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Friday, July 4, 2014


When you get the worst type of representation in the Southeast Sector - more Potrero Hill, Bayview Hunters Point, Little Hollywood, Sunnydale, Visitation Valley, Silver Terrace - in short District 10.

Something must be done - and it must be done - now.

Our children treated with disdain.

Our youth and young adults given second hand - hand downs. When such nonsense is taken for granted - you know something has to be done on a war footing. Some drastic change called for.

Recreation and Park cares less to fix the Dr Martin Luther King play ground - the play ground by Candlestick Stadium - Gilman play ground- gofers rule the roost. This nonsense has been going on for over forty years.

All of sudden - it fine when - children, people of color play on such ill maintained grounds -  in District 10. Not so for children in other areas - who are deemed - richer. Children and children and must be treated - equally.

While, hastily a BOND MEASURE is needed to cater to those - that want - so called - the best of soccer fields - closer to Ocean Beach - Beach Chalet. Tax payers money - to aid and abet a few who have no clue - about artificial turf and the harm it can do.

It is rude and not whole some - outright lacking decency - when only some people rally - do not have a holistic approach - and think - that all is fine - to seek amenities for a certain segment of the population and their children. 

All is not fine. First it was fine to take our children - all children - and allow the children to be exposed to contamination.

Taking them all the way to Treasure Island - and allowing them to play on very contaminated Soccer fields. Now, suddenly that is NOT fine. Why the change of heart - after all these years?

So, who is responsible for making the crooked decisions and putting so many children in harms way? 

From where comes the authority - the full authority - to vouch for young children and youth to play - on artificial turf.

Laden with contaminants - well known and one of them is lead. Rubber laden product that emit all sorts of harmful - chemicals.

The world knows about this - but not San Francisco - with all the Environmental Foundations - and so called Environmentalists that will not defend our children - and less embrace them - and keep them from harms way.

First comes the health of our children - and then all the other "rubbish" the adults speak off - from both sides of their mouth.

Let the children speak for themselves - more those that have come down will illnesses. We have the empirical data - for all to see.

Dog feces and other dirt is hard to  deal with and remove from - the artificial turf - that look fancy as "soccer fields".

After some years - those that put it in - all the artificial stuff - must remove it and replace it.

No one talks about long range - maintenance. More about the health and safety of those that play on these contaminated fields - more adversely impacting our children, our youth, and young adults.

The crooks working hand in glove with Recreation and Park and one Phil Ginsburg - has invaded play fields and grounds - at Silver Terrace, Garfield .

Where entities from outside use the facilities more - and those living in the neighborhood are by standers.  Where some private investors and raking in the money.

It takes money to reserve the grounds - in the old days - you could play for free on your neighborhood play ground. Now, you go to the play ground and the paid security and others - look at you, strange - and at times the security will ask you questions - and keep you at bay.

Public grounds now controlled by divisive private entities. Some times with private guards - telling the locals who can enter the play grounds and who cannot. Too much.

At one time - who those that have memories pf yore - children were treated like children - and it was common to go to play grounds and stadiums all over our City of San Francisco.

Kaser Stadium, McAteer High School, Burton High, Balboa - where all sorts of athletic events, football, rugby, and other sporting events - were held. No more.

Why did this all stop? These events brought families and neighborhoods together - we all miss those days - and in missing them we forget - that we must not let down - the neighborhood character - unique in San Francisco.

And what about the local gatherings in the neighborhood - small and quaint - where most who came - felt at home.

 I remember them - but may be I am one of those in the minority.

Our children must come foremost - and given the best.

Those that care for our children - must stand up and speak up.

I paid my dues when I contributed what I could - learning much by working with coaches at Mission High - doing what I could with the Brown Bombers.

Helping youth and children - with their concerns. Learning first hand - and always listening to the youth and young adults.

While there are many like me who care and do what they do well - the City and County of San Francisco and Recreation and Park - has failed many neighborhoods - more those in District 10.

Of course Malia Cohen is busy trying to give the employees who once worked for the SF Redevelopment Agency - their benefits.
She has less time to address Violence, even less time to address transportation issues, has no clue about the health of the constituents in District 10.

Crime, more petty crime is on the increase. Break ins when it comes to cars and home - and now on the increase impact a large area - and over flowing from District 10 to District 9.

We find Malia Cohen pandering - to her one aide that once worked for the SF Redevelopment Agency - who is as "evil" as Malia Cohen. 

This one aide  - who works for Malia Cohen - formerly an  employee - of the SF Redevelopment Agency was there in the Board Chambers in Room 250.

This aide was coaching Malia Cohen what to say - when fundamentally her amendment - needed revision of a kind - that failed to be executed - because Malia Cohen fails to do her home work. Time will tell.

Coaching Malia Cohen - what to say. The amendment wants to make changes to the Charter - but, was continued as one can see - there you go again - Malia Cohen creating a turbulence in a tea cup.

