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Sunday, July 23, 2017


Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the clown.

San Francisco has a Mayor who is a JOKER - his many lackeys - who keep afloat his failed policies - have failed - to represent the " commons " - the good, decent,  ordinary citizens of the United States of America.

The Mayor keeps using cliches - his thinking around - shared equity - " this so called shared equity " turned up side down - has created the greatest division in San Francisco.

The great divide - the filthy rich and the very poor - a divisiveness - that has taken San Francisco - into a cesspool - of our dumb Mayor and his lackeys - own creation - who are drowning.

This Mayor has with " intent " worked with large developers to create a " glut of market price housing " - thousands of units are vacant. 

In the mean time - over 40, 000 families in the last 5 years - have left San Francisco - never, ever to come back again.

Today, we have over 30, 000 homes - vacant - and recently one Supervisor Aaron Peskin - has initiated legislation - to deal with this situation and home owners.

We have home owners - who have preferred to keep their homes vacant - and allow the market and greed sway things - for the worse.

Our Mayor Edwin M Lee -
has set our City on Fire.

We have a Department of Building Inspection - that has NO clue that a skyscraper - needed deep inspection - deep pilings that hit the rock bed - to stay erect and more have a sound foundation. That building know as the Millennium building is sinking - a 58 story building.

The owners of the Millennium - a 58 high story building - is the laughing stock of the world - its pilings did not reach bed rock.

The pilings are floating around - and this building - the Millennium Building  is stinking - and has sunk over 18 inches - and what is more tilting to one side.

The Millennium building is sinking -
it has sunk 18 inches and is tilting to one side.
This building is located in SF down town - Financial District.

This Salesforce building today is the tallest building is SF.
This "Phallus " the highest building today -
sits next to the Millennium Building - that is sinking -
 - the area in and around this " Phallus " - 
 of sorts prone to severe liquefaction.

San Francisco once was respected - no more.

Today - shallow, inept, spineless leaders like Mayor Edwin M. Lee is being used like a robot - by forces - that are evil, have a hidden agenda - " deep into Greed ".

San Francisco should be ashamed of itself - more Room 200 - at City Hall - lackeys surrounding the Mayor who have no clue - nor can they do anything to help the rising homeless population - over 13, 000 on the streets of San Francisco.

Advocates that have worked hard for over 40 years - are giving up - there is NO support from this Mayor who has two more years  - before he leaves office - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Those advisors that once played an important role Olson Lee when it came to his failed policies and housing - has jumped ship.

Steve Kava who worked - as a key adviser - for Mayor Willie L Brown Jr. way back in 1996 - then Gavin Newsom and finally the present joker - has jumped shipped.

Steve Kava -  could not take the utter nonsense - of the present Mayor Edwin M. Lee - any more.

Quality of Life issues are critical to any City - and San Francisco is now known as one of the Cities where the " stress factor " is the highest. Quality of Life fall by the way side - where there is a increased - " stress factor ".

San Francisco is now known - for its congestion - and compared to Los Angeles.

The contamination and pollution contributes - to respiratory diseases - heart problems and most affects our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors and those with compromised health.

A recent survey done Nationwide - rates San Francisco 150th when it comes to Quality of Life issue - the amount we tax payers pay the City and County of San Francisco - and how much do we really get in return - to benefit the decent, hard working, San Francisco tax payer.

Our City and County of San Francisco has a budget of over $ 10 Billion dollars - and a measly 2% of this amount is spent on the homeless - more to pay the homeless czar and his cronies.

The Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco -
I represent them on Quality of Life issues and more.

This land we call San Francisco - is all Muwekma Ohlone land - and was stolen - each and every square inch - there is NO one monument - no facility - no open space that honors the Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco.

The City and County has honored the Muwekma with commendations and resolution - expressing support - and it STOPS there.

This Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is a JOKE - he could have done something - being once the Director of the Human Rights Commission - but he has done - nothing - nothing what so ever.

We are a Sanctuary City - and we fought hard in the 1980s - including myself - when the refugees from El Salvador needed help - and most San Franciscans - more the Faith Organizations - did very well. God bless them all.

Today - again we are all called - to stand and support our immigrants - more indigenous people that the Muwekma Ohlone embrace.

Once again - the advocates, the supporters, the pro bona lawyers and immigration experts, some companies  contributed millions of dollars - towards the legal defense fund -  others too - have all done well - and put their best foot forward.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -

an inspiration to us all - 
infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors,
those with compromised health - others - we will survive.

The Muwekma Ohlone embraced all - much as they have done - for thousands of years. The Muwekma Ohlone have lived in San Francisco for over - 13, 000 years - continuously.

Recently the only office the Muwekma Ohlone had in San Francisco - will be in jeopardy - the building has being put on the market - if some one does not buy it - and does NOT support the Muwekma Ohlone - we will have to operate from some home - or share an office with some entity.

San Francisco today has been invaded by too many outsiders - who have no clue about our " unique neighborhoods " - these wannabes - did not contribute - to our neighborhoods.

Glued to their lap tops - the live in their own virtual world of sorts. Some are waking up to reality - but it take time for them to realize they have a lot to catch up to - adverse impacts from their slumber - and failing to comprehend - issues that matter Land Use, SF Planning, Transportation, Education, Safety - in sort - Quality of Life issues.

Our neighborhoods are now invaded by folks from Mainland China - entities linked to EB-5 visas - most of these deals - condoned by Room 200 at City Hall - where  all the wheeling and dealing - going on.

The day has come - to rally the Warriors in our neighborhood - and to announce to new Blue Print - no more giving a pass - to the lackeys - from now on - bring it on .........