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Thursday, July 6, 2017


The goddess Kalifa after which 
California was named.

Map of California - we are a Sanctuary State

It was NOT easy to proclaim San Francisco a " Sanctuary City " in 1989 - and years before that - when thousands of citizens from El Salvador and neighboring South and Central American countries - were fleeing - their  " war ravaged nations ".

 Behind the scenes - led by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - and vested American interests - who propped up the many Banana Republics. Millions died - and to this days - the scars and memories of those years - have traumatized - too many innocent human beings.

Today in Sacramento - some 20 years later - the " Sanctuary City " laws are being tightened up - to better address the present situation - and the unnecessary targeting - of innocent people - more undocumented immigrants - who want to live, work extremely hard to  make a decent living.

San Francisco is not far behind - having made a vain attempt after 20 years - failing to involve the constituents of San Francisco - tax paying citizens - to make the necessary changed - to reflect in the current changes made by the SF Police Department.

I count myself among those who fought hard from 1986 to today -
to create a " Sanctuary City " and more protect innocent - undocumented immigrants.

San Francisco is "Ohlone Land " more, Muwekma Ohlone land and I represent San Francisco on behalf of the Muwekma Ohlone - on all matters linked to Quality of Life issues. 

Chairperson Rosemary Cambra 
before the SF Board of Supervisors.

Our Chairperson Rosemary Cambra of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe - has stated clearly before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - that those who live here have to be " respected " - and that includes - the indigenous people - be they  " immigrants " - documented or not documented " - who are not criminals.

When the Russians mostly fur traders came here hundreds of years ago - much before the Spanish - no one asked them for their documents - they came freely - and so did  the Spanish. 

Once Mexico ruled California - one has only to read the " Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ".

Many rights bestowed to the Native Americans all over California - were thrown to the wind - the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo - signed on February 2,  1848.

California was admitted into the Union in 1850 and the language has to be read and studied - affording all human beings living in California - the many basic rights spelled out in detail -  high lighting the right to express oneself freely without harm - travel freely and contribute to the welfare of this Great State of California.

From its inception to today - Representatives representing California - which today - is the 6th largest economy in the world - represent California as best they can - in the Senate and in the House.

In recent times - we have seen divisiveness - the like that we have not seen before - bringing images to the fore of the " Holocaust " - other horrible images and actions - where thousands and in some cases millions of innocent people - were adversely impacted.

Under President Barack Hussein Obama - thousands of immigrants -were deported. 

In many cases - children were hoarded like animals - after spending years - incarcerated in poor maintained jails - sent back across the border.

No one knows what happened to these children - if they were preyed by cartels, nefarious entities.

If most of them were exploited and died. This one singular action cries to heaven -  the White House and those in charge under President Barack Hussein Obama - have blood on their hands.

Today - we have another President Donald Trump - who is not respected by most in the United States.

He was shooed in because the Democrats failed to represent -  again and again - despicable Democrats like  Hillary Clinton were caught lying, cheating, and hoodwinking.

At one key debate Hillary Clinton - was provided the key questions - before hand in preparation for a Presidential Debate  by one despicable person - a prominent organizer of the Democratic Party - Donna Brazile.

There are others too - all Democrats - despicable - that I can mention - but mentioning their name - would only tarnish this article.

Today - decent Californian from our Great State - that has contributed too much to the Federal government - all these many years - giving more in taxes - and receiving - less.

In recent years - we have a Jesuit trained California Governor - Jerry Brown who has turned around our California economy - and who has stood up to President Donald Trump - who subjectively speaking is - " an egoistical maniac " . 

Recently 35 experts - more, psychologists and psychiatrists from Yale University  - all declared in unison - that President Donald Trump - has very serious - mental problems - and can harm our Nation.

The United Nations backed by the United States and other key Nations - France, Russia, United Kingdom and China - deliberate on Human Right issues.

Again and again the United States - tries its best - it has failed when millions died in Rwanda and we know that scar that will be left on history - with the United States and President Bill Clinton - being the one responsible.

We could talk about Dafur, Cambodia, Syria - and about hundreds of other massacres, genocides, and it will do NO good.

We must do right - with our heart in right place - and take children, women, and men that need help - to the best place.

I have served my nation as best I could - working for Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco - its last Congressional Liaison - the National Park Service and the United States Park Police.

 Learning as much I could - the very convoluted manners, ways, and actions - many that adversely impact - innocent people for the rest of their lives.

Learning daily even more as the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy - daily fighting in the trenches - fighting for the immigrants, the homeless, in areas where the need is - and daring to take on evil forces - more here in San Francisco - and Room 200 at San Francisco - City Hall.

At times - standing for what is right - winning cases more when representing the innocent who have been charged wrongly. 

Winning cases - that make all the sacrifice, hard work - worthwhile.

Today - decent children, women and men - more indigenous people are suffering - most of the immigrants without documents - many - just want to live peacefully.

They want to live a decent life.

As we all know - many immigrants who have no documents - are now living in utter fear.

Daily these immigrants - cannot do their shopping - the children are afraid to go to school, this nonsense must STOP.

In recent months we have seen Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) - wearing black jackets - with white letters - POLICE on their back - invading our neighborhoods - backed by San Francisco Police Department - and this is wrong.

I am requesting our Chief of Police - William Scott  - in this land of the Muwekma Ohlone -  to respect all immigrants.

The Muwekma Ohlone are the First People of San Francisco - recognized by the SF Planning Department in the General Plan - and many Commendations and Resolutions. 

We request that our immigrants be treated with respect - and those that are innocent and have not committed crimes - be protected.

We have prepared ourselves for this day - and the key authorities in San Francisco - hopefully those that have some decency left - will abide by the letter that has been sent to them - some time ago - in preparation for this day. Aho.

The Great Spirit sees it all - and the prophets predicted these times.

Those of us - who must represent - be it going from San Francisco to North  Dakota - to Camp Oceti to support the Lakota Nation.

Who dare take a stand - anywhere - where innocent people are adversely impacted - more those that cannot defend themselves.

The Great State of California - will soon have a bill in place - that protects our immigrants - more those that are here to make a decent living - have  contribute too many years to California on many levels - our farm lands, in our hotels, in our restaurants, as laborers, as aides to many professionals - many are professionals and many want to contribute their best to California.

Those undocumented immigrants - that have left their countries - because of war,  evil cartels who kill people without cause - come here to save their lives - are compassionate and we acknowledge their contribution to Society at large.

Immigrants burden by extreme poverty and other factors that humiliate - innocent human beings - more children - need our help - and in many Cities and towns in California - Sanctuary Cities have been formed - more to stand in unity - for all humanity and what humanity stands for.

There is a God - and we in California have always stood united to protect those that need help - this is our time to shine - make sacrifice and shine light where there is abject darkness. Aho.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior
of the San Francisco area and neighboring areas.