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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


In California we had 5 years of drought -
then this year heavy rain fall -
we have learned little from the lesson Nature taught us.

It is the year 2017 -  hunger and related issues - are killing millions of innocent people - all over the world.

Even here in the United States - huger has adversely impacted thousands - and many of us have no idea that 2 out of 4 children go to bed hungry - and that 3 out of 4 Seniors go to bed hungry.

Further more our Food Banks - cannot cope with the long lines of people - where once  " free food " -  a substantial amount - a bag of potatoes, two or three loaves of bread, onions,  fruits be it a dozen apples, two or three bunches of bananas - juices and cereals - now you cannot even get a brown bag - filled - to feed a family of four or more.

 Our Food Banks - send hundreds back home - with little if nothing at all.

In the third world countries - like Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Niger, Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, Mali - Bangladesh, India, Mongolia, Burma - many other places - infants, children, youth, young adults, Seniors are slowly dying.

The Black Hill of North Dakota

Here in the United States our Indian Reservations - where the First People of the United States roamed freely - once known better as Turtle Island.

Today, the Native Americans - are hoarded - removed from their home land - by nefarious folks - like President Andrew Jackson - dumped on barren land - to slowly - die. No one seems to care about this sacrilege - no one seems to care about human dignity - this land is the land of the Native American - all others are strangers - who seem not to contain themselves - and behave very badly.

Chief Joseph

Most Americans have NO idea about this removal of the First People - from their sovereign land.

Many do not give a hoot - today, the GREED of the big corporations - is coming to bite those that forced small farmers to give up their land - without a second thought -  family farms matter.

Before that such crimes were committed on the Native Americans - using brute force - killing, raping, stealing, murdering - those that did not have superior arms and ammunition. The Great Spirit sees it all.

The Corporations with their large holdings - have now been hard hit - with severe flooding in many cases.

On going drought for many continuous years - many have given up - large land holdings - and are taking a huge write -off -  offering these same farms - for pennies on a dollar.

North Dakota - Camp Oceti Sakowin

This sign says it all.

Very few Americans know about how vast land belonging to the First People - also know as Native Americans - had their land stolen - without a second thought.

The First People respected Mother Earth - were torn asunder - and thrown to live on barren land - more to die a slow death.

Karma is visting the owners who stole large tracts of  stolen land - and today - those that stole are giving a " second thought ' - but it is too late.

Paradoxically, on some of the barren land - as luck would have it rich deposits of minerals are found, in some parts petroleum - and as one would expect - those that stole the land - have come the second time around - to steal more.

More - since they have the money, the infrastructure, and equipment to harvest the minerals and tap into the vast amounts of gas and fossil fuel.

Fracking is common and this method used in many parts - causing artificial earthquakes - and adversely impacting - drinking water.

Here is San Francisco -  160 miles away - from San Francisco - in the early 1990s - powerful Congressmen from California - helped pass laws to dam waters - far away from San Francisco - and adjacent to Yosemite Park.

The Hetch Hetchy Dam was created - pristine granite walls - storing the pristine water from the Tuolumne River - the near by Sierra Mountains - providing the snow - and the run off captured to provide clean drinking water to San Francisco residents - and regional customers.

The Raker Act of 1913 - granted rights - of - way to the Tuolumne  River - to San Francisco.

Powerful Congressmen - made that happen - California was laden with gold -  rich folks - who could  buy anything they wanted - even Congress.

San Francisco has misused this resource - Hetch Hetchy water - failing to abide by many of  the pertinent and salient features of the Raker Act on 1913.

Inept San Francisco Public Utilities Managers - fail to understand - that precious water - is not to be wasted and more misused -  all these many years - this is exactly what is happening.

Suffice to say that the precious water that was stolen from the Miwoks, the Pomos, the Piutes - is and was a sacrilege.

These Native Tribes - preserved and protected the water - for thousands of years - and to this day consider that confluence of the Hetch Hetchy water - SACRED.

Those that are stupid - greedy -  are spiritually bankrupt - not only keep stealing the water - disrespecting the Tribes who own the Sacred Water - but have the audacity to flush down the toilet  millions of gallons of pristine clean drinking water. 

Even in the five years of recent drought - not a thought was given to wasting pristine water from the Tuolumne River - to flush millions of gallons of water - to flush - the millions of toilets - all over the Bay Area where the SFPUC supplies Hetch Hetchy water - and more here in San Francisco.

Skyscrapers are everywhere and the San Francisco skyline has changed drastically. Our San Francisco pollution is around
630, 000 and this grows in the day time - to over a million - a million and a half when there are huge conventions - and ball games.

Millions of gallons of clean drinking water are flushed down the drain - and not a thought - the Native Tribes that consider this water SACRED - at the source - the confluence - of the Sacred Rivers at Yosemite.

Stolen water - desecrated each and every day.

Shame on the SF Public Utilities Commission - and its very poor leadership and more spiritually - bankrupt.

This Sacred land - well known as Turtle Island - is paradise - an area consisting of  3, 717, 812 . 8 square miles. We call it the United States of America.

Today we are witnessing the worst divisiveness - emit from the White House - the man in charge - one Donald Trump.

We have a population of about 314 million in the United States.

The Great Spirit sees it all -  only those that have their heart in the right place - have the light to see - what is right. Aho.