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Wednesday, August 2, 2017


The sinking and tilting Millennium Tower.

The Millennium Tower a 58 story skyscraper - has sunk more than 17 inches - and is leaning 14 inches toward Fremont Street - the Millennium Building - situated at 301 Mission Street - downtown San Francisco.

In San Francisco it is all about the land - the land that belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone. 

While the San Francisco City and County is steeped in " greed " and " corruption " - it has with intent - desecrated the Sacred remains of the Ohlone.

There are certain laws not written that supersede all other laws.

At the very site the Millennium Tower is situated - Sacred Remains were found - and even though there are protocols to be followed - they were not. Can Mayor Edwin M. Lee look into this? Can the SF Board of Supervisors - look into this fact.

Near by and adjacent to the Millennium Tower is the Transbay Project on February 25, 2014 - five stories below street level - a worker operating a " Bobcat " -  spotted a bone -  it turned out to be the Sacred Remains of a Ohlone. 

Monitors - some Native American who are paid - were supposed to be at the site - none were found. The operator stopped - called the authorities - the remains were carefully removed and carbon dated to 7500 years.

The find has been named the " Tranbay Man " and is one of the oldest human remains ever discovered in California.

When this fact was brought to light - those authorities that purport that they represent the people - failed to do anything at all. Today they hold hearings - purporting to represent those that live in skyscrapers - filthy rich folks - who pay at high $5 to $10 million for a condominium - without doing due diligence.

The reason the Millennium and other skyscrapers will fail and bring about trouble - of one kind or the other is simple.

The thieves who stole the land - the entire San Francisco - every square inch - will NOT entertain facts - but pussyfoot on mundane matters - foremost the SF Board of Supervisors.

Learn to pay your respects to those that matter most - the Ohlone.
If you fail - you will continue beating round the bush - making fool of yourselves - while all the while having BLOOD on your hands.

The Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - normally, the indigenous people of the area - are informed - when Sacred Remain are found - this was NOT done.

The authorities at the Transbay chose to look the other way. That is until one worker - who has come out - did the right thing.

The same thing happened at the Millennium Building - and today - that building is suffering the consequences.

You heard me right - nothing good will happen - at the Transbay Project - they are countering hurdles after hurdles and will encounter more.

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority - is trying to manage a $4.5 Billion that is going no where - if you folks do not respect the remains of the Ohlone - do not follow the mandates - the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) - you folks will suffer - and more have BLOOD on your hands.

San Francisco is fully aware of land that is prone to severe liquefaction and flooding. Yet, the SF Department of Building Inspection is ill equipped to deal with skyscrapers - more with foundation that do not meet standards.

When the SF Department of Building Inspection - is confounded with complicated calculation - mostly linked with foundations - they hire a consultant - pay the consultant of some " professor from some University " - all the time prodded by the Mayor and those behind the scenes - to have the expert - favor the project.

It is not about safety - it is not about standards - it is about Greed - it is about dishonesty - it is about making money -  it happens all the time - more with Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who must step down, now.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
he has set our City on Fire.

7 hearings have been held - linked to the Millennium Building - each of them a circus - people are asked direct questions - and they keep beating around the bush. It has taken years to get simple answers - there are folks that want to drag the issues - and cause pandemonium.

At each hearing - inept, uneducated, SF Department of Building Inspectors - are questioned - and those that head the Department cannot even speak good English - they cannot articulate, causing more problems.

Most of these good for nothing individuals - employed at the SF Department of Building Inspection - were hand picked by Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Today, the Mayor does not want to shoulder the responsibility - he has set this City on Fire.

The Millennium Building sinking 17 inches and more -
the entire world is talking about this building -
we should avoid building skyscrapers on land prone to liquefaction.

No one gave the proper thought - when millions of gallons of water - called de-watering - millions of gallons were pumped from the ground - by the Transbay Joint Powers Authority.

No one has the proper permits -  there was no standard monitoring - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - was involved - but they have been quiet - as quiet as a Church Mouse - those uncharge - now pretending they know - nothing at all.

