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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Friday afternoon. June 27, 2014 - this shocking news came to my attention - I was slow to receive it - because in recent weeks - the killings and shootings have increased.

This one incident is horrendous - because the killer - walked right into the  Hers Playground - where, Allen Calloway - a senior outreach counselor was playing dodge ball with the children.

Some playing with Allen Calloway - others watching -  the killer approached the victim - Allen Calloway - to death at point blank range.

About two and half years ago Allen made up his mind - as did many others who were put on some ill planned "Gang Injunction" list.

Many of these youth - were labelled "gang members" - put on a Gang Injunction list - and debarred from entering many jurisdictions - closer to where they lived.

Our City Attorney Dennis Herrera was quick to listen to the then Mayor Gavin Newsom, others; mostly developers - to quickly remove some "sets" or "gangs" - from the various neighborhood - more Public Housing.

Smaller groups or sets of men and some women - having nothing to do - no jobs. Engaged in selling drugs - and from time to time - resorting to violence. A way of life that is well know to many - and has been handed down from generation to generation.

You really want to see and witness gangs go to Chicago, go to Compton, go to places - where real gangs - create havoc.

To really put things in perspective - the first Gang Injunction was announced with much fun far - a less than one square block - the Oakdale Housing area.

Many of us witnessed the discrimination and the adverse affects - few wanted to speak up. And now after years - some experts, other authors - are trying to go back and write about a time - that has tarnished the name of San Francisco. Revealing - what I said then - that now - many are surprised - we have some "evil" people - who truly do not have the best interests of the constituents of San Francisco.

Less our children - and I will explain.

Most do not comprehend what has been happening in Southern California, New Orleans, Chicago - you have to see to believe - how real gangs create - real, havoc.

The Community Response Network and other Community Based Organizations - were formed -  in San Francisco -with hardly any stellar orientation, less education - and thrown into the fray - to stop the killings and shootings.

" Go and stop the violence" ordered those that had done no study, most of them having no clue about dysfunctional families, lack of opportunities - cultural competency - and so on and so forth. 

Mayor Gavin Newsom had no clue  about what was happening - and much like his Care not Cash with the homeless - his intention to stop the violence - was an utter and abject - failure.

From the year 2004 to the year 2014 - really 2002 - has been a long, long time. And over all these years more than  340 youth and young adults have died others - alive but living a dejected, life. Many maimed for life.

Today, all over the Nation there have been fewer killings and shootings.

The same holds good for San Francisco. But, this is not because some extra effort has been made - or that some extra ordinary solutions have been found.

It is what it is. And if have fewer shootings and killings it bodes well for the constituents of San Francisco. What is perturbing is the increase in Black on Black - killing.

Not too long ago - a young Black man stepped out of a Public Housing unit at Potrero Hill - in minutes a killer was waiting for him.

Gave the victim no chance - pumped a couple of bullets - into his dead. When Law Enforcement came - the victim was pronounced - dead.

This tit for tat in the streets and hoods is not something some of us do not know about.

What is of paramount importance - among those of us who pretend to know some - what can we practically do - and who is there to listen to us - and more to back us up.

Who truly has a plan that is holistic? Do we really want to STOP this violence, these killings - this confusion and pandemonium that can be stopped - but, what we have to offer - are band-aid - solutions.

Without pretending to be pompous - I have attended numerous Safety Meetings - in recent years they have been watered down - not to reveal to the public at large - incidents covering a gamut of crimes - Class I and Class II.

Who is fooling whom? And do you think some Supervisors - and in the case of  the District 10 - Malia Cohen  who has NO clue how to stop crime and violence?

She dares and wants to run for another term? WOW!

Less do you think she cares deeply for our children? Malia Cohen has been a fake - that has done nothing for our - children.

Have you heard Malia Cohen make any statement worth the salt - linked to Quality of Life issues? 

So, now we have over 60 children - who witnessed this crime, knew the victim - and we have heard of NO plan in detail.

More, to counsel the children - provide the children and the families some succor - some help - some short time help and of course long time - psychological monitoring.

Right now I am involved in directly affording some space - to address Violence Prevention and Intervention. With little or NO substantial help from any entity that we purport to help.

We offer furnished office space - and the Chief of Police, Gregory Suhr and the Mayor Edwin Lee has been to my office.

What is it - that we need to do - beg, beg, beg, - we are NOT going to do that.

The type of work we do is unique and those that do it - must have good facilities. 

After dealing with violence, dysfunctional families, every sort of hostility, day in and day out - putting themselves in harms - way.
The women and men - need some space that is wholesome - not - some sordid surroundings - that can physically and psychologically cause - permanent - damage.

The least of our problems - should be - not being able to offer these workers - acknowledged by the Mayor, Edwin Lee, the Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr - both of them know me - well enough - to visit me anytime.

So what is happening - when resources that are not there - and have to be there.

We must not be forced to wheel and deal - putting those that care and have cared - in harms way - adversely impacting them in many ways.

All all times - any area where our children are in danger - they must be protected.

At all times - we need monitors - especially now during Summer Time.

Please do not put our children in harms way - and this incident - at the Herz Playground - with a senior counselor - who belonged to Together United Recommitted Forever (TURF) - did not have to happen. 

Subjectively speaking I was extremely angry - and so on Sunday and yesterday, Monday - I called some of those I trust and had a talk.

We need space paid for by the City to do what we do best - that others take  granted and credit for.

I can write about those that talk the talk but do not have the balls to walk the walk. That is not what I am about.

I love this City and have used my own hard earned money - to make good things happen in the Southeast Sector.

For months much before this Summer - we have been pleading for resources - no one listens.

Now this killing - and what are we doing to do- I mean - practically address the situation - and here our hands are tied.

Our Mayor, Edwin Lee must step up - not by listening to those that do not have the pulse of the community. The Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr must step up - and reach out to those that have been doing a lot for this City. The time is now.

In the interim - the best resources must be put in place - on a War Footing to help the children - adversely impacted - their parents - and those entities impacted.

Malia Cohen has failed again - miserably - you may not like what I say.

But, for all your faking -  Malia makes the situation - that is bad - worse.

We have to live with the adverse impacts - while you, Malia Cohen - pussyfoot in the Potrero - where you make your - abode.