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Saturday, July 26, 2014


Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor - is now talking about forming a Task Force. 

We want to see - who from the community is on this Task Force to stop the killings and the shootings.

We want to know - who has a vetted plan - and what are the short term and long term goals. Why should not Malia Cohen get out of the way and resign.

Malia Cohen has no clue - about Violence Prevention and Violence Intervention.

Here us our plan to address the issue at hand with Community Policing:

I would dare her to sit down with Simi Iulio and Mitch Salazar - others that I can name but these two stellar and astute men that I have worked with for the longest time - to address Violence Prevention, Violence Intervention, Work Force Development - other Quality of Life issues - all laid in our various Blue Prints - that we have been implementing since the year 1999.

I am the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy and have an office at 4909 Third Street by Palou Street - right in the heart of the Bayview Hunters Point. 

These two men - Mitch and Sim were introduced over one and half year ago - to the Chief of Police and others in authority  - to bring about an better understanding of the situation at hand - to share needed resources.

The fact of the matter - is in all our deliberations - every plan take a very long time - most of the time - we carry out the action plan by dipping into our own personal savings - and our own resources.

The City and County of San Francisco prides itself - setting millions for administrative work - spending money in the millions - that are meant for Bayview Hunters Point - diverted to other issues. This has been happening more since 1996.

Malia Cohen is a "puppet" - her main reason is to push for development - the worse type of development.

Crooked and corrupt developers - Lennar for sure the Rogue Developer that fills her - campaign coffers. 

In recent times the developers at Pier 70 with Joe Boss who is backing Malia Cohen. We know what is going on behind the scenes. Time will tel.

Malia Cohen has no idea - what so ever when it comes to issues linked to Education, Safety, Transportation, Childcare, Recreational Facilities - housing more for low income and no income.

Health, our aging population, our Mentally and Physically challenged - the many other issues that go into Quality of Life issues.

Again and again when the Violence and Killings spike - she has in the past resorted to gathering the Black Pastors - and has not succeeded much.

The Black Pastors - will join any movement - where there is "money involved" - they cannot and will not go to the front line and care for the sheep.

They are shepherds that run away and hide - when the sheep are in trouble and need protection. Leading this pack - Amos Brown.

The over 55 Black Churches in the Bayview for example - are just that - standing still - and doing nothing much. Most of them the "living dead" - spiritually - bankrupt.

In the interim - ever since the break up of the Community Response Network - the taking over of some aspects by Healthright 360 - some of us are facilitating and trying our best to support - daily and have for the last one year - addressing those pressing issues - we do this because we love San Francisco - the real San Francisco - with Fathers, Mothers, families with children - a notion that is missing in the policy making of our City and County of San Francisco.

We have been doing this for a long time without any help from the City and County of San Francisco - more - if you count our other related activities going back to the year 2000.

Who has a longer track record - addressing Quality of Life issues - more than Dr Espanola Jackson and I. People see what we do - and wonder for how long can we deal with the devils - the likes of Malia Cohen - smile on our face and stab you in the back.

The past Mayors and the present Mayor, Edwin Lee cannot for a moment think that all the developing can be done - in a War Zone.

That thousands of units can be built on land prone to liquefaction. That the Maher Ordinance and the Precautionary Principle - can be cast aside.  That he can make statement and just like that things will happen.

No one can address adverse impacts - by allowing the infrastructure to fall apart - then suddenly wake up and try to do something.

If an evaluation is done - when it comes to Safety issues - those that are on the front line have no long term stability.

They do not have a facility - a sound premises - clean and healthy - where they are given the resources to conduct their operations - to the best of their ability.

You cannot have a doctor work on his or her patients under a tree. 

You cannot have a doctor work with primitive tools.

No one can address any critical situation - day after day - for months on end -  reach saturation point and then address the situation at hand.

We have seen stellar people the like of Cati Hawkins and others burn out. It seems our City love to do this to those that work hard to help our City and County of San Francisco - address Violence Prevention and Violence Intervention.

That has been happen for the longest time ever.

In all of  the operations - no one truly comprehends - cultural competency.

No one wants to address the unique elements that adversely the Polynesian Community - more the Samoans.

The Asians who live in fear. The Latinos who mostly have fallen prey to the sub-prime loans, the Black who are fleeing and leaving - gentrification. The Whites who are moving in with their poodles. The influx is too much to bear - my office has been there - right at the center of it all - Third Street and Palou.

The demographics of the Bayview rapid changes have reached Malia Cohen but she cannot discern. She cannot discern - because she is not educated on issues. Her consultants - mostly inept share her shallow values.

Malia Cohen - has no clue about "true diversity"  she operates - listens to her corrupt team - that use ploys and machinations - to win elections. 

Finding loopholes - in the Rank Choice Ranking - as Malia Cohen did the last time around - winning by a few hundred votes.

Not this time around - for sure.

I have been at meetings - where Malia Cohen has mentioned the Law Enforcement in a negative manner for no cause what so ever.

Instantly proceeded to chide Law Enforcement - to some how project that she has power. I have stood up - and corrected this nonchalant Black woman - who is truly - out her mind.

Does not comprehend how Government works. And if she went to University of San Francisco - a Jesuit Institution - some one must brief her - that she has learned nothing - except "pussyfoot" - around.

The only ones that follow her - are those pander to her - the ones that Malia Cohen channels favors and money.

Malia Cohen herself - has never ever participated in the detail deliberation - linked to the community - going back to say 1999 to say 2010.

It is a shame how the Democratic Party and Machine - has propped up Malia Cohen - who has no clue what she is doing - expect grinning and laughing like a sorry ass - jack ass.

Can you imagine when we have had instances about killings and shootings - Malia Cohe gets reports - but she is never, ever found on the front line. 

Now, she wants to form a Task Force - all of them mostly cronies - sell outs - who have no clue about drawing up a Blue Print - with action items.

The Community needs resources now - as we  are the ones - who are doing the work - are addressing the issues.

Where has Malia Cohen been?

Malia Cohen is a disgrace to the human race.

Here is a plan - that all those who want to join the fight to address Quality of Life issues can read and be informed - and that includes the dumb, inept, shallow, spineless - District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen: