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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Malia Cohen loves to speak and talk from both sides of her mouth. She purports to have been behind the Landmark Legislation to help owners - who have buildings that could be given "Landmark Status ".

Thus permitting them some lee way - more in the area of seismic retrofitting - and making allowances in other areas to upgrade their buildings - to benefit the owners.

This same legislation is now being used to Landmark buildings that do not need any major "retrofitting".

Buildings that are well maintained - such at those at 2 Henry Adams Street - to make drastic changes and evict tenants thus causing untold headaches and stress.

In some case the use of the building - as happened with the Furniture Mart on 10th and Market - and several other buildings - where the tenants have been evicted.

Again and again "Tech Companies" - much like TWITTER who now own the old Furniture Mart - have taken the entire building and even a building behind the old Furniture Mart.

The Department of Public Work, the City's Printing Shop, other City Departments - had to move away - and find new office space.
All to make room for TWITTER - and behind this legislation another shallow Supervisor - Jane Kim.

Right now the buildings around 2 Henry Adams Street - better know as the Showplace Square - have a track record of manufacturing "high end" furniture. You can view their stellar designs online - known well all over the world:

The area around 2 Henry Adams has been know for its industrial uses for over 100 years. In recent times - the last 35 years - some stellar designers, artist, furniture manufactures, architects, talented interior designers, and more have all gathered in one place - sharing and contributing to the various design and manufacturing - trades.

Manufacturing other "high end" displays -  well respected by well known designers and manufacturing companies all over the United States and the world over.

Now these designers, and owners of the display show places and cases are put on notice to vacate.

The eviction notice are issues by the Property Manager - Sean Murphy a partner of Bay West that purports to have made arrangements  to notice, evict and move the tenants who have been there for years - some over 30 years - elsewhere.

Our City has gone through such ploys and machinations before - in the early 2000 by the companies.

Then again in the year 2008 when the Nation's economic spiraled that has yet to recover.

Now with the "Techies" using all sorts of shenanigans - to destroy established - businesses.

In our City this area the Showplace Square - has the highest number of Production, Distribution and Production (PDR) businesses. 

In this area - Nationwide other states have come to witness - this business model - and now someone who is greedy to the core - wants to destroy all that is working.

We would not be dealing with this situation - if it were not for a "loop hole " in the legislation. 

Malia Cohen was involved in framing this faulty legislation - and no one worth the salt is paying attention to this fact. How did all this come about in the first place? No one has the ability to discern, evaluate, and find out - why are we here - in the first place.

Some entity PINTEREST much like TWITTER cast its eyes, spent some money of Land Use attorneys, but this time around - they will have to deal with QUEER community who have gathered forces - and we know what the outcome will be. Much like we rallied to save the Flower Market - people have short memories.

Originally the legislation was meant to help those owners who owned historic buildings to tap into a "seismic retrofit fund" to upgrade.

Seismically bring the historic buildings to standard, and contribute to the economy of our City and County of San Francisco. Hopefully, those that were there in the building would stay there. Drastic changes and uses must be pondered over - and always remember - those tenants that have contributed for years - should not be penalized. That is what is happening all over our City and County of San Francisco.

This is high profile case - some business earning millions - one or two as high as 5 million a year - these tenants will go without a fight. Right at 2 Henry Adams Street they have everything in one place - all sorts of high skilled crafts people - the most talented - and all well known all over the Nation.

Recently I was in New York - on Long Island - closer to the Garden City - and there was talk about San Francisco and the Showplace Square - and this did not come to me as a surprise.

People will go to great length to buy high end furniture. People who have an eye for what is artistic - will shell out vast amounts of money. The Showplace Square is one place - all kinds of high end artifacts - one of kind.

The Department of Interior is well recognized when addressing matters like Historic and Landmark Buildings.

There must be a check list that must be followed - and I can bet you - Malia Cohen has no idea about the Department of Interior rules and regulation when it comes to Landmark and Historic buildings.

More about having such a legislation - that meet standards. 

A check list help - but one has to be educated on issues - and the most important - uses - of course the useless Malia Cohen would not know that. Less those lackeys that back her up. Jane Kim and Scott Wiener the other two - on the sordid - Land Use Committee.

Malia Cohen is a shallow - a known shit disturber.

Add to this Malia Cohen - has no idea about the history of Production, Distribution and Repair (PDR) uses.

She is inept, shallow and has caused - unnecessary - pain and suffering to hundreds if not thousands - all over our City.

Always creating some issue - and then pretending to address the issue with solutions - that are far removed from the issue at hand.

The matter linked to 2 Henry Adams Street has been tabled. 

There will be no motion for now - and in all this time - a lot of unnecessary confusion - more pandemonium. Tons of suffering - and even more confusion of the highest - order.

These businesses  at Showplace Square much like how we fought to keep the businesses at the Flower Market - are known the world over.

For sure all over the United States. For years this thriving area has been taken for granted. Most politicians who have no culture - more understanding the finer aspects of life - could not fathom how precious and how good this City has it - at the Showplace Square and more the businesses at 2 Henry Adams Street.

Now come the techies - who have not nor can offer anything viable and sustainable when it comes to cultural competency, art, fashion, designing, interior designing, artistic manufacturing, and so on and so forth.

Malia Cohen herself dabbled with changing the zones in an area that was deem for industrial uses - in the Bayview without having one single - meaningful meeting with the community at large.

This when she and Nadine Burke established - a Wellness Center at 3450 Third Street in the Bayview closer to Cargo Way in a heavy industrial area. Concrete and Aggregate companies, all sorts of industrial business plying millions of vehicles on any given day - more during Peak hours. A near by Raw Sewage Plant spewing stench and other foul air - into the environment.

Malia Cohen changed the zoning linked to 15 Blocks -  from industrial zoning - to one accommodating clinics and hospitals. 
More a Wellness Center - involving Nadine Burke and Malia Cohen in the formation of this clinic.

This legislation  linked to the Wellness Center - situated at 3450 Cargo Way - was fast tracked through the SF Planning Department, the Land Use, rubber stamped - went before the Board of Supervisors - and today the Wellness Center is situated on a contaminated site.

3450 Third Street by Cargo Way - is a toxic hot spot - a very contaminated site.

Millions of vehicles plying and spewing particulates - in the air - the foul stench from the near by Phelps Raw Sewage  Plant - and all this in San Francisco.

The culprits linked to this sordid action - one Malia Cohen and Nadine Burke - one worse than the other. 

We have astute Land Use Attorneys - far more smarter and astute then our dumb San Francisco Supervisors.

The mostly shallow City attorneys - dime a dozen - are the ones who work for the City and County of San Francisco - because they cannot find work - in any renown - legal institution that hires only astute attorneys or lawyers - attorneys with a proven track record.

All over San Francisco the "tech companies" are targeting commercial buildings - taking over millions of square feet of space - in many cases the space is meant for offices - in other case not - it is in situations like this - no one comes to the aid of the tenants.

Sometimes nothing much can be done - more when you have to move - and the entire model of the operation - other businesses you interlink with - businesses that compliment one another - more other small businesses that depend on one another - dismantled - all because of GREED.

In this case the building have tenants - one of a kind - seeing is believing - they design and manufacture one of kind furniture other artifacts.

Check out the San Francisco Design Center - one of many businesses in the area - visit the area to know more: