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Sunday, July 20, 2014


We live in a digital world - where we the citizens of the world can get our information from many sources.

We can then adjudicate - unlike the United States Main Media - controlled, by the Zionist - who feed us with garbage.

In this one sided blatant invasion of the Gaza Strip - using American technology, ammunition, our U.S. jet fighters, our communication - and a host of eyes who work for some nefarious agencies - the innocent people of Gaza - should not be targeted.

As has been reported again and again - Israel has treated the Palestinians with disdain - much like the world is beginning to despise - the Israelis - for their past and recent actions. 

Now, we know that in Israel itself there are Israelis who see through the ploys and machinations - and are for peace.

Decent Israelis - who will not tolerate - the " tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye" - mundane, stale, and a policy that does not work and has not worked  - given the many tools we have to bring about change for good.

We, the United States must stop giving Israel billions. 

These same billions can be used to improve the live of Palestinians - who for over 60 years have been living in slums.

These same billions can be used here at home.

Deprived of decency - the Palestinians - those that work hard to have a roof - these innocent people are targeted - their homes broken into - many a times - their homes destroyed.

How many times can they start from scratch - how many times can they witness their loved ones killed - how many abuses can they tolerate - when they have to go through check points and be abused - in their own land.

While the bastardized Zionists with blood from Poland, France, Germany, Russia, other places - where the Jews were taken by forces such as during the Ottoman Empire - now pretending they are the rightful owners of the land belonging to the Palestinians.

Comparable to the way we treat the Native Americans in the United States of America - whose land was land was taken and stolen - and the Native American Tribes - but on Reservations.

Secretly we know that this is wrong - but few want to remedy the situation. Here we pacify the Native Americans - but it is the same - situation - only worse in and around the land of the Palestinians.

What is most worthy to note the way lives are taken away - innocent children killed, the elderly traumatized, women adversely impacted - while the Israel Defense Forces - think the world is NOT watching - and does not have a - say. 

This nonsense cannot and should not go on - forever.

The recent incursions into the Gaza Strip with tanks, under cover of jets that were given to Israel by the United States - bragging the Israelis can pin point and - get Hamas - is hog wash.

The Israeli forces have - with intent - targeted civilians - and the world is watching.

Much as the Zionists in the United States are having a field day - having a field day - using our Main Media - controlling our economy and were fully instrumental in the 2008 economic spiraling of our economy.

Make no bones about it - these "scum of the earth" - have brought shame to many - and these "scum of the earth" - need to be advised - and kept at Bay.

Children cannot defend themselves - and so in this one sided confrontation - that of provocation, abuse at check points.

Forcing people to have limited drinking water. Lack of electricity, lack of good housing, lack of health services - lack of  good schools - Quality of Life issues.

The superior forces using arms, ammunition, other superior weapons given to Israel by the United States - we cannot simply stand by - and allow the BULLY to do as they please.

That is not that we endorse HAMAS - and their actions.

One has to adjudicate this situation that has been going on for a long time - just because - these two people - cousins - have failed to care to live as good neighbors.

The world is now forced to make these two segments to live separately - two separate entities - and stop killing children, women, and adversely impacting the seniors and what is more - bring the entire world community - to witness these atrocities - time and time again.

Then to make things worse - we have leaders who have " BLOOD on their hands - take to the air waves - and LIE.

Force us - who know better - what exactly is happening on the ground in the Gaza Strip.

What is happening all over Israel - land that was taken away from the Palestinians? The turmoil that is now - will continue - there is only one solution - two entities living separately - never mind they are cousins - today, as they need for years before - have failed to live as neighbors - poles apart in their way of living - and mentality.

The British treated this mess - divide and rule. Much as they did with the division of Pakistan and India, carving our Kuwait from Iraq - created Israel and forcing the Palestinians to flee to Jordan and  the neighboring countries. 

Bottom line the killing of children must stop and stop - now.

We do not want to hear any excuses - more by folks who tell us they will take any action - using American jets, ammunition, and billions of dollars - that is our United States tax payers - money.

Enough is Enough.

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