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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Malia Cohen portends to represent District 10 - the first time around - while running for the position of Supervisors for District 10 - she won the vacant seat narrowly - by some 200 votes.

Her second term - was full of convoluted ploys and machinations - wheeling and dealing with Forest City and Lennar Urban - other entities from out of State - and still did not win by a wider margin. She had more money to spend - be it  "blood money".

Malia Cohen now wants to run of a position with the State of California - one seat on the Board of Equalization.

 I know she is not fit for this position - she just wants to move up the ladder - but dumb as she is - if she wins - it will be good riddance of very bad rubbish. Malia Cohen never did represent - District 10 and I should know.

Hundreds of homes are being taken away - by vultures - even Veterans are impacted - read this article:

Candlestick Stadium - now torn down.
The entire area is contaminated - prone to liquefaction -
and severe flooding.

Storing of such barrels - many of them leaking -
the watershed contaminated -
much like " gas stations that once dotted everywhere -
now buried and called - " brown fields ". 

A large project at Pier 70 - is stalled - there has NOT been any sound abatement - a million tons of coal tar - now liquid tar -  now waits to be disposed.

Just disposing this tar will costs millions of dollars. At one time plans were afoot to dump the " liquid tar " in the Bay.

Two very large ' Hot Spots " - ammonia spills - accidents that took place when the United States Navy - were into the business of Ship Building - more, during the World War II - operations.

Plans are afoot to build homes on contaminated land - this happens again and again - Pier 70, Mission Bay, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Candlestick Point - why build brand new homes - in the middle to Chernobyl?

The economy is tanking - a repeat of the 2008 economic spiraling - is already in force - and people are worried more to build here in San Francisco is very expensive. Simply put for a sound building it costs over $1500 per square foot - in some location as high as $2000 per square foot.

Project after project - is lowering its height limits - choosing few floors - and less of affordable housing.

The town center around Mendal Plaza - by Third Street and Palou - where folks hang from 7am in the morning until 9 pm - is a common sight.

Complete with a " Pit Stop " - a few feet - from where - everyone sits - as if it does not matter - being so close to the - " Shit Stop ".

Not far from the Pit Stop - hundreds of needles can be seen - every day.

In plain sight of everyone - people are shooting up.

They say in San Francisco they shoot heroin but in addition they also partake in popping Opioids - and of course that curse of all drugs - Meths.

In the last 10 years - as hard as some of us try - killings, shooting,  assaults, rapes, prostitution, drug selling and more - have been on the increase. 

We advocates do more to curtail violence then do any other entity - and that includes the SF Police Department.

Added to this perennial problems of violence and related issues - mostly related to stress and plain survival - for most of those involved with violence - selling drugs is a way of life.

Of course the City and County of San Francisco pays no attention - to the high " hot spots " in the Bayview Hunters Point - over 40 percent - unemployment.

Groups like Young Community Developers (YCD) have been audited before and failed -  YCD continues to pussyfoot around - with gimmick and shenanigans - working on Workforce with nothing to show - zero career jobs that matter.

 No one can fool all the people all the time. 

Millions wasted as YCD - pretends to do something of the community - but does not.

It is the same with Chinese Youth Center (CYC) - who invaded our community some years ago - have never, ever been sincere - and immediately received funds from the City and County of San Francisco.

Other funds from the Soros Foundation and we have a list of other entities - Guidestar - and can state those who are funding CYC - who continues to conduct surveys - gather information on our community - and superficially pretend - that they are doing something.

At this late date the U.S. Navy is inviting some expert - so that people from the community can talk - about the many issues adversely impacting us all - foremost the  " clean up " at  Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - who is fooling whom?

People are fed up of these gimmicks? 

The investigative reporting done by MNBC says it all - Class One dirt - very contaminated - has been buried all over the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

 What can this so called expert say about the report that millions have seen - and are disgusted - by the actions of Prime Contractors like Tetra Tech and others too - who have caused more harm and less progress - to the community at large.

The congestion on Third Street is the worse - rigs continue to move dirt - plying their trade - through the residential streets -   which is illegal.

All the while the City and County of San Francisco - has NO enforcement what so ever.

Signs clear state - that trucks and other vehicles - over a certain tonnage - cannot ply their trade - on residential streets in the Bayview -  but they do it in plain sight - adversely impacting - thousands.

People may not know this - but the advocates - who work in the Bayview - have access to the local, State, and Federal Regulating Agencies.

For example - the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD)  - the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA).

In San Francisco the SF City Environmental Division that comes under the SF Health Department - none of them seem to care - about all the contamination, pollution - violations - that are taking place in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Our work led to Lennar Urban being fined $515, 000 - bombarding the community with Asbestos Structures - and we wont this one case.

We have also managed to convince the Department of Toxic and Substance Control (DTSC) - to clean up the Schlage Lock Company - by Old Bayshore and Arleta Street and many other very contaminated - sites.

Many toxic hots spots at Mission Bay - which once was a dump ground for all sorts of waste - chrome toxic waste from the businesses situated at Potrero Hill. 

Paint waste, tires, home construction material, chrome waste - other waste were taken to Mission Bay - more, closer to the Bay and dumped.

The advocates brought the empirical data to the authorities - and after hundreds of person hours - and providing documentation - the clean up at Mission Bay and other places took place. Does the SF City and County of San Francisco - know this and more acknowledge the hard work of the advocates?

We still have over 4000 hot spots - all over the City and County of San Francisco - and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - looks the other way.

 He knows about this from the time he worked at the City Administrator - and did nothing - today as Mayor he wheels and deals - and takes opportunities at the podium - to speak from both sides of his dirty mouth.

Maurice Campbell, Michael Boyd, Lynne Brown, Dr. Espanola Jackson, Dr. Ahima Sumchai, Barbara Meskunas, Kevin Williams - others too many to name - worked hard to protect the community - more the Bayview Hunters Point Community.

Recently the office that produced so many stellar advocates has been put on the market - an era of activism - of a higher caliber - will come to an end.

 There is nothing much one can do fighting greed in a peaceful manner. Greed is the devil and evil. The only way to fight GREED - is fight it tooth and nail.

Greed and anything holistic does not go hand in hand. 

We will not be defeated - but for sure - we will remember - those that did good and those that with intent - chose to embrace GREED. Aho.