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Monday, July 14, 2014


Each and every day more since the spiraling of our economy in the year 2008.

Each and every day - our Nation doles out $200 million every single hour - for each and every day - 365 days a year - trying to pay our debt and failing miserably to attain that - goal.

Our Nation is printing money - and the only reason being the "private" - U.S. Federal Bank - which is a "private" entity can carry out this nefarious action - simply because - the  U.S. Federal Bank has clout - and very little - oversight.

Over the Christmas Holidays when the House and the Senate was away - under some strange circumstances - the United States Federal Bank - usurped - and took over the MONETARY system - of our Nation.

In years to come the gold and silver the measure used to value our dollars - decreased - and today the dollar is worth less four cents - the paper printed worth more. 

The fiscal gurus - economists can figure that out.

In serious discussions with someone I know and who knows others in this business of usury - usance and other shenanigans linked with money lending.

I was told - the lies and the crimes that go on - and can go on for only so long - - and before you know - it will come to bite us in the butt. 

The "techies" with their fake wealth - Wall Street - that no one worth the salt - respects. 

All over the world the standard currency against which all sorts of transactions are measured - just happen to use the "United States Dollar" as a standard.

More and more the World is becoming disillusioned - and soon there will be a revolt - Russia, China, India, Brazil - others more on the continent of Africa - Greece, France, Italy - and you get the picture.

If the United States Federal Bank -  goes on printing dollars - to keep our interests rates down.

If it thinks Brazil - Russia - India - China - (BRIC) - other stronger countries having - "gold" and other precious metals to back their currency - will tolerate this on going nonsense - some one Super Power or not - is totally out of sync and mistaken. 

If the United States thinks for a moment - they can defy - the norms - abuse the standards - we, as a Nation will fall flat on our face. 

Simply put it goes against our Constitution - it goes against our values and morals - that is the decent constituents of the United States of America.

Our politicians are not worth anything - in recent years - the President of the United States does not have the respect of the Nation - Congress and the Senate - given themselves a pay raise - but do not represent the people of the United States of America.

The Chinese have already told us to mend our ways - and will not tolerate - the constant nagging and ordering - of the United States to devalue the Chinese currency. The Chinese simply refuse to do so.

We on the other hand have been paying our debt - borrow from Peter to pay Paul - printing money and lying to the U.S. Treasury and to Congress and the Senate - trying to fool the constituents of the United States of America.

No one can fool all the people all the time.

It is the same with India and Russia. The Germans have pulled out all the "gold" that they had stocked in the United States for safe keeping.

In the Middle East they are planning what to do - in the mean time they are buying all the gold and precious metals they can. The same with India, the same with China, the same with most European nations, with Australia, England - and those countries that can afford to buy precious metals - to wait to that day - when those that have some equity will be able to stand their ground.

Even as the Euro is having problems - the English pound is struggling - the other currencies in Portugal and Spain - in the doldrums.

The U.S. artificially has been propping the dollar - by simply defying the world - and printing - money - the Almighty Dollar.
Taking the short cut - failing to abide by standards - making excuses - that fall on deaf ears.

Recently, July 1, 2014 - HR Bill # 2847 was passed - this bill will put restrictions on our money; in the United States - how much we citizens of the United States can move or invest - here and abroad.

How much we can bring in - if we have invested abroad. All sorts of restrictions - that will make life hell - for those that have money - and more those that invest.

Already those investing - are in shock - and those in shock - have no where to go - we are still AMERICA - more than money we treasure our freedom. 

Crooks are using license to deprive us of our freedom and soon there will be turmoil. Those armed will create ruckus - much like we saw during Katrina - in New Orleans - it is coming and we can see the writing on the wall.

We must see the writing on the wall - those that cannot defend themselves - those are think the " Government" will come to their rescue - here in California it will be worse and even worse in San Francisco.

These restrictions in the course of time will affect - our economy. For sure in the short run the essential commodities will be expensive and grow expensive.

Our City and County of San Francisco - fake as it is - with our SF Supervisors - asleep at the wheel - will be reeling in disgrace - and if they fall in the hands - of those they have hurt - that scene will not be pretty.

Survival of the fittest - those that have the power - will be able to survive - and those that cannot defend themselves - will fall prey to evil forces.

We have seen such actions in Argentina, recently in Greece - in places that have no law and order.

Even in England stringent measures were taken when the English pound was devalued in the late 1970s.

All the above happened in the last 40 years - but most of us - who do not pay attention - think all will be fine. This time around - it will come quickly - like a Tsunami.

