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Saturday, July 22, 2017


The KKK holding their ceremony -
below the Rotunda at SF City Hall -
(circa 1938 ) - deep root racism still prevails in San Francisco.

San Francisco is a " Racist City " - those in power exhibit powers and are shrewd and cunning - as they come - they will smile on your face - stab you in the back.

Here is San Francisco - we build monuments - sometimes while those that I have described above - despicable during their life time - are honored.

One of them Justin Herman - a despicable individual - who removed thousands of innocent people - from homes the owned - and left them to die - in Single Resident Occupancy (SROs) Hotels.

Many of these innocent folks were Blacks - some of them were so dejected - they did not know what to do.

Many of them came from the South - they had to suffer - from blatant discrimination too.

Jim Crow and that sordid period - where lynching, raping, hanging, murder, and just targeting Blacks - more because those Racists - thought and more believed - some unfortunate people - were expandable.

" Eminent Domain " was a tool - used by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - (SFRA).

 What the SFRA determined  in their evil mind to be " blight " - " run down " - was taken over for pennies on a dollar - never mind decent human being lived in these building - sound buildings torn down - and high density building built - instead.

On these now barren land - once stood the majestic Victorian Homes - today - the scars and trauma remain -  the so called  evil " Certificate of Preference " given - to placate those in pain. 

Some promise made  - in the future - a roof to be given over once head - never, ever came to be.

Some year ago Ross Mirkarima a Supervisor - one of eleven we have in San Francisco - from District 5 - called for a hearing - on " Certificates of Preference "  -  a man - now retired - evil to the core - Olson Lee came to testify. 

Olson Lee commentated by another crooked person -
London Breed - the president of the SF Board of Supervisors -
Olson Lee made the " Certificate of Preference " 
documents and lists - vanish - some flood took them away!

This man - Olson Lee - was asked for a list of those who had Certificates of Preference  and were on the list and if they have been notified - the thousands that had been traumatized - if there was a list of these poor souls. 

He said that those documents were destroyed - in some flood.

We knew those boxes - were stored some stories high - where no water could reach.

We know that building were the boxes were stored - had NO plumbing problems - the building was brand new.

The LIE was announced by Olson Lee - even though there were some follow up questions. Olson Lee stuck to his LIE  - and today cannot be brought back - unless he is ordered by some Court - to face some adjudication - and may be jail time - under the RICO Act.

Power to the People

Such lies are told - all the time - and even today before the Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure  (OCII) - many LIES are told - facts that must be investigated - are pushed under the dirty rug - just like that.

The people who gathered - many of them victims - many of them children of those who were victimized - had to suffer - silently and this is a crying shame. This all happened at the hearing - called by Ross Mirkarimi - we need another hearing now - some of these crooks - are sweating - they must be brought to justice - now.

The last time around those that were traumatized had to go home to re-live what their grandparents had told them - the sordid living conditions - once they lost their Victorian homes - in the Fillmore.

Those who were at the hearing - had to go home to their parents, their relatives, their supports - their hopes dashed.

Today some of them live in tents - traumatized - they whisper to me - the prefer to die rather than suffer these indecent abuses and tortured daily.

This jackass has set our City on Fire. 

We have a Mayor today - who when he was the Director of the Human Rights Commission - discriminated - against - many Blacks who worked hard - for the Human Right Commission.

Blacks - stellar and astute the likes of Kevin Williams the son of Mrs Ruth Williams - were not promoted - and to this day - the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - loves to talk the talk - but has failed to walk the walk.

 Tents under the Freeway - 
more live under bushes - some 13, 000 homeless
in San Francisco.

It is a fact that poor - once middle class Blacks - now live in tents on the streets, under bushes, under the bridges.

They once possessed " Certificates of Preference " - certificates that they held for 20, 30 years - and then - they fell on bad times - today do not have a roof over their head - but a tent.

They are kicked from area to area - from one filthy place to another filthy dirty place - no place to take a shower - less toilet facilities - and no one seems to care - GENTRIFICATION is here to stay - until the " Big One " visit us all - and then all will share what they deserve.

