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Saturday, July 15, 2017


San Francisco's City Hall

San Francisco has an over $10 Billion budget - and yet less than 2% of that budget - is spent on helping the homeless - getting them out of the situation they are IN.

The SF Health Department does not help - the Homeless Czar get a salary of more than 200, 000 plus perks - they all love to kick the can - down the street. They fail to help those that most need help our poor.

Last fiscal year the City and County of San Francisco - spent over $300 million - and did not scratch the surface - to help anyone - in the name of the poor.

 The reason is simple - these folks that purport they can do something - do NOT have their heart in the right place. Most of them are spiritually - bankrupt. 

Behind the scenes - you have the same " so called experts " - and all of them get paid - many are non-profits -  they get the big bucks - to hoodwink us decent, hard working San Franciscans.

Some of us advocates - more those that do not take money from the SF City and  County of San Francisco - have been doing the City's work for many years - some - for over 40 years.

We have the empirical data - we are fully cognizant of the facts - and we know - who is trying to fool - whom. They are the same old well versed in the ways - how to cheat, steal, hoodwink, say thing to your face that are nice - and stab you in the back.

The crooks who get money - say they mean well and want to act well.

We decent San Franciscans fall into the trap - and try to believe these - LIARS - it is a never ending circle of ploys, machinations and shenanigans.

The issue of incarceration in San Francisco is well know and   tied to the BAIL  BOND system- these so called experts  - who say they can address the Bail Bond ploys - can do nothing about it. They talk about it - but they can do nothing about it.

Innocent people land in jail and remain there - because they cannot get legal help and they cannot make the bail. Some cannot gather a few hundred dollars. So imagine if one has to post bail on thousands of dollars.

To begin with these experts - do not have the ability to access the cases - break it down - to categories - to evaluate the cases and fine tune the data. The software that is used in the " jail system " is primitive - not long ago - they were using Windows 95.

Those in the Bail Bond business are " thug " - they have no empathy, less compassion - all they see are dollar signs - a model that on the surface assures one can get out - one must pay some money.

If cannot you are doomed - and even if you are innocent you must fork up the money to be released - and be prepared to lose the initial down payment.

Thousands of families are torn apart - some one dear - who may be innocent - caught in the web as often happens -  more,  just because you are a person of color - those that are " white " - do not experience this blatant - discrimination.

The San Francisco City and County has been " with intent " using the jail system - to dump the " mentally challenged " for years. 

Out of sight is out of mind - in recent months - this method has been revamped - and  now thousands are incarcerated - but for how long?

The former Sheriff - Michael Hennessy - had started a number of programs - to uplift those " incarcerated '. 

Today these programs and not getting the love and focus they got before - some are falling by the way side.

The present Sheriff - who replaced Ross Mirkarimi -  has " no soul " - she is as cold as a ice block. 

She talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

This woman has no empathy, less compassion - was brought in by the Mayor and backed by the most corrupt people - in the Mayor's circle - I have not said much for a long time - but the time has come - to remove her - and bring a decent human being in.

When it comes to incarceration the SF Police Department - are quick to write citations - add changes for NO reason.

 Most of the charges - are fabricated - one or two may be true - and make things difficult - mostly, people of color - if you are Black - you get the worst treatment.

The SF Health Department - cannot treat its own patients - on the 7th Floor - I have visited that floor at the SF General Hospital - too many times.

The SF Health Department - at this late date July, 2017 wants to make changes - trying to find doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists - that can help the mentally challenged.

Many of these poor souls  are incarcerated in our City Jails - in despicable conditions. Many innocent in jail - traumatized daily - the seasoned " thugs " prey on the innocent and those that cannot defend themselves. Nothing is working so far to better the conditions - in our old jails - that stink and the infrastructure is falling apart.

The SF Police Department are quick to write the charges and dump the incarcerated - who are then put in the hands of the Sheriff's Department.

In all these years - there has NOT been a working relationship - between the SF Police Department and the SF Sheriff's department.

Recently at the United Parcel Service - we had some shootings - three people died - one was my good friend Mike Lefeti.

This disgruntled Chinese UPS worker - who broke up with his girl friend - was also written up at work for bad performance - took his revenge of three innocent worked - shot and killed them.

The Sheriff's Department and the SF Police Department have a Memorandum of Understanding - the SF Police Department SWAT team was close by on 17th Street by Rhode Island - but was not called in.

The Sheriff's sent their officers - and from evaluations made - the response time and more the investigation conducted soon after the incident - was flawed. 

This speaks to a lot of things that are supposed to be done - by these two Law Enforcement organizations -  the SF Police Department and the SF Sheriff's Department - and what really takes place - when things are NOT vetted to the full.

The finger pointing can go so far - things have be be put in place that are vetted - the heads of those in charge - must take a stand - on the  Sheriff's side - there is no vision, less leadership and absolutely NO empathy, compassion and fortitude.

You really require to be astute - making Blue Plans where Law Enforcement is involved.

San Francisco has a history of the SF Police Department and the SF Sheriff's Department - each thinking and more acting - as if their " shit " - don't stink.

Those who suffer are those these two entities have to serve - they do not - so what is the lay person to make - of these ploys of a sort.

Things get more messed up with so called experts like Roma Guy and Barbara Garcia - thinking they can make changes - with half baked idea that have NOT been vetted.

We need new blood and more input from people of color.

It is even worse when it comes to our Trans- gender  community - who have suffered the worse - treated like animals - in our jails.

 At this late date -  these so called experts - are tying to figure out - how to address the chronic situation at hand - in our jails.

When all these time the SF City and  County of San Francisco - will billions of  dollars in the budget - have been paying lip service - and looking the other way.

The Trans-gender community has never once been invited to the table - to participate in a meaningful manner.

The advocates mostly people color - have never ever been invited  to the table.

Mostly white folks with connections - think - they can speak for everyone - these jerks - lack cultural competency - openly exhibiting the lack of training - when it comes to " implicit bias ". 

In the interim - thousands are suffering - many homeless - because they have fallen on bad times - land on the streets and sleep in tents - daily facing the inclement weather.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee
corrupt to the core - with disdain for the poor -
he favors Big Developers - pathetic.

Many of them seniors are preyed upon by those that are  seasoned " criminals" they demand and take what they want from the seniors - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee knows about this - and does not give a damn.

Many who now form the "  homeless community " once contributed - a lot to San Francisco - the  City failed to build affordable housing to those making less than $40, 000 a year.

Today if you want to live in San Francisco - you need to make at least $150, 000 annually  - that is just to break even.

Tall buildings with market rate condominiums -
priced $5 million to $10 million -
all this in the land of the Muwekma Ohlone -
each and every square each was stolen - by the thieves.

Rent for a one unit is on the average $3500 - for a two unit rental home - $5500  - the poor cannot afford that  and the rents are killing so many - that in the last 5 years over 20, 000 families have left San Francisco.

When is come to the poor - those incarcerated - we have seasoned " sophisticated to called experts " - making money off the backs of the poor and the indigent - off the back of those that are Mentally Challenged.

 Go figure - and all this in San Francisco.