have amassed billions of dollars - and are involved with Largest Insurance Companies - to hoodwink those that are vulnerable - and the time has come to book them under the RICO ACT.

For too long have these very large insurance companies been given " carte blanche " permission - to do what they please. 

It is time to handle the situation - and the Courts and Law Enforcement have sufficient information - to take those that cheat, lie, hoodwink, amass billions - must be brought to book and  charged.

Time to send these vermin - that have blood on their hands  - and send them to jail - for the rest of the lives.

No wonder our Health System is in a mess.

Charging over $1500 per room per day - for a hospital room.

Charging $75 for a bottle of aspirin - that cost $ 5 at most.

Charging $500 for X-rays - you undergo an operation - and it is not uncommon for these hospitals to charge you $100 thousand and more and not blink an eye. 

Saint Luke is now destined as an institution that will educate the public and  " foster generatic " - principles - better known to the experts who handle  " elder care " as - "  GERONTOLOGICAL Nursing Studies " and related issues. 

Who is fooling whom?

The so called excellent principles and the higher esteemed studies proposed to be studied - linked with " respite care " - other studies as I have mentioned.

" Gerontological Nursing Studies " - a newer science - cannot be executed by those who have no heart, less empathy, less fail to be compassionate - who worship GREED and money.

Those involved in these ploys and machinations - must first start right now - by respecting those who were promised acute care -  and other treatment at Saint Luke's -  promises -  that are now thrown to the wind.

Patients are moved out of our City and dumped into neighboring cities - like Alameda - that cannot give the excellent care given at Saint Luke's - by decent, hard working - RN and LVN nurses and support team - excellent doctors who testified in Room 216 at City Hall on July 26, 2017.

The present teams at Saint Luke's hospital - that provide " respite care " " acute care " have a doctor who knows the patient well.

Not doctors and nurses that rotate - and have no history of the patients.

The nurses at Saint Luke's today - who stick to the patient and know all that is needed to know. They are beloved by the patient, the family members - and more those that have their heart in the right place.

The Sutter Hospital morons do not understand this - and will never, even understand - the more compassionate values of decent San Franciscans - those that worship Greed and Mammon cannot - get it - and will not get it - they are destined to burn in Hell and must.

Their care given at Saint Luke is excellent - I have been to the Saint Luke hundreds of times.

I have seen all that is going one there - in recent days - including the ill- treatment of the nurses and others who work hard.

The doctors, nurses, and others  - are now told they will lose their jobs - and deprived of the work they love.

Shame on Sutter Hospital - that must be taken to TASK.

The new Saint Luke Hospital -
now proposed to cater to 
"Gerontological Issues ".

Saint Luke's management  - have NO heart - and are worshiping " GREED ".

It is always that segment of our population - where ever they go - they demean others - while amassing large amount of money - and if you say something decent and right - they say boldly you are  " anti-Semitic ". Really - hog wash!

The Semites were people of color and how these ill manner folks chose to embrace the Semites is astounding and more perplexing.

This U-Tube says it all - but you can do your own research:

I have followed all the negotiation with Sutter Hospital - the ones where Supervisor Mark Farrell, David Chiu, Scott Weiner, David Campos - Mayor Edwin M. Lee were involved.

 No one can work with Sutter Hospitals - unless they swear and take an oath - that all they say and deliberate - will be the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The same holds true for Mayor Edwin M. Lee who a consummate liar.

 The - SF Supervisor the likes of Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener who is now is Sacramento.

Others too many to name - who are all for the money - and have NO desire to serve the citizens, the tax payers of San Francisco.

Let the Department of Building Inspection - get its act together and take on Herrrobolt.

The other crooked Primes - who made a pact to build the project - only one is genuine among them all - Sutter Hospitals has paid money to expedite their permits - with the blessings of Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has already receive money from the Sutter Hospitals - Mayor Edwin M. Lee has blood on his hands - he has not said one single word - about the mess at Saint Luke's. He does not care - about the poor and the indigent. He only cares about himself and those lackeys that worship this - maniac of sorts.

The man is a JOKE - he must step down and go away - never to come again.