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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
corrupt to the core -
he has set our City of San Francisco on fire.

I have been saying it for the last 15 years - the congestion on the streets of San Francisco - coupled with the hundreds of tall buildings - called skyscrapers - in San Francisco - creates a cesspool - PM 2.5 are dangerous for any living being - and they are found in San Francisco - mostly every where - adversely impacting thousands of innocent human beings - and this is a crying shame.

There are two types of particulates - most people are fully aware of the damage these dangerous particulates can cause to infants, children, pregnant mothers, seniors, and those with compromised health - all living beings and that includes human beings.

Check this out so that you get the right information about dangerous particulate more PM 2.5 :

We now have real time data on dangerous particulates - detail maps that would shock the constituents of San Francisco.

There are some private companies trying to provides constituents - real time data - linked to particulates - the State and Federal agencies data - is not what real time data shows - when real time data is collected - linked to hot spots.

Hot spots are in the thousands - and many people live near these hot spots and do not even know - the harm that the pollutants are causing to their health.

One such company that attempts to collect the data on pollution:

Breezometer that has been trying to provide pollution results for a fee. 

San Francisco has been ranked 147 when it comes to Cities - who pay their taxes and the benefits they receive in return. We continue to pay our taxes for everything - and are treated by disdain. This nonsense cannot go on forever - the time to confront the crooks - more Room 200 at City Hall - is now.

This Mayor is NOT to be trusted -
not when with intent - 
so many innocent peoples health is adversely impacted.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee who is inept, spineless, has no leadership qualities - opens his mouth and spews toxic diatribe - he is NOT to be trusted and must step down - NOW.

We have astute constituents in San Francisco - it is a shame - those living in and around " toxic hot spots " and exposed to this toxic soup - will slowly die - they will mostly die of " respiratory diseases ".

Already we have reports of high incident of asthma - other  chronic lung diseases - one of a kind - seeing is believing. 

Add to this tumors and heart problems - and all this and more - cost this City and County of San Francisco - billions of dollars.

Health Insurance is going up - and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the City Administrator Naomi Kelly, the City Attorney Dennis Herrera,  the District Attorney George Gascon, the Controller of the City and County of San Francisco - Ben Rosenfield - have not done a study - complete, with the empirical data already available.

We have too many " hot spots " - in areas where thousands of people are exposed to dangerous particulates, other very toxic elements - causing very, very serious health problems.

This is Ohlone Land and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - these strangers who came here and now pollute and contaminate - think nothing about Mother Earth.

Most of them are spiritually bankrupt - they have NO conscience.

Our SF Health Department a over $2 Billion operation - has failed to inform those in authority - to stop building these skyscrapers - that emit thousands of tons - of Carbon Dioxide - and other toxic elements - mercury, lead, acids of all kinds - very harmful to human beings.

Very single day for all the talk about our Carbon Footprint - San Francisco with intent - contributes of our Carbon Footprint.

San Francisco has the Precautionary Principle - it is an Ordenance in San Francisco - and as such - is law.

Read the contents of the Precautionary Principle - that San Francisco politicians - will NOT talk about less follow :

Simple put the Ordinance forbids any harm done to any living being - and if this is brought to the attention of the authority - they must STOP - and conduct a through - investigation.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is on the take - is corrupt - an enabling crook - who favors - large development and very corrupt rogue developers - the likes of Lennar Urban.

Lennar Urban - who has not paid their community benefits to the City and County of San Francisco - since 2013.

Lennar Urban  - now known as 5 Points Holdings LLP - these ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - have been going on for a long, long time.

San Francisco cannot be a World Class City - when it is ranked 147th in terms of treating the tax payers of San Francisco - with disdain - getting little - if nothing in return.

What has the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those lackeys that support him - have to say about this rating?

What does the Mayor  Edwin M. Lee - a corrupt Mayor - have to say about San Francisco and the adjoining area - ranked as one of the most polluted and contaminated  Cities in the Nation?

Pollution and contamination cause all sorts of chronic diseases.

Pollution and contamination contributes to crime - and crime is on the increase in San Francisco.

We have astute tax payers - and the time has come - to rid ourselves of the corruption - and more those that lie, cheat, steal, and talk from both sides of their mouth.

Our corrupt SF Supervisors the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Mark Farrell, and Kathy Tang - for sure.

Greed knows NO bounds when it comes to the Mayor of San Francisco - who makes his abode in Room 200 at City Hall - and should step down.

The tax payers are fed up - we decent, hard working San Franciscans - pay our taxes -  get absolutely nothing in return.

Add to the above the high rents we pay - $3500 for a one room unit - $5800 for a two bed room unit.

There are thousands of Market Rate units vacant - over 3000 homes vacant - the landlords do not want to rent these homes.

Of course for all the talk - those making $60, 000 and below - cannot find anything decent to rent.

 No wonder we have people living in tents below our bridges, under bushes, and in places that are filthy, dirty and dangerous.

The latest tactics used by the authorities - cite the homeless - and take them to jail - where they are treated with disdain.

The United Nations was formed in San Francisco - all sorts of Human Rights - signed at the War Memorial Building - very near City Hall.

Human Rights are at a all time LOW in San Francisco. More, with a unqualified Cheryl Davis - as Director of the Human Rights Commission - that is just rubber stamping the wished of the corrupt Mayor, Edwin M. Lee.

Cheryl Davis busy reading some poems aiding the SF Library - and even when it comes to reading poem - this dumb woman who seeks attentions - is making a fool of herself. She is not qualified to the Director of the Human Rights Commission.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is like Caligula - the idiot may not know who Caligula is - he is out to " set our great City and County of San Francisco on fire ".