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Saturday, July 19, 2014


All over the world - in this digital world - we have seen children killed who live in the Gaza strip.

We know who has the superior war machines - and we also know - that this mentality " a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye " is NOT acceptable in today's world.

We must find another way - and this dictate must come from women and men - who put aside their differences and go to a better - place - laser beam focused - for the good of the world.

Every Zionist is a Jew - but not every Jew is a Zionist.

The Zionists are fanatics - much like anyone who belongs to the Argun.

These fanatics have - only one thing on their mind - the preservation of the Nation of Israel - every square inch.

Ask these fanatics - a hundred years ago - where most of them lived.

If they are sincere - they will tell you elsewhere - as part of the " Jewish Diaspora".

Then they chose to come to the land of their cousins - the Palestinians - Christians and Muslims - and claimed it - through ploys and machinations.

After over 65 years - those Palestinians and many live in the Bay Area and are my friends - cannot go back to their homes.

Palestinians lives in Jordon, Kuwait, all over the Middle East and all over the world - but would prefer to go back home and live among their olive groves - and other things familiar to them and their senses.

The Olive Trees that they planted - looked after for generations - other structures kept intact for hundreds of years - have been taken over - by the Zionists. In many case bulldozed - the olive and other fruit trees uprooted - to make room for homes - that only the Zionists can live in.

There are check points - if you want to get a "permit" to visit the land controlled by the Israelis - at the Check Point - you can wait for days - treated with disdain - abused and you have to take it - just because you have to do what you have to do. You are a Palestinian but you have no right - in the birth of your father, his father, and his father going many generations,

The younger generation who are Palestinians - have no patience - and many have joined HAMAS.

If those who deem HAMAS as terrorists - then ARGUN is a terrorist organization too.

Each have a plan in their mind - near and dear to themselves - each call themselves "freedom fighters".

There are those who take sides - call those that they do not favor or like - "terrorists".

Those who are educated, who can discern know better - and so we that must aim for peace and harmony - have to speak up - and this is not easy in a convoluted world.

Where politicians and policy makers speak from both sides of their mouth.

Fortunately for me over the last 50 years - I have met Jews, Zionists, Palestinians,  some who purport to belong to Hamas.

The Hamas I met - mentioned to me that they have clinics, and feed the people, and that they do not belong to an army.

When pressed they say - they know and see the army - but that they do not know more - accept that HAMAS defends those who live in shanty towns - with no running water, electricity - living in what we call - slums.

I have met those that serve in the Israeli army - some of them American citizens. These Israelis are cock sure what they do is right - that they have every moral right to defend Israel. You hear and you hear some things in disbelief - and you know such politics - are not clear cut. You have to take a stand - and you just cannot take a stand - you must adjudicate and adjudicate with all the fact - and have "wisdom" to make the right - decision.

In Israel thousands of homes have been built on land belonging to the Palestinians. Complete with "bomb bunkers" and many having armed themselves to the teeth. 

America has certain silos in certain locations - where billions of dollars to ammunition and other sophisticated arms and bombs are hoarded.

In the year 2014 - we have seen these wars take place - with the Egyptians siding with the Israelis. The United States openly siding with the Israelis. Our U.S. Congress and Senate openly siding with the Israelis. Time will tell.

No one can treat a segment of the population with disdain for generations. Try to explain - blatant discrimination, blatant abuse, building walls to keep people out that were the original owners and people of the land. 

Jews with mix blood from Poland, Germany, France, every country where the Jews were taken from the days of Cyrus the Persian King to the days of the Ottoman Empire - and in recent times - with the happenings in Germany to - today.

Some of us know it from films and other mundane articles and misinformation - but if you really known the facts - the picture would be totally - different. 

We know very well what Hitler did - and most people think all the Germans are to be blamed. Never mind Hitler and his inner circle - used their power to the extreme.

It is simply wrong not to acknowledge what happened when those incarcerated fell prey to the maniacal doings of Hitler and his minions. The world abhors those happenings - the Holocaust.

