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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Can you imagine Mr Dipstick aka Gavin Newsom - running California for a second - as the Governor of California. To day he is the side kick of Governor Jerry Brown - trying to move forward - but always falling backward in disgrace.

Many of us take it for granted - and have no clue that Mr Dipstick had to jump ship - and declare that he was no long running for Governor. Few to this day - do not know who was behind the plan - to bring about - results. It did come about - and there is more.

The many appointees that Mr Dipstick made when he was Mayor of San Francisco - each and everyone of them - crooked. Leading the pack Juliet Ellis.

Gavin Newsom better known in some circles as Mr Dipstick - was behind the "Gang Injunctions" - in San Francisco.

Never mind that if he was really investigated - he would put those that are termed as belonging to a gang - to shame.

Gavin Newsom will smile at your face and stab you in the back.

If you think back who was the main person to convey Parcel A - where Lennar Urban - a rough developer - makes its abode - the front person was Gavin Newsom.

Willie L. Brown Jr, Sophie Maxwell, Linda Richardson, Diane Feinstein - all rallied around Mr Dipstick - for a cause that is already - lost.

There is a fascination in our City today - to build cheap and inferior homes on toxic ground.

More, contaminated ground - that are called Superfund Sites - only the worst contaminated sites - are put on the Superfund List.

One of them is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Where once the San Francisco Police Department - was given a ware house - to establish a crime laboratory. Where other SF Police Department personnel worked - where the SWAT team conducted their operations.

All by Parcel E2 - one of the worst contaminated parcels on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. More contaminated with radioactive elements -  registering at very high levels.

Many of the SF Police Officer - came down with cancer and other chronic diseases - but do you think anyone cares? Do you think our San Francisco Health Department cares?

Now, that those operations have been moved to another area - Closer to Potrero Hill - everyone in the SF Police Department are breathing a sigh of relief.

In the interim those that got cancer, those that are suffering, the families and loved ones - have to bear the load of the on going suffering.

I know of at least 6 SF Police Officer who came down with cancer - working at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - that the U.S. Navy pretends it can clean - but never, ever - will.

Mr Dipstick is busy thrown arrows in the air. Writing books - creation conceptual plans - ideas that he thinks will work - when throughout his life - on the personal level - and in whatever he does - Gavin Newsom has been an utter - failure.

Gavin Newsom played with the lives of the poor and the indigent - and what you see today - the chronic situation - where thousands have resorted to living and sleeping on our streets - is a crying shame.

Care not Cash sounded good - but has left a hole - that is difficult to address - more hard fill - and thousands of homeless people are suffering - hundreds have died - on our streets. Our City names after Saint Francis of Assisi. A compassionate saint - while our core policy makers have hardened their - hearts.

Our SF Supervisors are busy cutting ribbons - more in District 8, 6, and 10. Catering to developers - and in District 8 - now dog homes will become fashionable - one hundred seventy six square feet - box homes- much like the size of a large shipping container box.  Behind this scheme - Scott Wiener a transplant and a Zionist from New York.

This is Ohlone land and Mayor Edwin Lee know about it. Yet he too has joined the developers and the crooks to build excess Market Price homes - and less so called home for those that low income and no income. Time will tell.

Mayor Edwin Lee's proxies the many sellouts in the Bayview are looking forward to living on toxic land - on Parcel A - but no one in the right mind - will live on this land.  Contaminated and more with high levels of radioactive elements.

People who do not live on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - but live outside the Hunter Point Naval Shipyard are suffering from cancer and other chronic respiratory diseases.

Now you can imagine if you live on Hunters Point Shipyard - or in close proximity - what the result will be.

The contamination coming from the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - has affected hundreds - with skin rashes, migraine headaches, lingering sore throat, bloodied eyes - falling hair - and those suffering the most our seniors and our children.

Gavin Newsom left a legacy that of a corrupt person - lack morals, less ethics, no standards - a lot mouthed son of gun - worthless - and a disgrace to the human - race.