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Saturday, July 5, 2014


All over the world - soccer enthusiasts - are sadden - the spinal injury that will keep Neymar - out of the World Cup.

More - as Brazil looks forward without Neymar - to face the future in this World Cup now that Brazil - has reached the semi-finals.

Brazil is now poised to meet Germany without Neymar. Without Neymar die hard soccer fans - are still rooting for Brazil. The betting czars have changed betting odds and now favor - the Germans. Time will tell.

Thousands of Brazilians who wear the Number 10 Brazilian shirt - Neymar's number - are in shock - as are millions the world over - what will happen? We must think positive - the results will favor Brazil.

The spirit of Neymar will be there - and the better team will win - I favor Brazil.

Two young men - both 22 years Neymar da Silva from Brazil and James Rodrigues from Colombia.

Both, young men with a heavy burden to represent their country. Both have done us soccer fans proud - in many ways.

Both men gracious - both having an extraordinary talent at age 22 years - and both have entertained us - soccer fans the world over. Brought humanity closer - and touched so many hearts - in so many kind ways.

In this World Cup Neymar scored 5 goals - James Rodrigues 6 goals.

At age 22 - both have been compared to Pele - a phenomenon in soccer - Pele from Brazil - now, the world over its Neymar da Silva and James Rodrigues that have so many fans and friends.

The game between Brazil and Colombia had 54 fouls called out - Velasco Carballo the referee - failed to regulate the game. Often over looking the fouls - and not issuing the "yellow card".

Soccer, is a very physical game - and these two teams played a good game.

It was just a matter of time that some incident would take place. When Neymar came down - a heavy fall from the air - our hearts became heavy and those of us that respect him - pray that all will be well.

"Let there be no animosity - let fair play reign supreme."

To be fair - many attempts were made to foul James Rodrigues - the gods saved him from some serious injury - James - did get beaten up - but survived to tell the tale and walk off the field - unhurt.

When Colombian defender Juan Camilo Zuniga drove his knee in the air impacting Neymar into his lower back. There was a dead silence - we all know something was amiss.

I immediately knew this injury was serious. Grimacing in excruciating pain - Neymar was lifted with care put on to a stretcher - and carried away to the hospital.

There was a deep silence at Estadio Castelao.

As all ardent and decent soccer fans do - we stand united, put away our differences - pray and wish the best for those we revere and for those we care.

Soccer brings people together - Soccer is revered all over the world.

The ability to control your body, the ability to control the ball - the ability to create a goal - can bring you to the World Cup - expose your talents for all the world to see - and make your dreams come true.

At this stadium called Estadio Castelao - David Luiz another Brazilian player who scored a goal from 30 yards out - had a role to play.

David Luiz scored Brazil's second goal - in the 2-1 Brazilian victory - at the end of the game - David went over to James Rodrigues.

James Rodrigues just 22 years old was crying bitterly - and here was David Luis a veteran soccer player -calming James down.

One a Brazilian the other a Colombian. The world was watching - and I was watching - will he do it or will he not?

Then just as David Luis calmed down James Rodrigues -David removed his soccer shirt - drenched in sweat - off his back and gave it to James Rodrigues.

In like manner James Rodrigues did the same.

This moment will be recorded in history - and everyone felt the "spirit of Neymar".

Again and again both players Neymar and Rodrigues - showed mutual respect - mutual kindness - and those of us that notice - watched it. Neymar was not there - but David represented Neymar and all of us - soccer enthusiasts. 

Both Colombian coach Jose Pekerman and Bralizian coach Luiz Felipe Scolari - have our respect.

Even though these gladiators played hard - with 54 fouls in the game - the referee Velasco Carballo - letting his guard down - both teams in the given circumstances - played an extraordinary game.

Neymar da Silva will go down in history - there is no doubt about it.

Four years from now both Brazil and Colombia will have two players facing each other - they will be 26 years. Age and experience will make them better players.

I will cross 70 years - and will be there to watch them - God willing.