But enough is enough - to use this horrendous incident - to apply to every issue the Zionist deem fit - to win an argument- all these many decades.

For sure we must not forget - but let us not rub the salt in the wounds and use this ploy - to tarnish - each and every - issue.

In the year 2014 - some drastic action has to be taken - a division that separates those that we decent world constituents - cannot convince to live like decent human beings. 

Some build walls, they have check points, they deprive the people who lived in the land for thousands of years - of water, electricity - deprive them of Quality of Life issues.

Then boldly state they are right and those that cannot defend themselves are liars, cannot be trusted, and so on and so forth. We hear their verbosity, spewing diatribe and we know - better.

There are decent Israelis - who want peace.

It is easy to say that - very, very difficult to attain it. 

There are many examples of decent Jews and Palestinians - who have chosen to forgive and forget and like in peace and harmony.
Against great odds have married and shown the world is can happen. But, the Zionists do not favor that.

Jerusalem belongs to the Christians, the Muslims and the Jews.

You would not say that - if you witness - the many permits, the many check points, the armed soldiers, the stares and the haughtiness that prevails - the divisiveness that goes on - in that HOLY CITY of thou.

Hundreds of children are dying with the invasion of the Israelis in recent days.

It is difficult to inflict harm on your target - when they are surrounded by civilians. The Geneva Convention and other International Laws state - the rights of civilians - but no one seems to care. 

Israel with intent - carries out these invasions - with tanks, jet fighters, ammunition - that we the United States give them. Superior missiles with sophisticated guiding systems.

Billions of dollars that we can use at home - and we must stop this one way traffic aiding and abetting those that - " do not want peace".

Remember David and Goliath - well in this case - David is the Palestinians.

 You talk to them - they will never forget - never for a second - harm done to one of their family members or more.  Especially a killing in front of all the family members. Bulldozing homes in front of all the family - members. That is just how they are.

The Israelis will steal the land, build their homes in very close proximity - with open defiance.

Taunt the Palestinians - every occasion they get - and then state to the outside world - that the enemy are the Palestinians the bad fellow are those that are not Jews. This in not fair.

Here at home we have the Zionists too - pretending to love America - while working for Israel.

I have Jewish friends here - and  I will not engage in politics - unless I am forced to.

My friendship with many Jews goes as long as I could understand the situation - back 55 years at least. So, I know what I know - first hand. In my travels - the world over - I have seen it all.

The decent Jews practices charity, hardship has forced him and her to survive - to be educated and hold professional jobs - in less measure the Palestinians who have NOT been given opportunities.

For sure in the United States we must not use the mentality of the Old Testament - " an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" - and find small gestures that will lead to bigger ones - to make our world a better place.

These are cousins - and deep down the daughters and sons of Abraham - there are many commonalities.

Today in very dangerous times all we here are the casualties - children, the elderly maimed and killed. Women killed - others in the wrong place - blown to smithereens.

We remember those that dropped "cluster bombs" denied that they did it - and then admitted it.

We remember the many recent wars and the atrocities. We as human beings may try to forget - but it is not easy.

The Jews now enjoy freedom in the United States of America - but in recent years have been a detriment to the economy of our Nation. We have a Mayor from one City who has deep ties to the Argun. 

We have Zionists who favor Israel - and do so in a nonchalant manner.

We now have Republicans openly - side with Israel and one while attempting to be a candidate for the President of the United States.

If history serves us right - a time will come when those put down, abused, taunted, despised and called "dogs" - who have been suffering in silence - cannot anymore.

There will be a sudden force and change - and what will happen will not be very - pretty.

" There is a prophecy - the rain of fire - where everything in sight will be incinerated.

Ash to ash and there will nothing to see - but ash flying - much like the fine sand in the desert.

The prophets have spoken - there is not much to be said - you may have the force now - but it will not be for long.

In proportion that you harm the innocent - the children, the women, the elderly - that will be your fate - a thousands time more. Aho."