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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


All the major "faiths" believe in one noble principle - " do not harm the children - because they are innocent - innocent children - cannot defend themselves". We adults have to do what we can to protect all children - without any bias - any discrimination.

With all the excuses given by the Israeli Government - the one aspect that stands out - is their " eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" - mentality.

That in today's world - is NOT accepted.

The Main Media in the United States - as it did with the Iraq war and other important wars - spews diatribe - spreads disinformation.

Only those who are not educated on issues - believe the misinformation - that is why the world laughs at us - few dare speak up - because they are NOT educated on issues.

Too many people have died in the Gaza Strip - over 650 and growing.

Hundreds more - are buried in the rubble - and pleas are made - right now - for a stalemate - so that the "emergency crews" - can make attempts to recover those that are alive and many dead - in the every, growing - rubble.

Over one hundred and fifty innocent children have died. 

This is a crime - crying to heaven for justice - and we all believe there is a JUST God - and many others a JUST - force.

It is just a matter of time that those who have the superior arms - provided by the United States - the tax payers of the United States. Our constituents from the United States -  do not approve that they be used - against - innocent children.

This is the question that must be asked when the evil pollsters poll - " do you approved using U.S. arms and ammunition - to kill innocent children?".

It is just a matter of time - that those that can take it no more - will do what - the have to do.

That "rain of fire" is coming.

And when it comes those that spread the propaganda - will have little to say - accept to witness - the incineration of thousands - who brought this "madness" - upon themselves.

We all remember when Israel bombed Lebanon and the neighboring sites with "cluster bombs". First Israel denied the fact - then accepted the crime.

This pin point bombardment in the Gaza Strip - can be likened to the worst atrocities in contemporary times.

Using the best technology - to commit and inflict the worse type of atrocities. Only, this time it happens to be women, children, and the elderly.

The United States must speak up and speak up with authority.

The world must stand up and speak up with authority.

The United Nation must pass a "resolution" and state clearly the "crimes of war" - committed - all documented. 

The principles of the Geneva Convention must be applied.

The Israeli Government with its "hawkish" mentality - has gone to far - better reason must prevail - and the Jewish Spiritual leaders must step up and other world spiritual leaders too. The Pope for sure - Pope Francis.

Hundreds of documentaries - will be released - and those that spread lies, committed blatant crimes - treat their fellow cousins with disdain - will wallow in shame - for all the days of their life.

Shame on those who with intent - kill innocent children.

This is simply - not acceptable. Those that commit such crimes - are cowards - cowards of the worst kind.

Suffice to say we know that they treat the Palestinians with disdain - keeping them standing for hours  - before giving a pass to cross the border.

Suffice to say the Israelis  steal the water and do not give the Palestinians - access to clean drinking water.

The same with Electricity - and this has been going on for years.

The same with good housing and other Quality of Life issues - health, transportation, and so on.

For the last 60 years plus - thousands live in slums.

While land stolen from the Palestinians - is used to build homes - the olive trees uprooted - and atrocities committed - that the world - knows about.

We ask the many Jews who have compassion - those that truly read and follow the words in the "Torah" - to stand up and protect the children - all children - even those living in the former Palestinians' land.

Recently one Palestinian young boy - was kidnapped by the Israelis and burnt alive. This crime is well documented.

Any sane Jew will tell you - that this crime - has shocked everyone.

Now imagine hundreds burnt, suffocated, by the powerful bombs - many implode - and the air can suck - people inwards - with tons to dirt, rubble, and heavy materials - piled over the victims.

Horror stories have been told - and this act of violence - this lack of humanity - this lack of spirituality - this lack of compassion - has shocked the world. 

Now more than ever.

Hold this thought - who can bring back the hundreds of innocent children killed by the Israeli Armed Forces? 

What authority can say that morally, ethically speaking - having the Geneva Convention in mind, the mandates of the United Nations - that the actions do no merit - punishment - of the highest, order - on those who intent - are causing this pain, this suffering - comparable to the HOLOCAUST.