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Friday, June 30, 2017


All over San Francisco -
this land that was once pristine -
is congested, the street filthy - needles and smell of urine -
people even defecate on the streets - without a second thought -
the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - made this happen - with intent.

I often say this is Ohlone land - the First People of San Francisco are the Muwekma Ohlone. One has to keep reminding those that have NO heart the  " thieves  - whose land this is.

San Francisco use to be a nice City - with less congestion, you could rent a house - not a one room unit - you could rent a house for cheap.

Today, if you mention this fact - people say how long ago was that - well just 30 years - ago. In 30 years we could have moved forward - but in 30 years we have moved - backwards.

All sorts of crooks - now want to make a fast buck -  renting couches - renting rooms, renting bikes, renting pit stops where you can sit on the throne, using buses to ferry people - at the expense of our City and creating congestion, Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, other nefarious taxis - making money - and there is no compliance what so ever.

Talk about Childcare - you need to shell out. Condominiums are built but no childcare, no clinics, no recreation facilities, no nothing to address Quality of Life issues.

If you talk about a chapel or church - they look at you funny - it is fine to talk about  " shady places " - where all sorts of slimy things take place. Who are these most single folks - who have absolutely no family values? Who are they - and who invited them to our City ?

Today to live in San Francisco you have to make $120, 000 - more pay your insurance, your mortgage,  your transportation,  food, clothing, and some little entertainment.

The Techies have it good - no one knows - why they are paid so much - but they are - and more a pain in our ass. Glued to their lap tops - often shabbily dressed - these weirdos - look at normal people funny. 

They only understand a little - when confronted - then they just run for their lives. They just do not like to socialize - scum of the Earth.

Skyscapers galore - you can get a condominium 
at these place for a million or two - the more expensive 
for $5 to $10 million. We had one called the Millennium Tower -
expensive condominiums - the only problems it is sinking -
it has sunk 16 inches - and even better tilting to one side.

I have good friends - from all walks of life - so I gather the information I need to figure out what is happening in San Francisco. The issues discussed above - is the talk of the town.

Who are these people in our neighborhood - that act alike parasites? Why are our rents skyrocketing - $3500 for a one bed room and $5800 for a two bedroom?

Why is it so difficult to get Childcare? Why are so many Blacks - in short people of color incarcerated?

Why are there lesser fines - when you are caught selling cocaine - but more - when you are got selling  weed ?

Why so many Marijuana Stores - with so many fancy bottles - carry so many varieties of THC - that some say calm you - and other say something else?

Poor people line up - in the evening for a chair to sit on the entire night - imagine one is sick - and has to sit on a chair - suffer the pain - and try to get a " wink " of sleep?

What has become of this once great City - where - the poor cannot get a bed to sleep in?

We once had the buildings where the poor could get a bed no more - millions are spent on the poor - but the poor are made used of - and this is plain - wrong.

Believe is there is a God watching this nonsense - and those who are " with intent " treating the poor with disdain - will get their reward - here on this Earth. 

I go to City Hall to address issues - always with empirical data - that astound the crooks.

Be it transportation issues, planning, education, the police and related issues, Land Use issue, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the Office of Infrastructure and Investment - that has changed its name many times - all sorts of meeting - millions spent and nothing much - done.

 More the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - who are spineless, not educated on issues - and for sure do not represent the people.

They are talking about building 30, 000 housing units - on very contaminated land. Why build 30, 000 housing units - in the middle of Chernobyl? More is this so called progressive City?

Crooked Nancy Pelosi.
How much is her husband Paul Pelosi worth ?

Even more crooked Senator Dianne Feinstein.
How much is her husband Richard Blum - worth ?

Those supposedly represent San Francisco is Washington DC - are pussyfooting around - and have failed to represent us all this many years.

Now, with the Republicans is power - Obama Care out the door - most insurance companies do to want to have anything much to do with Obama Care - that Nancy Pelosi fought for.

I know for sure both Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi are not on Obama Care - so they do not CARE - if the poor, the indigent, those that truly need health care - need their help - they say stuff - but most of the time - they do not give a damn.

