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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Thousands of women all over the Nation - are now incarcerated - and many of them do not get an opportunity to see their children - less be with them.

Keeping children belonging to incarcerated  " at bay " is a crime  -  this denial of their  "human rights" -  lack of empathy less compassion -  on the part of the Correctional Departments - must be investigated and the chronic situation - made right.

Again and again it does not matter - all over the Nation - women and treated worse than men - in the many sordid jails - that women are sent to - to complete their jail sentences. Many of  them innocent - they were force to plead - guilty!

Why is it that one third of the world's  women incarcerated worldwide are here in the United States?

 Is it because of the Clinton Administration -  mandatory long sentences for crimes that deserve less time - and more are NOT serious criminal cases?

No one is serious about  " restorative justice " - when it comes to women - more taking into account the children - who are suffering for years - some do not see their mothers - for over 15 or 20 years.

No one is looking into more women suffering from " domestic violence " - every year - no one is thinking about the damage caused to the children - many suffer - the trauma for the rest of their lives.

The children cannot understand - why they cannot visit their mothers -  why their mothers have to suffer - when most mothers - in very difficult situations - do their best to take care of their children - then comes - the fateful day when they can take it no more.

Learn more from this website to get a general idea about what really is happening - all over the Nation - when is comes to women and blatant incarceration policies that are defective :

Here is California - the situation of women incarcerated - is getting worse - and we have seen reports from Women's Jails such as that in Chowchilla - one of the jails that used to incarcerate women is closed - and men now are incarcerated instead in that once women's jail.

The women who were in that jail that we used to visit - are now spread all over - and the damage cause to the morale of each woman - could not have been worse.

Uprooting a person from one prison and send them to another - putting them literally in harms way - the prison system - has sets - and to be accepted - is something else - one has to stand up and fight - and often time suffer the consequences from bullies.

When we visited the Chowchilla Jail - we did our best to interact and encourage the women to stand tall and bid their time - until their release.

Some of the cases - just need an attorney - and we helped them get attorneys.

The system is corrupt - and jumping through the hurdles - is not for the faint of heart - we took on the system - and it helped that CBS TV - had done an investigative report on  Chowchilla at that time.

The Women's Jail at Chowchilla - the system admitted they failed - this helped us some - but all the same - the cases were difficult to resolve.

One of the factors - communication - forcing us to send the same documents again and again. You had to be persistent - and it paid dividends.

Our visits to the many Women's jails in Northern California - helped because we got to meet those in charge - who understood we did not have ulterior motives.

The cases we heard - were heart wrenching - many were innocent - but were told to plead guilty - and then given long term mandatory sentences. Some of the women could not take it anymore - and suffer from a " nervous break down ".

I heard some of the cases first hand - then did some investigative reporting myself - and learned first hand - how deep the corruption was and how insensitive the   "Hearing Boards at the Jails are " - the Boards - that have to listen to the many cases.

The " Hearing Boards " from the jails -  were surprised - when we rallied some " pro bono attorneys " - who we convinced to please come to our rescue and they did.

Our Society is stressed out - San Francisco ranks 99 - Fremont close by does better and ranked first - what does this say - when it comes to making a living.

Paying high rents - $3500 for a one bed room - $5500 for a two bed room - homes that would normally sell for $600, 000 now selling for over $1. 5 million in San Francisco. How do such factor bode for women - few take this into consideration. Had it not been for the women - more women of color - more grandmothers - many children - would be lost.

Mostly when mothers are incarcerated - the grandmothers step in and do what they do most - embrace and nurture the children - this so common - that is Nation must - set a day for 
" GRANDMOTHERS" -  much as there is a " MOTHER'S " day.

Greed knows no bounds - crimes are in increasing in San Francisco - a decent man at Twin Peaks was with his camera - looking out for choice sites to film - two thugs took his camera and shot him dead. 

Such crimes are many - and soon many becomes insensitive - while all the time the SF Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is wheeling and dealing - and doing injustice to San Francisco.

Non-Profits who work with the community - and spend thousands of hours to help others - now cannot afford - office space - and our Mayor and his lackeys - look the other way.

Mothers have a lot to suffer  - more those that are incarcerated and have children - children, they love but cannot see them -  even at intervals - less, visitation rights given - to these women.

Most of these women  coming from dysfunctional families - already handicapped - and now having to be treated with disdain - a " correctional system " nationwide - that is very - primitive.

Inside the jails - we would see posters and signs from the early 1950s - Smithsonian to say the less - and the classes were basic.

Of course the " system " does not want those incarcerated to have easy access to computers. Restrictions everywhere - fear reigns supreme in the jails - incarcerated women intimidates - all sorts of  " sex crimes " - committed by the women and men Correctional Officers. Despicable .

Those women incarcerated - that are talented - creating paintings one of a kind, pottery one of kind - other creative things - are not given opportunities.

The more one delves - into how the women are treated - the more one feels sick to the stomach.

At Chowchilla they knew me - and I had easy access - as I had
" high clearance ' having worked for a Law Enforcement entity - those higher up - often told me their hands were tied.

Once a year - there was a reunion - and everyone looked forward to this day - there was music - and we took good singers and musicians to entertain the women inmates.

The incarcerated women we visited in the Northern California jails -  felt good - and were very sad - when it came for us to leave them - and return back to San Francisco - some 160 miles away.

Demonic Jeff Sessions -
he is out to cause more harm than good.

The issues linked to the  incarceration of women that have not committed serious crimes - must be revisited - but there seems to be no movement. The adjudication system is slow - the cases many - and the corruption getting worse - incarceration is a business - " modern day slavery ".

Not with this Republican Attorney General Jeff Sessions - who is demonic - has no compassion what so ever - where do they find such folks ?