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Thursday, July 3, 2014


The politicians in our City and County of San Francisco love to pat themselves on the back - doing the minimal for our youth and young adults.

When our City and County of San Francisco uses some Stimulus Money - or some little donation from those that rake in millions in profits. The meager stipends they dole out - is big news - as if that warrants - anything much.

This is the digital world and our youth and young adults - must not be treated like - "chaff". Our youth need to be challenged.

Much as our adults must be duly challenged - moving from the old times into the - "digital world" and beyond.

It is best that the adults take the time to speak to the youth and young adults. Probe a little to find out what is it that challenges the youth and young adults.

If the youth and young adults have question - some effort must be made to address them. The dialog has to be a two way effort - the more the better - and focused. Laser beam focused.

Right now dabbling with "computer code writing" seems to be making waves.

Soon it will be something - similar.

What is important to note - is that if the major "tech companies" - set aside some space for education and employment - strides can be made. There must be a Blue Print - vetted by the young and young adults.

We must learn to treat our youth and young adults with respect.

You respect the youth and young adults - and they will respect you.

Many of our youth and young adults - want an "opportunity" - an opportunity to get a good career - job.

It is not too much for Mayor Edwin Lee to set some goals - where one thousands youth and young adults - starting from 'Middle School" - leading to "High School" and into "Junior College" are enrolled - to aim for a "career" - in things that deal with - "technology" and the future careers that need training.

The empirical data is there - what is lacking - it the best from our so called experts to analyze the empirical data - and implement some viable and sustainable - program.

Technology encompasses many aspects of most field -  there is always change - the home of the "computer chip" and of the Cloud.

The Internet and related technology can be used  - to  better "Computer Aided Design" - to " creating Aps" - to engineering to aid and curtail in our Carbon Footprint.

The millions of tons of concrete, the millions of dangerous particulates spewing in our air, the thousands of methane gas from the many landfills - one ton of methane gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide - all are starring us in the face.

Our youth and young adults must be trained to reveal the truth - and help heal our Earth - Mother Earth.

Our Earth need some compassion - and that compassion is found more among our youth and young adult. Our children who see it all and cannot understand the folly - of the adults.

Our adult policy makers - who play with fire - wasting millions of tax payers money - on mundane projects - while not facing the facts - addressing major projects - that adversely impact - all life.

The City of San Francisco - does NOT pay attention to the Maher Ordinance which is law - which deal with landfill - liquefaction and flooding. Hazardous materials in the soil.

We have the Precautionary Principle - that states - if any project in any way impacts all life - we must stop the project - and address the consequences.

Technology can be used to address crime and safety issues - to deal with our clean and waste water pipes.

Creating programs to address - "real time leakages" - millions of clean drinking water leak into the soil - and so, also sewage pipes - our aging pipes. Many of them over 80 years plus - need replacing and the Sewer System Improvement Project is moving - at a snail pace.

Our youth more those that make the grade - must be trained now - so that when the time comes to understand and operate our $2.6 Billion upgrade and rebuilt of the Digesters - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - we have the youth and young adults on board.

The many falling in disrepair WEIRS - that hold millions of gallons of secondary effluents - treated sewage.

The  very many issues we have with - liquefaction and flooding. Our youth and young adult can step up and do a good job.

Right now some organizations and working with some Primes - with some youth learning "fluff".

This bluffing can go on for some time - but, will fail - and these organizations who are wasting tax payers money - will be exposed.

Our City and Count of San Francisco has a budget of over $8.6 
billion - yes BILLION.

We must do better - but as usual - it takes guts - to find and execute new paths.

Innovation if not for the fools - and the fools we have a many - wasting our precious money - all paid by our tax payers.

Summer is here already - and it a crime when the youth and young adults - are whiling their time.

Nothing will come to anyone on a platter - we must strive and work hard.

One single sound opportunity and some youth, some young adult - will shine - and make this world a better place. Aho.