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Saturday, July 29, 2017


Conceptual Plans - homes built -
on contamaninated ground - putting innocent people -
in harms way - more infants, children, youth, seniors -
those with compromised health.

San Francisco Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - has FAILED - delivering genuine outreach and having meaningful discussions with timelines and goals - in the community.

More, helping those that need help most - especially, those that have Certificates of Preference (COP). Folks who were affected by the SF Redevelopment Agency - who removed large segments of the population - and did not cater to their welfare. Many died - drinking themselves to death, other were prey to drugs like heroin - many of them Middle Class families - from the Fillmore - aka Western Addition.

At the many meetings held Miguel Butos, Leah Pimental, Maria Rosales, Darshan Singh and Chairperson Marilyn Mondejar - all anointed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - keep rubber stamping - and failed the community at large.

For starters the demographics of the Bayview Hunters Point - the Southeast Sector has changed drastically.

The House Negroes who used to Mau Mau in the old days - bark up the wrong tree - but no one listens to them.

Someone like - Oscar James will come to the meetings to sing -  his same old song - that his mother -  a Black person - was first to own a home - this is not true - and who cares. We know many Blacks owned homes way back in 1850 - including the Southeast Sector - go check the Assessor's Records.

Others - mostly Blacks - come is force - and bus people mostly sell out Blacks - who do not know what they are talking about. 

The same refrain - the same old sentence - " we support this project  " - never mind they have NO clue what the project entails and who is raking in millions.

Banners like this one -  were found everywhere -
Dwayne Jones was one crook behind this scheme -
the banners all torn with time - were removed -
the promises made NOT kept.

The former SF Redevelopment Agency that I fought -  when Governor Jerry Brown sent his first letter - was sworn in as Governor of California -  on the demise of the sordid SF Redevelopment Agency - that he ordered defunct - he had my article printed in full  - without any edits.

The SF Redevelopment Agency - as a whole - did more harm than good - all over California and more in San Francisco.

No good came from SF Redevelopment Agency - when the time came to kill SF Redevelopment Agency - only those that had ulterior motives - wanted it kept - creating the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment - now know as Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - one of many names.

Mercy Housing that has a loan of $90 million that is has not paid and pay slowly  -  is connected deeply - with the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure and pay us - only when they make some profit. This cozy deal - must come to an end - and some other Property Management can take over.

Some White woman who talks from both sides of her mouth and represents the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure ( OCII ) - thinks she can spew diatribe and that
" we the people " will fall for her nonsense.

Mercy Housing must be audited - and they must be made to pay the loan - within 3 or 5 years.

We must STOP allowing Mercy Housing who has failed San Francisco - and has control of thousands of units.

Mercy Housing was told to step aside and housing that it once controlled at Treasure Island - given to the John Stewart Company.

The John Stewart Company is another Property Management - and we in the Bayview and Hunters Point  - will never ever forget.

We the people - remember the John Stewart Company - from the days - when they operated the Geneva Towers. Fostered prostitution, drug selling, and tolerate the worse type of crimes - shootings and killings and more.

Few know that John Stewart the man who owns this Property Management Company - learned all his tricks when he worked for Fanny May and Freddy Mack.

Two housing mortgage companies - insurance companies - that once controlled and still control - over 95 of all housing mortgages and all sorts of related deals with Community Development Housing and more.

It does not help to have Bridge Developers - who sights are on Potrero Hill - where plans are in place to build more Market House Housing - and rid those that have NO credit - and other financial problems that need time and stability to be fixed.

While the community who need help most are played - the enduring torture - promises made and not kept.

These ploys are conducted in a slow and painful way - with folks like Malia Cohen, Walton Shaman, Veronica Hunnicut, Sophie Maxwell,  Doris Vincent,  Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, the Tabernacle Group, Oscar James. Dr. Cesar Churchill. Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones - and others - on the take and selling out the community.

Why would anyone want to build homes some 30, 000 homes in the middle of Chernobyl? A Superfund Site - only the worst contaminated sites - are placed on the Superfund List.

Why would anyone want to build homes - on land that is prone to severe liquefaction and flooding?

Why do these folks - sell outs - anointed to rubber stamp - have no conscience and are putting - innocent people in harms way ?
They all have BLOOD on their hands.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - has not been cleaned, abated, nor mitigated. It was at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - that depleted Uranium was tested - we have empirical data that we gave to MNBC - who were shocked to reading the high levels of registered reading - Cesium, Radium - a host of high level readings - mercury, lead - even Asbestos Structures - in high levels floating - everywhere.