What is important to Seniors - is that there is a high probability that the Social Security and the Pension Systems - will go bust.

Simply because the banks - all banks - will cease to operate.

A stop-gap measure is in the pipe line to prop up the United States Treasury and the U.S. Federal Bank - stocking platinum - is being planned by some - met with skepticism.

A precious metal - that the United States has stocked - to create another model of "currency" - to arbitrarily - wipe out past debts - and face the wrath of the world. Will it work? 

Right now - all over the world - in most countries - the banks owe the United States - billions of dollars. The U.S. banks loaned the money - much like it did here at home.

Sub-prime loans - derivatives, other ploys and machinations that led to "balloon" payments - we hear it , we know it - but we fail to comprehend our evil these ploys us - and how they have affected the entire world.

There is no way the countries can pay the United States - without - seriously adversely impacting - their economy at home.

Totally compromising their infrastructure, their culture, their way of living - destroying Quality of Life issues.

The World Bank is at its wits end.

Other International Fiscal Entities are simply stunned - how the United States - could create such a commotion with unending - consequences.

This all started in 2008 - here at home - we printed money - and bailed General Motors, AIG, and others - the large financial institutions too were given money and bailed. Many had their debts - forgiven.

The millions of United States citizens were shafted - lost their savings - and investments - and even today - with the fake projections on Wall Street - people are skeptic.

People who lost their investment - are still reeling from a time - when they were is shock.

Then got very angry, then started blaming themselves.

Even though they had nothing much to do with the - banking fiasco - the sub-prime loans that our Government failed to stop and even notice and nip it in the bud.

Innocent people, our Seniors, other who live pay check to pay check - are still are suffering in shame and are angry.

Today, some have recovered - but many are still mourning - and feel bad that our U.S. Government - took us for a ride - and shafted us royally.

It is just a matter of time - when we see the price of food and other essentials - rise. Thirty, forty, fifty percent.

Our Nation has become a Nation that has no morals, no ethics, no standards - the rich look at the poor with disdain. There is a lack of compassion. No one wants to lend a help hand - work as a team - each for oneself - that usually brings the destruction of a culture.

Bankers still continue to borrow money at low interest rates - and lend it for more - three hundred times more - and this is simply - evil.

The Credit Card industry will fold - because no one will be able to pay the Credit Card companies.

There is a lot of corruption within the Credit Card companies - and the hacking that is going on - has not been revealed to the constituents of the United States.

There are Nations - now - resorting to using hackers to get free money from the United States banks.

At home we are forced to pay money to Life-Lock and other such companies - that say they can "protect us" but for a fee. Hundreds of dollars - to get some fake - peace of mind.

There are some astute entities and some financial wizards that have been suggesting to the United  States - how best to address - this spiraling of our economy.

The United States Federal Bank - is a private entity - that has a lot of power. 

Right now major countries are meeting to organize - and quickly change the international monetary standard.

Do not be surprised - it will happen quickly - much as the English who ruled supreme with their currency for over 150 had to play second fiddle to the United States after World War II.

The United States - helped the world after World War II - Germany, France, Japan, other countries including England - the MacArthur Plan.

We the United States declared ourselves a Super Power - for some time we did well - until power went to our head.

Today, we have ammunition to destroy ourselves a million times over.

Some other countries - that is if we have the ability to deliver our missiles tipped with bombs. We vaguely remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

Those episodes will pale - when the fire of hell reigns for months - may be years.

For all of our wishful thinking, our aspirations, our willingness to think evil rather than good - will come to haunt us to our graves - with slow death.

Here some of us are huffing and puffing about Climate Change.

Right now - the governments of the world are meeting - to put a stop and refusing to pay - millions of dollars - to clear their debt.

Banks now hold liens on Museums, Government Buildings, Universities, other facilities worth something.

All sorts of necessary infrastructure - in Greece, in the South American countries - in some countries in Africa and South America - in Spain and Portugal -  even in richer countries in a small - measure - liens rule and countries continue to pay - small payment against larger debts.

Signs of our times.

Even today - we in the United States continue to buy stuff - just for the sake of buying - cheap, poorly manufactured stuff from China and other countries. 

Why did we stop manufacturing in the United States?

Our only salvation - to work with our population that is about 300 million.

To conserve and preserve our water, our land, and respect the Native American - and those that are decent should do right. No one can disrespect and think for a second - they will go Scott free.

The land - all of it belongs to the Native American -  from whom the strangers stole it all - and have not learned that "thieves" cannot have it all -  with severe, consequences. KARMA.