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Friday, July 18, 2014


Let us look at the present housing fiasco in this manner.

All the land belongs to the Ohlone.

To be precise - the Muwekma Ohlone. On matters of infrastructure and that includes housing - I represent the Muwekma Ohlone.

The Mayor Edwin Lee knows about this - John Rahaim the Director of Planning - knows this - those in the know - know it - and so we must pay attention - to common sense - which by the way is rare.

At this late hour - Jane Kim and others - who had ample time to address housing - linked to the working class - failed miserably to do so.

However, it is better to have a Blue Print now - linked to the General Plan and more involve the San Francisco Planning Commission - known for "rubber stamping" - huge developments.

Mostly creating Market Price Housing - in the range of $2 million to $5 million - for the filthy rich.

If you delve into the recent statistics - going back 30 years - each year that has gone by - there has been very little sound housing built - linked to those that fall in the category - " low income" and " no income".

In fact there has been very little built for those falling the category of "moderate income" - making - about $150 thousand a year.

Our last three Housing Element documents have been challenged - in the courts - and the time has come - to formulate a plan - to address housing - for those most in need.

Once 52 hills graced San Francisco - rivers, streams, marshlands, tons of Abalone, frogs in plenty, lush bushes, and of course the 52 hills.

The Ohlone lived here and had plenty to eat - birds, small and big animals, berries - clean steams and mild weather - and so on.

All this in San Francisco and the neighboring area.

Some of us know about the Shellmounds - Sacred Burial Grounds of the Ohlone. We must respect the First People of this area - the Ohlone - and more we must respect the Sacred Burial Grounds - of Muwekma Ohlone and the other Ohlone in general.

In all the mumbo jumbo - about building skyscrapers.

High density housing, infilling the Bay, and creating havoc by adversely impacting our environment - the watershed, the air, and of course the water - we have failed to address Quality of Life issues.

We are NOT New York. We do not want to be a City of crowds, filth, contamination and traffic congestion.

We the constituents from San Francisco who know better  - must treasure what little we have in terms of clean Open Space - other amenities -  but, more importantly our Bay.

Our Bay is not healthy.

Plans are afoot by Joe Boss and others to build at Pier 70 on very contaminated soil. 

A million tons to coal tar needs to be abated and mitigated.

Two ammonia hot spots - that few know about - others look at Pier 70 - with blindfolds and see nothing wrong. Time will tell.

The 8 Washington debacle is still going on. The Warriors have moved their new stadium closer to the University of San Francisco Campus.

We have a proposition on our books that forbids high rise buildings on our Waterfront - but greed developers - and those that back them - the likes of Willie L. Brown Jr - will not give up - and will fall flat of their - face.

Make no bones about it.

A state of art stadium to be built on landfill - once contaminated by Santa Fe operations, then Southern Pacific, and the landfill - the worst type - contents, the residue of chrome planting, tires, poor construction material laden with Asbestos, other highly toxic materials - that today has polluted the watershed.

We  must remember much of Mission Bay - was the Bay.

Of course in paying attention to the landfill - we must be aware of the Ordinances we have on our books  - approved by the City and County of San Francisco - that we must apply to adjudicate.

The Maher Ordinance covers every aspect linked to hazardous materials, contamination, pollution of the watershed and so on and so forth.

Our City is slow to address these Quality of Life issues - and prefers taking another route - that of capping contaminated land.

You cannot cap and have a jello moving up and down beneath the cap.

As and when the Big One strikes - that cap will crack - spewing the worst contaminants into the air. Adversely impact all life - and here comes the Precautionary Principle - also on our books - rarely applied by those who want to circumvent the law.

 In the interim - water find a away - and will move fast - through cracks and fissures - and make its way - up and pollute.

Our City and County of San Francisco - is slow to listen to the hydrologists, does not have a Toxicologist on its payroll.

Each and every time - fails to address the unique characteristics of the land - on which thousands of housing units are being built - very contaminated ground.

Mayor Edwin Lee once lived in Public Housing. Mayor Edwin Lee was a staunch housing advocate - more when it came to addressing housing for the poor. No more.

Mayor Edwin Lee and the SF Planning Department - went on a rampage and continue to build Market Rate Housing.

This pathetic view is short lived - the economy in China is spiraling down. The dollar will no longer be a standard. Other factors - will hit our economy like a lighting rod - quickly and with a force that wills stun the economy.

Here in America - the cost of living will increase all over. Soon the price of essential commodities will increase - we witness some of  it today.

The price of renting a one room bed room - average rent $2500 - in many places in our City and County of San Francisco - more. 

Something must give - and the poor and those that tolerated the on going nonsense - cannot anymore.

 I know what I am talking about - because I have the pulse of the people - the constituents of San Francisco that matter.

I have been addressing - the above subjects of a long time - the newbies that have joined me with their "blogs" - are sugar coating the real issues - adversely impacting - thousands of innocent - San Franciscans.

Finally - we must remember this is Ohlone Land - and once all the land we see was pristine.

The strangers robbed the land - and contaminated it - increased the "Carbon Footprint" so much so - that the results today are -  alarming but pathetic.

We in San Francisco - should STOP building the skyscrapers - the rich will leave San Francisco - in a couple of years.

We will have thousands of units - all market price - vacant - much as was the case in 2008 in Miami and some other cities.

The 30,000 units planned in the Southeast Sector without sound transportation is a JOKE.

The Southeast Sector generates over 300,000 tons of Methane Gas from the expanded landfill - one ton of  Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Add to that the thousands of tons of Carbon Dioxide - from concrete and aggregate.

The high levels of radioactive elements - the particulates from the millions of vehicles spewing particulates.

You have the prefect "toxic soup". Now build your 30,000 units - and you still want to live in the middle of - Chernobyl!

Nothing good comes form greed.

Nothing comes from those that do not understand "holistic" planning.

Nothing good comes without stellar - " need assessment".

Our Controller Ben Rosenfield.

Our Economist Ted Egan.

Our Public Defender Jeff Adachi.

Our Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

Our Mayor Edwin Lee.

Our Director of Public Works Mohammed Nuru.

Our Chief of Police Gregory Suhr.

Our Director of Public Health - Barbara Gracia

Our Director Planning John Rahaim.

Our City Engineer Fuad Swiess.

Our City Administrator Naomi Kelly.

All of the above - should meet and discuss some - critical "need assessment" critical to our City and County of San Francisco.

We are running out of time - and most of the policy makers - have no clue how to discern.

Less how to create a Blue Print that is meaningful. 

We hear politicians talking from both sides of their mouth.

That tongue can wag until hell freezes - it has no bone!