Of late we have been talking about Violence Prevention - the so called experts and those who created - the Police Executive Research Forum ( PERF). Costing us tax payers - thousands of dollars:

Others. all paid consultants in the thousands - have the reports in, the plans in - but they are all gathering dust on the shelves.

In the last 20 years - each and every year - money for Violence Prevention has been reduced.

We do have a $8.6 billion dollar budget - the developers and "techies" are given tax cuts and opportunities.

Resources to address Quality of Life issues put on the back burner. One of them Violence Prevention - the other Violence Intervention.

When it comes to Quality of Life issues - affordable housing - childcare facilities, Recreational Facilities as opposed to Open Space.

Facilities that contributed to Quality of Life - the City and County  looks away - more in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

At the SF Planning Commission there is lots of talk.

Malia Cohen will introduce legislation to re-zone twelve to fifteen block to put in a Wellness Center - and it goes through.

Children and youth -  are taken to a Wellness Center - at one of the most contaminated sites - 3450 Third Street.

Millions of vehicles plying, the stench of the near by Phelps Raw Sewage Treating Plant - a Wellness Center run by Nadine Burke with the help of Malia Cohen at 3450 Third in District 10 by Cargo Way.

How can anyone normal, decent, anyone having an iota of decency - chose such sordid site?

No one cares about the youth- and we can address the situation by having a forum. 

Right now Summer Time is the best time - a little late - but we can have a forum with Mayor Edwin Lee and Malia Cohen - among others present.

More - to discuss the Violence, the Safety, the transportation issues, the health issues, the prevalence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, AIDS, and other chronic diseases - mainly respiratory.

All affect the children, youth, and young adults. Our seniors and those who health has been compromised - from the lack of health care - and exposure to contaminants that adverse impact - all life.

No one is paying attention to the Meher Ordinance and no one is paying attention to the Precautionary Principle. Time for those environmentalists - who are many in our City and County of San Francisco and fast asleep - to wake up and do the needful.

The City and County of San Francisco must learn to respect the youth and young adults.

We as a City and more the fake representatives - Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, those in Sacramento, those at City Hall - will come to ribbon cutting events in District 10 and all over San Francisco - spew hot air - and leave.

They cut the ribbons, leave their stench - and that has become the order of the day.

Enough is enough and the time has come for concrete actions.

Totally left out the Polynesian population that at one time made up forty percent of those living in Public Housing in District 10.

Many living all over District 10. Now, leaving for other areas - prone to evictions and other adverse impacts - brought about by those that have a vested interest.

Making room for developers - Lennar a Rogue Developer. Property Managers such as Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company who are raking in the millions.

The City has chosen to work with crooks - those that are not respected - to interact at times with the Polynesian community - that once made up a large segment of the District 10 population - now, no more.

Corrupt entities seek the Polynesian Community  only when there is an emergency or when the help of the Polynesian community is needed.

Once they get the help - the rest is history. This happens - again and again. And for those that have encountered such actions - now is the time to speak out.

The City and County of San Francisco has failed to invest in the Polynesian Community.

The increase in incarceration - is very high - and at times at Juvenile Center - over forty percent of those incarcerated are Polynesian - youth.

Why? The City and County has failed to do its duty and meet its obligation.

The Polynesians have given more to our Nation - then any other segment of our population. The recent wars have taken a heavy toll - some know about this but others are oblivious. 

The Polynesian youth and young adults are now getting smarter, learning the in and outs - and some are with the District Attorneys Office, others with Non-Profit organizations, holding positions with the City and County of San Francisco.

At some Universities learning more to help and address the concerns of the Polynesians community.

Understanding full now - what I have been saying of decades.

The sellout Polynesian are handful - but the the damage done immense. I can name them - but that would tarnish their image forever.

We have a very narrow window of opportunity - and so as long as Simi Iulio and his sister Nana Iulio, John Nauer and his niece Gaynor Siataga, Elder Joseph Kaulave, all those that know "Jungle" - and can make the connection - we still have HOPE.

We all can make strides - and neutralize the deeds of the sell outs. It is not easy - but we can do it.

Our Polynesian youth - more than any other youth need help.

On many fronts - those that care for them - pull their resources and do what they can - without help from our City and County of San Francisco.

Truly speaking we need a Polynesian Center - where the Polynesian culture - can be kept true - and here in San Francisco - we all have failed to do so.

Malia Cohen is as fake as the come - she has vested herself with the developers taking short cuts. Pandering to sell outs like Aurelous Walker, Calvin Jones, Sophie Maxwell - trying to play one entity against the other. All this and more will come to a standstill.

No one can fool - all the people - all the time.

Come this election - she will be out and about. A non-entity that should have stayed out and remain out.

Malia Cohen has failed to REPRESENT - the youth and young adults - and more the minority youth. Aho.

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