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Saturday, July 1, 2017


The Bayview Hunters Point Area - was always been a thriving community - in the 1950s - French, Italian, Maltese, Native Americans, Blacks, Asians, White and others - all made a good living.

Be it that as Blacks moved in the homes in the Bayview Hunter Point - the others moved out - around 1970 many Blacks lived
in their own homes - all paid up.

Many bought this homes with little more than $35, 000.

All of Public Housing was well maintained - there were gardens - grocery shops and clinics - and not far away on Third Street tailor shops, barber shops, a movie house, restaurants, childcare facilities, recreational facilities and more.

In the Bayview Hunters Point unlike other parts of the City and County of San Francisco - 60% owned homes - and 40% rented.

Those that rented lived mostly Public Housing -  as I said well maintained - where Quality of Life issues - mattered.

Around 1975 when Public Housing was turned over the Housing and Urban Development - by the Department of Defense - all the Public Housing at Hunters Point - was still cared for.

It is only when the City and County of San Francisco - decided to take over all Public Housing - and created the San Francisco Housing Authority - that things went down hill.

In the 1980s plans were made to rid the tenants in the Public Housing - as HUD encouraged those living in Public Housing to create Tenant Associations - and even gave incentives - for those that could afford the Public Housing - to purchase their units.

We see this with Mariners Village at Hunters Point - facing Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

In 1996 when Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr was the Mayor - things got from bad to worse.

Once Pacific Gas and Electric - supplied free electricity to the Department of Defense - to all of Public Housing - to the Municipal Transportation Agency - and to large Municipal Facilities.

In 1998 plans were afoot - to charge Public Housing for their electricity -  behind this move was Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr.

This " thug " Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., did his own people in.

Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr.,

In the year 1996 Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. - was elected Mayor of San Francisco.

 After his Mayoral term was over in 2004 - Willie L Brown Jr. - became a consultant to Pacific Gas and Electric.

To this day - he can influence cases - and the way he does it - will shock those that know anything about sound - adjudication.

The poor had to pay large electricity bills - in the year 2005 - at one meeting we advocates - reviewed hundreds of bills - and were shocked at the huge electricity bills - in access of $350.

Often times - some windows would be broken and not repaired - even when the work order was put in - the broken window or some other hole - was not repaired.

The tenants would keep the heat on - for hours on end - to neutralize the cold - and many times used added heaters.

The end result a high electricity bill -  a shock at the end of the month - the electric bill was so high - that many of the poor and indigent - could not pay the bill.

Then just as lighting strikes one - if one did not pay the bill - the electricity was shut - and soon began - all sorts of complications.

It was around this time  the SF City and County with intent used a tactic called " deferred maintenance ". 

Deferred Maintenance allows those handing " work orders " - to allow the situation to worsen - and make thing unbearable for those living in Public Housing. This is called " blatant discrimination ".

Sell outs aided and abetted such actions - and the paradox it was the SF Housing Authority - and the majority of the members on the SF Housing Authority were Black - one of them Amos Brown, another Dwayne Jones - others one worse than the other.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - fired the SF Housing Authority - and created the Mayor's Office of Housing and Work Force - this body has too much to do - the damage done is the past - is too much to bear.

Broken plumbing - affecting the kitchen, the toilet, feces and raw sewage flooding the unit - and making living a hell - for those who were in bad shape - in the first place.

The SF City and County of San Francisco more when Mayor Gavin Newsom was there - practiced " deferred maintenance ".

At this time Malia Cohen the present Supervisor worked for Mayor Gavin Newsom as did the present City Administrator - Naomi Kelly.

 In fact both of them worked for Mayor Willie L Brown and Mayor Gavin Newsom - both have seen what has transpired -  as they handled many issues linked to the poor and the indigent.

Both of them could have done better - both are Black - and both have chosen to go with the flow. Both must step up - and more speak up - they must represent.

Every year the homeless advocates gather outside City Hall - on the steps - and read the names of hundreds of homeless people. Yes, innocent human beings die in San Francisco - just because they are homeless. This in a City - named after Saint Francis of Assisi. Go figure.

Conceptual plans that look good on paper -
but in reality - thousand are now living on the streets -
of San Francisco - under the bridges, under bushes.

People talk about  " gentrification " linked to the Black community in San Francisco - but it is more like "genocide ".

There are " hot spots " in the Bayview Hunters Point - where over 60% of those that need jobs - do not have jobs - these people are counted as part of the Inner City jobless situation - when factoring EB-5 visas.

EB-5 which permit rich folks like the Chinese from Mainland China to invest $500, 000 for a EB-5 linked to giving jobs to Inner City Youth - but the youth - have no clue about such ploys, machination, and shenanigans.

Black sell outs from the community - act as " thugs " they take money from the Contractors - and keep our Inner City Youth at Bay. 

In course of time - the youth see what is happening - they see other folks working in close proximity to where they live - they could work in some capacity - but again and again Cahill, Nibbi, the Obayashi Webcor - keep our youth from Bayview Hunters Point at bay.

When our Economy spiraled in 2007 and we saw business shut down - few opportunities - the Bayview Hunters Point was the hardest hit - and only in the year 2011 - we saw some HOPE - and did what we could to give our youth HOPE.

I want to ask what has Citybuild done for the youth and young adults from 2005 to 2011 - show us the empirical data - and we will show you what we have done - and what this City and County has done.

When I say we - Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation - that has NOT received a single dollar from the SF City and County of  San Francisco.

The City and County of San Francisco is a Racist City - and has targeted our Black youth.

We saw this with the Gang Injunction - pushed by Lennar Urban and other developers - to move Black youth out of the way.

We saw this with lack of employment opportunities for our youth - both women and men - more youth and young men and women of color.

We stood up and provided jobs at Calvares to do the Scaffolding - the fencing - employing both women and men and did - well.

Then we went to Homestead and did the same - employing both women and men.

We took a few men - and put them to work - begging those that fixed our sewer system, did some asphalting here and there - companies that we built a relationship with - to help our youth - the companies tested us - and then respected us more.

Our SF City and County and more the Mayors have chosen to work with the Democratic Party - to deceive San Franciscans, decent tax payers - and created programs to hoodwink us all.

Today - with the Republicans in charge the billions of dollars - community development funds - other funds - that the Democrats gave liberally to those lackeys - close to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Dianne Feinstein - are NOT going to flow into the wrong hands.

Suddenly - the sky is falling down - and with a $10 Billion  Budget - less than 2 percent of our SF Budget is spent on the homeless, the poor and the indigent. Go figure.

The genocide goes on - never mind that the San Francisco Health Department knows about this and spend over 400 million on homeless related issues, housing and more health issues  -  those  with pre-existing issues and other chronic complications.

Never mind we have a Homeless Czar - who is so busy that he cannot get back to us - he makes in access of $275, 000 plus benefits.

Never mind over $300 million has been spent on the homeless, the poor and the indigent. Neve mind over 10, 000 homeless sleep on our streets, under bushes, in filthy places - more seniors who are found dead - they cannot bear the inclement - weather.

This is a Racist City - and in order to live a normal life one has to earn at least $120, 000  a year. Just ask most San Francisco what is the average salary they make - around $60, 000 if ever

Those on fixed income make $900 a month - some $1200 month - and this folks are consider very poor and indigent - in San Francisco.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a clown - he is not a leader - he lack leadership and more given no one HOPE.

How can he feel for the poor - those that have fallen on bad times - he now makes $400, 000 - wheeling and dealing - with access to millions in off shore fund. Go Figure!

He must step down - now. Aho.