Both live is mansions - both have several mansions - summer homes and more - the say they represent the people - but in reality they represent - themselves.

What has Congressperson Nancy Pelosi to say about this on going  nonsense?

What has Dianne Feinstein to say about this on going nonsense?

Leading the charge in that area - Supervisors London Breed, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell and of course - Malia Cohen - on the local level - daily behind close doors - wheeling and dealing.

Our streets are dirty - so dirty that they are hazardous - needles from the junkies doing their thing -  giving a damn about hygiene. Children pass by them - and these urchins have no idea - the harm they are doing to the children - first impressions count.

The poor - more mentally challenged living in tents - defecating, urinating - keeping the places they dwell filthy - ripe for an epidemic of sorts.

I do not see " pit stops "  anywhere near such places - and I do see an attempt made to keep the homeless safe - especially the seniors.

NO quality orientation given to the homeless, more the seniors  - by the SF Health Department and the so called nefarious  " HOT TEAMS" - addressing the real issues.

These hot team - travel in cars - many of them new - and do business at a distance - they talk the talk - but fail to walk the walk.

The hot teams are quick to call the SF Police Department - when they have to deal with those poor and indigent - having mental issues.

The call the SF Police Officers -  and on occasion - the route chosen is to shoot first and ask questions later.

Mostly someone has a knife - and the SF Police Officers - are NOT trained in de-escalation, many have some few hours of training - in tactics linked to " intervention ".

Itt is difficult for them - to do routine patrolling - and then suddenly be called to - do de-escalation, and deal mostly with the mentally challenged. Recently - money has been set aside to have psychologist and trained mental so called specialists on the teams of the so called - " hot teams".

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the Supervisors all of them - have failed to read the Blue Panel Report - headed by three well respected judges.

The documents are there for the Mayor and others concerned to read  - it is all there for them to comprehend - but most of them are busy - pussyfooting around.

There is the Grand Jury report - on criminals cases - pending - and no quick adjudication - the District Attorney kicking the can down the street, the SF Police Officers' Association  - creating hurdles - more to make things difficult - for any SF Police Officers to be charged.

 Be they a few " rogue SF Police Officers " - who do not have the best interests of decent, hardworking, tax paying - San Franciscans - and more those who are of color. 

Pit stops, classroom on wheels, other ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - gimmicks - will take this City only so far - then the on going nonsense will hit them in the face - and when that happens - excuses and more excuses.

There is talk about " bail reform " - that " cursed system " - Bail Bondmen and women - raking in millions - at the expense of the poor - who cannot come up - with that 10% - when they find themselves in jail - for some reason or the other.

I am talking about ordinary people - who find themselves in a predicament - then find themselves in a " dirty, stinky, filthy jail room " - you have to see the situation - see reality - to understand more - what I am saying.

The animals - I repeat the animals at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) near 16th Potrero - is better maintained - cleaner - and by the looks of it - the animals there well kept and happy. Not so at 850 Bryant Street - our City's Jail Pit.

The food served in the jail is nasty - the " thugs " beat on the infirm and those that do not deal with crime - but are there for some odd reason.

The examples are there to be revealed - but most of us who are intelligent - have heard the stories - and know what I am talking about.

We have a $10 Billion budget - our Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed to address Quality of Life issues.

What he has done - even since being Mayor is favored TWITTER, UBER, SALESFORCE, other big corporations - given them breaks - huge tax breaks - and made a mess of our great City and County of San Francisco.

Right now - there are forces - going against ordinances - to clean places - where the indigent are - mostly suffering from mental issues.

 Seniors suffer the most - many of the seniors  have got worse - when it comes to their health - daily living in filthy places, abused by others - and facing the inclement weather.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
he favors the filthy rich -
he has failed to represent - he will leave NO -
L E G A C Y .

This is San Francisco - names after Saint Francis of Assisi - well know for his " compassion " - our Mayor is well known for his off shore accounts - who is fooling whom - this man is a JOKER.

Time is running out - and our City and County is going to the hogs - leading the charge - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - pathetic - and a scoundrel. Aho.