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Sunday, June 29, 2014


Malia Cohen the Black District 10 Supervisor has NO clue what so ever about Superfund sites and more about very contaminated sites - such as the old Schlage Lock company - where right now some poor quality housing units are planned. They say 1700 - but the owner want 2200 housing units - is this contaminated area - all high density.

Malia Cohen and her side kick Fran Martin do not represent the best interest on any community. This two evil women are backing this project. The community has not given anyone permission - and the time has come to send a signal - to those that are espousing to run for office - and think all will be well.

 Both seek ill fame as you see from them reading - prepared remarks. Nothing, that they truly believe in - building 1700 units on a toxic dump - is not what anyone wants from the community at large. Not on very contaminated land. 

Malia Cohen and Fran Martin - an odd couple -  despicable and totally uninformed on issues - have not studied less read the Maher Ordinance.

More the expanded Maher Ordinance - that explains clearly the soil characteristics - of this very polluted area.

It is very clear from the Maher Ordinance and more the Precautionary Principle - that no life - should be adversely impacted - and Malia Cohen and Fran Martin - simply do not get it. Putting innocent people in harms way with intent.

While anyone that has some sense. Those that believe in standards - believe in giving people opportunity to live in areas that are clean, fully abated and mitigated. There is nothing wrong with that - but to build housing units - and fast track the progress - because of GREED - is something - totally uncalled for.

The Unions are kept out of this project - and while our City has Local Hiring and other mandates - the dump SF Board of Supervisors and back this project - without understanding the evil designs of those backing this - project. The project owners want to keep the UNIONS out. This will not happen.

No one in their right mind will endorse decent human being living in an environment that is so contaminated, has high levels of dangerous particulates, chemicals from chrome plating operations, other very toxic chemicals that the Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC) is full aware off. Land that is severely prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Lack of sound transportation, has no parking, it surrounded by toxins with readings at very high level. Right now the air is foul.

The project has a rail line with trains passing - less than hundred feet from this proposed complex - creating all sorts of high level noises. How will the project deal with this.

To make matter worse - some land that does not belong to the Project and belong to the Joint Powers - has been incorporated into the Project Area - illegally. What the f*** is happening with this project?

The Brisbane Petroleum tanks less than an eight of a mile - the Mid-Way housing complex that has a cluster of cancer victims, and a host of other very serious issues - none of which have been studied in detail.

This project is funded by a man from Taiwan from stole over $800 million and has taken refuge in Mainland China.

Those in the know - know about this fact - but not Fran Martin and Malia Cohen - who are pandering to core Zionists that are behind this project.

The erstwhile San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - did NOT grandfather this project.

These two stupid women Malia Cohen who has never lived in District 10 for an extended period of time - and more does not understand environmental issues - and less putting innocent people in harms way.

It is the same with Fran Martin - all her prepared remarks - are about what she has done with her garden projects - that have profited her - living in the Visitation Valley - her failed attempt at one time editing Visitation Valley Grapevine - that folded years ago.

The Visitation Valley constituents do not respect Fran Martin. She must know this - she is now - forcing people to look at her ploys and machinations - unfriendly and uncouth to say the least.

The Chinese immigrants are being hoodwinked and the few Chinese who will be rallied to endorse this project - are far removed - to do live in the area - and are on the take.

Much the same when Lennar Urban - contributed to Malia Cohen campaign - this Project Sponsor will contribute to Malia Cohen - in the up coming election campaign - which Malia Cohen - will LOSE.

Malia Cohen gravitates towards money - and has NOT represented the community.

Her disdain for the poor was well revealed with the Mother Brown's Project - where California State funding - can provide 100 beds for the indigent - but Malia Cohen is fighting this project - even at this late date.

Malia Cohen illegally fast tracked rezoning many blocks to help create a Wellness Center - for children.

In an area that is contaminated - millions of vehicles spewing particulates - in and and around 3450 Third Street - by Cargo Way. 

The stench from the near by Phelps Raw Sewage unbearable - yet our children and their parents - are forced now to go to this despicable Wellness Center. Our SF Health Department back her and one other woman Nadine Burke.

There is nothing normal, decent, ethical, moral, nothing wholesome about Malia Cohen.

Lacking sound education, less being educated on issues - having no experience about Land Use, less Planning, even less environmental issues - she is defying those that do. 

Malia Cohen will fail - nothing good will happen at the old Schlage Lock company - the land is contaminated - and the entire water shed polluted.

Unlike the water shed in the Western portion of our City - the water shed in this area - was the former Bay.

All poor landfill - very contaminated - and not regulated - that was before the Environmental Protection Agency - was established - and first started regulating in the early 1980s.

The poor landfill in this area - was created from the early 1950s until the late 1980s. The records are there for us to see - but idiots who have no clue - will not do the right thing - when they have made up their minds - to build on very contaminated sites.

The Maher Ordinance prohibits building on such a contaminate site - prone to severe liquefaction and flooding. The surround air is very polluted - millions of vehicles heading to San Francisco - and in the other direction to the South - San Jose and further.

The project was fact tracked before the San Francisco Planning Department, the Land Use and the only place it was stalled was at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - where Malia Cohen did not appear - because I was there and so was Dr Espanola Jackson.

The matter continued after being stalled for two weeks. More lies were told after the two weeks - and a reason was given - that there was more to be addressed - and that those requirements would be addressed - but this is a LIE.

Fran Martin in all the years she was on the Citizens Advisory Committee with the SF County Transportation Authority has not represent the community.