Kofi Bonner taking a stroll - 
on very contaminated land - he and other -
think nothing of building brand new home -
on very contaminated land - more registering -
high level of radioactive elements.

No one can go - near the Bay - it is out of bound - with signs posted - everywhere is plain sight -  " be it in small print " - stay away from the near by beach. You can see the Bay from afar - but you cannot step on the beach. 

The many so called Environmental Groups - an do nothing - the only way to address the issue at hand - is to bring in the FEDS - and sue this crooks - who have BLOOD on their hand - the tool that most works - the RICO ACT.

Again and again it has been said when the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard was closed - it left a toxic cesspool - a toxic dump - a legacy of nuclear chemical pollution.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -  has adversely impacted thousands and killed hundreds - more those living near by - for example Cleo Rand Street just outside the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

 Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr.,
the worse Mayor that ever stepped foot 
at SF City Hall - look at him - a crook of the first order.

For the last 60 years - advocates have been fighting while the Mayors foremost - Mayors Willie L. Brown Jr., Gavin Newsom and now Edwin M. Lee has been selling out the community - and have with INTENT - put innocent people in harms way.

The Chinese have been bluffed to buy into the EB-5 Visas and other ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - now that Donald Trump has put a calculated halt to the EB-5 Visas and other Visas - the Chinese are at a lost for words - and have been taken for a wild ride.

Soon an audit will reveal the highest order of corruption - involving Platinum Consultants, Lennar Urban aka 5 Point Holdings LLP - other crooked Property Managers Bridge Developers focusing on Potrero Hill.

Of course Mercy Housing at Visitation Valley,  the King of all  Property Managers - known for corruption and treating those at their mercy that need housing - the John Stewart Company.

Tiffany Bohee she jumped shipped -
worked for OCII now works for Landlease -
she will NOT be laughing - 
once the facts are revealed - a LIAR.

The OCII had a Director Tiffany Bohee - a consummate LIAR who has since joined Landlease - and she has taken with her - those that worked with her - a team that will now transfer those corrupt skills - and aid and abet Landlease - Time will tell.

The Commissioners siting on the OCII -  have a bunch of IDIOTS - they pat themselves on their behinds - produce reports by staff that are full of LIES - and no one from the OCII - ask the relevant and pertinent questions.

Why has Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holdings LLP - not paid the Community Benefits it owns the community at large? It has not paid " Community Benefits " - going back to 2013.

How many amendments - has Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holdings LLP - made - first removed the rental units promised on Parcel A - some 600 rental units - way back in 2004.

Why the many changes - on Parcel A - linked to ADA accessibility - walk paths - that have been change 5 times - plumbing that does not work - and poorly built housing - that most of the tenants are complaining about. 

Electric Cars need charging units - there are none - on Parcel A - brand new homes with no modern amenities -  and the City and County talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

The SF Health Department - knows how polluted and contaminated the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is - but is looking the other way. 

Much as  SF Health Department and SF Health Commission  does with the lack of  " respite care beds " - treating San Franciscans as if - we are fools.

 No one can fool all the people all the time. 

Wake up - the same ire we all have for those at the White House - can be channeled to the SF Health Commission - some senile, aged folks having real problems -  senior moments - just busy rubber stamping - putting thousands of innocent people - in harms way.

Why is the SF Health Commission not challenging Sutter Hospitals and its decision to close down St Luke Hospital ?.

Saint Luke's Hospital - that before always catered to thousands of poor and indigent people from the Bayview Hunters Point - from the Mission - from elsewhere and did an excellent job.

Saint Luke's hospital - the doctors, the nurses - the staff - now told the hospital will be shut - reduced to basic operation - some 29 " respite beds " - and plans afoot to transfer the acute patients - out of San Francisco. Does some one give a damn?

From Candlestick Stadium - now torn down -
the land contaminated - and more polluted -
thousands of homes planned on this contaminated land.

The SF OCII - has NO clue about the changing demographics.

Less about liquefaction, even less about severe flooding.

The Commission -  lacks Cultural Competency - they pat themselves on their behinds - some crazy folks - who truly think that the people will tolerate the on going nonsense - forever. 

Time to wake up - and have a hearing - the OCII must deliver - or forever hold its peace. We the people - are fed up.