It would be interesting to find out what Juliet Ellis has to say about these facts. She is always proclaiming as the Assistant General Manager - now as the Chief Strategist - of the SFPUC that she has everything under control - she does not.  She must go.

When de-watering is done - pumping thousands of gallons of water from the ground - in this case millions of gallons of water - special meters record the amount of  water pumped.

A log is kept - where is the log - and why when the meter was not recording - who was the person - that did not do due diligence.

Guess what? The water meter installed - a special one - one of a kind - did not work.

 So we do not have the proper tally - but one that we assume - and this and some other - nefarious activities make this situation all the more - dubious in nature.

The Millennium is sinking and tilting -
those who own condominiums  - paid $5- $10 million -
and want their money back.

The filthy rich those who could afford to spend $5 to $10 million - for condominiums - Joe Montana the former 49er Quarter back - had acquired two condominiums - he loaded one and the other - has led him to sue the owners of the Millennium Tower.

Others are crying foul - once they were proud to live in this tall building - with great views. 

Today - many of them cannot bear to stay in their failed condominiums - sinking and tilting - they want the SF City and County to do something - they want they money back. 

The Assessor's Office and Carmen Chu is bragging about collecting Property Taxes and chirping on the sideline is the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is promising to fix the maladies that have fallen the Millennium Building - hog wash - he is all talk and no walk.

SF Tax payer should NOT pay a cent - and those that do not want to stay at the failed building - must move away - more with their on going snobbishness. Those SF Board of Supervisors who want to help them - could start by taking a pay cut.

Supervisors Aaron Peskin, Jane Kim, and London Breed - should not make a mockery of the tax payers - that last hearing was  a JOKE.

We pay an expert - Deirlein - to tell us what he knows to the best of his ability and more reading reports of one Ronald Hamburger - an engineer associated with the Millennium Building. Both concluded - the building is " safe " - whatever that means.

Yet again and again the SF Board of Supervisors Jane Kim, London Breed, and Aaron Peskin - non-educated on issues - not engineers - kept prodding the expert - and the expert kept - telling them - what he was paid to analyze - by Naomi Kelly - the City Administrator who too - is not an engineer.

Independent experts have stated that the failure of the outriggers - could lead the Millennium  Building be red-tagged - and declared unsafe. The Millennium Building is unsafe - and soon the elevators will fail to operate - the result of titling - gravity will play a key role - in this mishap of sorts.

The City must not fuss over - the rich and filthy - who ventured into an area - where few would venture - their pomp and stupidity -  failure to conduct and do due diligence - is NOT the fault of the SF City and County.

Let us take care of the homeless. The many crimes committed. Let us STOP the wheeling and deal at SF City Hall. Let us listen to the constituents of San Francisco at Public Comment - give them the 3 minutes - instead of the measly two minutes - while the SF Board of Supervisors - run their dirty mouth -spewing diatribe.

Paradoxically the SF Board of Supervisors - have not done due diligence when it comes to Quality of Life issues.

The tax payers who are constantly telling the SF Board of Supervisors that they have failed decent, tax paying San Franciscans. In short the SF Board of Supervisors - have failed us all.

Recently spending an inordinate time - trying to name a portion of the SF Airport after Harvey Milk - who endorsed Jim Jones - who led his congregation to Jones Town in Guyana - forced his congregation to bring " cool aide laden with snide " - hundreds brought back and buried in Oakland and elsewhere - mostly Blacks .  Let us not name Airports - Streets after those that have tarnished records.

Our SF Board of Supervisor are busy acquiring City property to building homes for themselves - taking money from rogue developers the likes of Forest City and Lennar Urban - now called 5 Points Holdings LLP - same snake different head.

 Naming bridges, streets, airports and other things for those that must be forgotten not remembered the likes of Mayor Willie L. Brown - a rogue Mayor of sorts. Aho.

As to the Millennium Tower - better it be imploded - and with that the other skyscrapers in the vicinity - that have disfigured the skyline - and brought shame to the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - we do not support high density - and have never endorsed skyscrapers.

We the Muwekma Ohlone whose land this is - San Francisco and the neighboring area.