The Third Street Light Rail is a mess - from 4th and King the middle of no where Visitation Valley.

Fran Martin, as I said will gravitate where she can make some money - and lie through her teeth.

She could not do this when she was on a Committee at Executive Park - more astute constituents like Shirley Jones and Espanola Jackson - told Fran Martin a thing or two - and she quit.

Fran Martin is now on the Brisbane - Citizens Advisory Committee having no sound and qualified experience with transportation issues.

The Southeast Sector more the area from Geneva Avenue to Harney Way is not fully developed.  Lack viable and sustainable infrastructure.

The private roads by the Baylands Processing Soil for example  - are in very bad shape. What has Malia Cohen and Fran Martin done about this road? Nothing. What do you think they know about this area - nothing? What does the Mayor know about this area - nothing in detail and substantial.

What Malia Cohen and before that Sophie Maxwell both Blacks; both corrupt - and both Supervisors - are looking for an opportunity to rake in the money.

Forcing developers from the Executive Park area - to pay for Community Benefits - when the area around Executive Park needs a Recreation Center, a Community Center, a Gym, a Health Center, Super Market, a play clean play ground, a Center for Child Care, a Swimming Pool and so on.

Why should Executive Park clear across the rail line - a known demarcation - pay for the urchins who live in the Visitation Area?

Why cannot Visitation Valley with all their connections with the Zionists who have ruined our economy - pay for your own needs?

Address the violence and killing - that we at Executive Park are helping you all - without you knowing - because you are so F****** dumb and nonchalant.

Right now the SF Board of Supervisors - failing to study the issues at hand - voted to give $2 million dollars to spend on some transportation issues at this late date.

The SF Transportation Authority prepared some remarks that Malia Cohen read - she did not even comprehend what she was saying - the land is prone to liquefaction - and one has just to go and look at the roads - bordering Brisbane and San Francisco.

The soil is so unstable in this area - that the roads have to be constantly repaired. It is the same with the exit heading north - when you make the exit to come to Executive Park - when there is high tide - the entire road is flooded.

There is talk about building a Causeway - across Yosemite Slough to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - again such projects have NOT been vetted.

Crooks are working behind the scene - to seek job opportunities. Much as has been going on at Candlestick Point - and heading this project - guess who - Lennar Urban.

Trucks moving in and out - with no covers - carrying contaminated soil -  many of them failing to abide by the speed  limits endangering those that happen to be in the area.

Most of the truckers from outside San Francisco - and all this under the watch of Mayor Edwin Lee - who is backing Lennar Urban and not the community at large.

The near by - the very first Urban State Park in San Francisco - that will be demolished, graded, to satisfy the needs of Lennar Urban, a Rogue Developer that Malia Cohen is in bed with.

It is all about money - that this Black woman needs to satisfy her needs - the more she gets the more she wants.

She use to live at Executive Park - had a condominium - but she went under. Her future will be worse - she will fall flat on her face - you heard it here. Malia now live on Potrero Hill surrounded by Whites and her mentality serves this move.

No one can harm innocent people and more innocent children - and think for a second they will have peace of mind and good health. Malia Cohen lives a double life - and can never, ever be trusted.

Malia Cohen is doomed - and she does not even have a clue. 

Lying through her teeth - reading prepared remarks. Her parents must be ashamed of such a person that has no ethics, no morals, and absolutely no standards. Pathetic.

Right now we have no public transportation by Executive Park worth the salt - private shuttles - provide some succor during peak times for those that live and work at Executive Park - very close to this proposed project at Arleta and old Bayshore. 

Fran Martin and Malia - all the same want those living at Executive Park and Little Hollywood to - sacrifice and fund this project - that has NOT had one single detail meaningful meeting - incorporating the folks at Executive Park. 

Meetings are announced and cancelled. The objectives of the meeting - that were held at 400 Tunnel - had a moving target.

Then for a long time no meetings at all. Now, suddenly this project that was DEAD - has been resurrected.

It is being fast tracked. The only place it stalled was at the SF Public Utilities Commission - where none of the issues were resolved.

Fully knowing that the land is contaminated - plans are afoot to FAST TRACK this project in San Francisco.

In San Francisco - where we have no many so called environmentalist - Foundations that give grants to Environmentalists - more to  build 1700 units - on very contaminated ground. Where are the environmentalist on this project? Where are the environmentalist on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard? Or on Candlestick Point - or even on Mission Bay that is prone to liquefaction and flooding?

Who is implementing the Maher Ordinance or do you idiots know that is it exists?

Though the owner in Mainland China - who is on a respirator - wants 2200 units. His son takes orders remote control  and is in Los Angeles.

Some Zionists the likes of Fran Martin - pushing the envelop - the same Pacific Heights Mafia - they have their operatives - all over in the Southeast Sector and at City Hall. Even the Bayview Opera House - has a Zionist in charge - can you imagine?

The decimation of the Black Population - this divisiveness is created by folks like Malia Cohen, Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle, Sophie Maxwell, Dwayne Jones, Linda Richardson, Doris Vincent, the Tabernacle Group - all Blacks - selling out the community.

There are others that on reading the names above - know they are party to these ploys and machinations - we have their names and will be revealing them at the appropriate time. 

All over the Southeast Sector - ploys and machinations - mostly Blacks - evil to the core - selling their community - harming our children and seniors - other poor innocent people - for some stale - bread crumbs. Shame on them.

This my warning - if any of you harm our innocent children - children who cannot defend themselves - and this with intent - you will fall - flat on your face with utter - disgrace.

All in this life time.  Aho.