The latest tactic - round up the homeless - many a time on jurisdiction that is the State of California - Caltrans Property - those exerting their power - take belongs from the poor and indigent - and  throw the belonging in these trucks used for garbage.

These trucks have compactors that can crush anything - the few valuables, the medications, the  precious things these poor souls held to.

 Then just like that these poor souls - have NO place to live -  they go through such trauma multiple times - leading to a prolonged -  nervous break down. 

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency is now gone - but we have gremlins - who now conduct the same nefarious activities - one of them the San Francisco Art Commission.

The Art Commission  - who has taken over the Bayview Opera House - once a Masonic Lodge that was built in 1850 - when San Francisco was known - as South San Francisco.

Today those on the Board of the Opera House - behave as if they represent the people - all the Director lack Cultural Competency and less are known to exhibit chronic  - " Implicit Bias ".

Millions of dollars have been wasted on the Opera House - there is a rock garden of sorts - that simply does not suit the architectural nor is in sync with the Bayview Opera House.

Such a poor rock formation - would have NO place - outside some Institution Building in the Pacific Heights area - where the Mafia reigns supreme.

Those Mafia from Pacific Heights -  have a hold over SF City Hall - treating those - in the Bayview Hunters Point - as indigents -  lacking intelligence  - when that is far from the truth.

Once the public at large had access - crossing the road - there was no fence costing $5 million to enter Joe Lee Gym - now one has to enter through the side gate. 

It is the same with the Bayview Opera House - one has to enter though the main door - and while doing so - look at the pathetic rock formation - where the birds love to seat and live their invitation cards.

The rats, feral cat, dogs take a piss - and all this and more is inviting to the San Francisco Art Commission - that has taken control of the Bayview Opera House.

It is not uncommon to see some homeless person - more those that are mentally challenged - urinate and even defecate on the rocks - and at times on the front steps and main doors of Bayview Opera House.

Institutions should not bar people - and remind them of slavery - bars and walls - keep out - while these evil folks - pretend to protect those that have a culture of treating people with disdain.

Force the locals to walk around - remind folks like me - how we easily took a route to the side doors - entered the Bayview Opera House.

Signed our names - partook of some soft drinks and snacks - greeted people - had one of kind meetings and event - drama and more - art exhibit of a kind - dancing - we who lived in the community - who smiled and welcomed one and all.

Now you look are these ugly formation of rocks - that are not aesthetic - and when you enter the Bayview Opera House - more, named after Mrs Ruth Williams.

 I am sure and more confident - Mrs Ruth Williams would NOT approve - of these ugly changes - folks who run the Bayview Opera House -  are saturated with disdain, contempt - and you can openly see - at the lack of  " cultural competency " with all its evil dimensions.

We see Black - more House Negros - sell the community - but not for long.

That Wall of Jericho will come tumbling down - and with it - bring memories of the 1966 - went the Reservists were called - to quell some riot - a Black youth was shot to death on Palou Street closer to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The military shot at the walls of the Opera House - while those defiant took shelter - and sent a shilling but poignant message - to folks like Mayor Edwin M. Lee a coward -  one who has NO guts to face the people.

Today, we are witnessing " gentrification " - and while we see it - we are going to do something about it - the House Negros - the sellouts - will shudder - when they are brought to trial.

 Not the trial that those that are crooked - manipulate - convoluted in nature - and always demeaning to the locals - who now have to pay a large amount to use the Bayview Opera House.

I, Francisco Da Costa donated over a 150 chairs good chairs, long tables, couches that were used on the stage - others things - when the Bayview Opera House - had  little to show.

The people came in - there was joy and people sat on comfortable chairs - once used at the Officers Club at the Presidio of San Francisco - where I worked and had access - to access property - and a certificate to donate access property.

 I saw that it went to a place that need such furniture -  and was well - used at the Bayview Opera for many years  and humanity was well served.

No more - now everything is artificial - the looks and smiles.

Funny looking people - who have nothing in common with the community at large.

The  very ambiance and environment that was once homily and friendly - it now  feels like a " cold ghetto from Europe " -  with an atmosphere - that is cold, chilly, and stinks of corruption of  the higher order. Time will tell. Bring it on .......

This article makes some good reading - on the homeless situation - prevailing in San Francisco :