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Sunday, July 30, 2017


For thousands of years - the indigenous people - those that protected our Mother Earth - did not require courts - and tainted legalese to tell them what is right and what is wrong.

They all had a conscience - their conscience told them what is right and what is wrong - they all had their " heart " in the right place - when any calamity be fell them - they knew what to do.

The indigenous people are found all over the world - in the coldest of place - where anthropologist marvel - how they survived.

In the deserts of the world be it the Gobi Desert - the Sahara Desert - humans have defied the elements and survived.

We have according to reliable sources - over 3 million species on Earth - many of them disappearing - and all of them having evolved all these years - by choosing methods that we human know about - but cannot figure out - how.

Blinded by our mentality - we seek short cuts - by polluting and contaminating.

Cutting " old growth forest in California " - doing the same in Cambodia - destroying forest for " rose wood " that China and others desire - to satisfy their greed.

There is only so much fossil fuel that we can use - and the harm that we have done - by spewing particulates - carbon dioxide, mercury, lead  - other harmful elements and chemicals - defies decency and will lead to our eminent death.

Long after human beings - bring about their own demise - Mother Earth will survive - and other species will evolve - and may be repeat the mistakes of - Homo Sapiens.

In today's world - those that are " GREEDY " - they do not have their heart in the right place - the create divisiveness and think that their behavior will go unnoticed. Not so.

Their conscience is dead - meaning - it does not register those feelings, thoughts, sound decisions - that those few decent human beings - mostly indigenous - whose heart is in the right place -  have and exercise. 

Those that are righteous  - do exercise thinking the very best for those that surrounded them - with intent.

It matters when human beings - think about plants, the water, the air, the animals - flora, fauna, and of course people as the totality of our environs - and make decisions that benefit all.

Those GREEDY share the mentality of the "devil ".

They see things from a narrow perspective - and that is their prerogative.

If you play with fire and do not take care - sooner than later one will perish - it is the same with GREED - and the many tentacles - the GREED has - one worse than the other.

The children come first -
those institutions that allow the killing and  murder -
of children - have BLOOD on their hands.

The world's institutions - be it the United Nations, the World Court, the Supreme Court in the United States - have a hidden agenda - and those that wrote the principles of the operation of these institutions - " did not have their heart in the right place ".

The Veto tools of five nations - the double meaning of the words - in the legalese - they who speak with a " forked tongue " - have only one place to go to - hell.

Of course these fools  will argue - write long pages of verbosity - trying to convince those that know better. 

Those that are charlatans - think they know it all - more, think they can speak in convoluted ways - and all they do is fool themselves.

Mother Earth will be here - long after those that have harmed it -  far outlive the FOOLS - who are about to destroy the Earth - more, with Climate Change and Sea Level Rise - slowly, but surely - flooding the Earth and bringing about an awakening - never, ever seen before.

Large tracts of land - complete with skyscrapers will be taken over by the Oceans and Seas - from Shanghai to Florida - from Norway to California.

The indigenous people for thousands of years - have spoken the truth - take little and give more.

Chief Sitting Bull 

They First People - took great care  - by keeping our lakes, our rivers pristine.

Took care of our forest and the animals - do not use too much - just sufficient to keep the balance. 

They respect Mother Earth - water is blood - that nourishes life - the indigenous see clearly - while those that practice GREED - are blinded. 

The devil is " evil " - the devils are those who are evil. Not be confused many human being are evil - more those that are greedy and selfish.

The devils think nothing of stealing, raping, molesting children, fornication, and sleeping with animals - cheating, and making laws that defy logic - and bragging that all is well in their sordid - world.

The devils think nothing of making long speeches - lying through their teeth and even bring God in the midst of their verbosity and falsifying - trying to get their way - and succumbing to the creation of their own cesspool - they bring about their own demise.

In all the technology that has taken place - today in year 2017 - we cannot comprehend fully the existence of one single human living cell - and create it from scratch.

We think we can do this and that - but we are just fooling ourselves.

When the Supreme Court barks and says " Corporations are people too " - many of us were baffled.

However Equator and Nepal and many other cities and Nations - will fight this vague notion - and give power to the COMMONS - the people - who will state what is right and what is wrong.

Few places remain that are pristine.

Mother Earth must reign supreme at all time - and this notion that Corporation and Nations can steal land and call it their own - defies the principles that are unwritten - and known only to those that have their heart - in the right - place.

Mother Earth rules supreme - we humans have evolved and have been here for 200, 000 years - slowly involving to Homo Sapiens - the two legged animals that we are - supposedly having intelligence - but GREED getting the best of those of us - that do not have our heart in the right place.

Civilization as we know it - is about 6000 years old - and here in San Francisco those that stole the land - do not even bother to think that the Ohlone - lived here in the Bay Area - continuously for over 13, 000 years - all Carbon dated and factual.

Humans now number in access of 7 Billion - China itself has a population in access of 1.4 Billion - India in access of 1. 25 Billion.

The United States by comparison - a meagre 327 million - California 40 million - with Latinos soon being a force to reckon with as the majority - more by the year 2020. 

California has a population of about 40 million -
the 6th largest economy in the world.

California is the 36th populous in the world - and we have the 6th largest economy in the world.

We must learn to fine tune our " conscience " - STOP - constantly - bombarding our senses with nonsense does not help the " brain " and less the " heart ".

The Main Media is about sensationalization - does not care to inform those viewers that watch their shows - with truth and wholesome information - that can lead to stellar - education.

Eating food preserved by sulphates, nitrates, phosphates other preservatives - harms us human beings.

For thousands of years  - human ate right - then some decided they could teach those that knew right - how to  eat right - how to feed  millions - using preservatives - artificial means - to do this for profit. It is always about GREED - about PROFIT - which those whose hearts are tainted - and polluted with GREED.

We must learn to feed our bodies right - we know how to do this -  it takes time - to prepare a good healthy meal. It is worth it - we know this - but we love to take short cuts - and eat wrong.

We must learn to feed our soul - with righteousness - prayer that is simple and direct.

Practice fasting and clean habits that help us to think and act better - we will all make mistakes - do not repeat them. 

Cults and those that think they are superior and look down on other human beings - belonging to other faiths - that were in place much before Christianity - Buddhism , Jainism, others - have much good in them. Those that look with disdain at other faiths  - will perish sooner - because they act like mini- gods.

Finally as we human socialize - we must feed our brain - with sound information.

The best information gathered and fine tuned is " education " that stand well and those that posses it - stand tall and represent.

The more educated we are - the better we can interact with other human beings - we can  filter  and " discern "  and shed light where there is abject darkness. 

Those human that can discern are calm and recollected - when fools brag and defy logic - as does Donald Trump - who says one thing and does another - we know how to deal with such fools. 

Our Society some how has lost track and is evolving into learning habits that can bring our down fall.

Fewer human beings in today's world can discern - they see something, they hear something - and are quick to believe in things, and issues that a false and fake.

Making a fool of one self is now common - and even when corrected - those that fail us all - will continue spreading false news - gossip - and more - a disgrace to the human race.

Chief Joseph - a wise Chief.

The indigenous people have learned much - they speak less - and do more.

The time has come for all those that deem themselves as decent , hard working, compassionate  - " indigenous people to unite ".

The laws of the GREEDY will not work - not even when they brag that they have documents and what not - the first question to ask them - is your heart in the right place?.  If they hesitate - they fail.

If they say yes - ask them how have they exercise this gift - and if they quickly talk about compassion and good deeds - they pass - if not - you know - who they are. Aho.