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Sunday, July 27, 2014


There use to be a time - when you went to City Hall and more sat down and witnessed the deliberations in Room 250 - the August Chambers of the City and Count of San Francisco.

You truly witnessed - folks that represented our City and County of San Francisco.

Not so any more - not with shallow, inept, spineless, lacking morals and ethics - so called SF Board of Supervisors such as Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Scott Wiener, David Chiu, and London Breed.

Watch these vermin - slowly but surely - work their way to a point - where they take over - the reigns of the SF Board of Supervisors. Take our City and County down - down the cesspool - of their own - creation. 

We saw the play the last time around - the play with Malia Cohen and Jane Kim - trying to vie for the seat of the President of the SF Board.

Then both of them withdrawing their names - only to project David Chiu - who has been a JOKE and will be a JOKE - more if he dares enter the State Capitol - which he will not.

Scott Wiener truly thinks he will be the next Mayor. 

London Breed  from District 5- running her mouth and displaying arrogance - will meet her fall - sooner than she thinks. These vermin are pathetic.

I attended the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) meeting July 28, 2014 - held as the SF Board of Supervisors - the SF Supervisors - sitting as Commissioners of the SFCTA and the board as a whole.

Absent John Avalos - the rest of the Board were present - the majority of them - having side-bar discussions - and not paying attention - to the matters - deliberated.

John Avalos the Chair -  missing in action because of some sordid action - Scott Wiener - pretending he as the Mayor for the day - forgetting he is still a "drab" Supervisor - not worth the salt.

At these meetings reports are shared - and millions of dollars -  given away, attached to projects - many of these project - "pork" - and this nonsense has been going on for years.

The manner in which these idiots display their ignorance and arrogance is beyond the beyond. Who do these so called representatives think they are.

Why do we the constituents of San Francisco - permit such nonsense - with no accountability and less transparency?

Here, in Room 250 - millions of dollars linked to transportation projects  - added up - in the Billions over the years.

No one is really paying attention - the aides of these Supervisors - providing some information - some pointers - some talking points. Nothing substantial - nothing worth the salt - no one care - more the SF Supervisor - who do not want to represent their constituencies. 

The SF Board of Supervisors - could not care less.

Nothing much has changed since Jose Moscovich moved suddenly away and faded for some health reasons from San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

Tilly Chang now suddenly - by passing Maria Lombardo (with more experience and fortitude) - being chosen - behind the scene - as the Director of San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

It is this agency - that has failed miserably - and has grandiose plans - linked to the Van Ness Corridor, Folsom Street, Market Street.

The Geneva Harney project in the Southeast Sector - never mind the increasing congestion - on 3rd Street closer to Market.

The growing congestion and accidents on 19th Avenue, Lombard Street, the Geary corridor - who is fooling whom?

These buffoons - have failed when it comes to transportation and less to help the growing congestion. 

Sometimes it takes 45 minutes to pass by four City Blocks - more during Peak Hours.

These idiots could not care less - not with all the talk and bragging at the many SFCTA Committees, the drab candidates on the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) - to the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

It is time - the Controller of the City and County of San Francisco - Ben Rosenfield - audit the SFCTA and its relations with the many SF BOS - there is something happening - behind the scenes.

Do you really have to go behind close doors.

Clear the chambers - this was not done before.

Just  to evaluate the Director of the SFCTA - and come out of the close door - session - and give her Tilly Chang - as excellent - grade? Who do you think pays the Director her - salary?

What do you think is missing in this picture?

This reminds me of Ali Baba and the forty thieves!

In the interim - our San Francisco Transportation is going down the drain - the congestion has increased - and all these ploys with the bike lanes - in this hilly City - has been mind boggling.

With all the talk - more innocent pedestrians - are dying - falling prey to accidents one of a king. Sometimes bikes plowing through the pedestrians - killing some - maiming others.

The SF Board of Supervisors - have failed when it comes to low income and no income housing. 

There is a Housing Element - this is the third one - brought out every five years - that is faulty - and going before the Courts for some review and sound adjudication - the third time around.

Does anyone see a pattern? Has anyone read the latest Housing Element mandates by those policy makers - Region wide  - Association of Bay Area Governments:

Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Scott Wiener, and London Breed continue to talk the talk - less walk the walk.

Jane Kim the weasel - giving TWITTER -  tax breaks while pretending to be for so called affordable housing - with no detail plan, no funding, no timelines - short time nor long time.

Talking about "regressive tax" when it suits her - but trying to hoodwink the public. Why did you - Jane Kim go to bat for TWITTER?

Now you are against putting a higher tax on sodas and soft drinks - that are known to harm those that drink them? Where is your logic? Who do you think you are fooling?

Like the time you refused to participate with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America - and now suddenly trying to go along - who does this woman think she is?

Take your subjective opinion to North or South Korea - but please abide by American values - more if you want to represent?
More if you want to be a San Francisco Board of Supervisor.

London Breed has no clue about legislation - asks a dumb question what can her office do about Hotel Tax revenue - and how best to implement these money.

As with other issues London Breed - thinks she and her aides - none of whom are Black - know better - when we know - she is just a novice and has a long, long way to go. Ghetto!

 London Breed is Black - is arrogant and it is this arrogance  that will bring her - down. 

She still thinks as if she was in the non-profit world - where she had her way - begging for money and getting it from sordid - entities and individuals.

Malia Cohen has no idea about true transportation and less about Transportation Management.  About housing as it ought to meet the needs of the people - she does work with Lennar - a rogue developer and has filled her campaign coffers - with "blood money".

Had failed her District - District 10 with more shootings and killings - more Black on Black killings - Malia Cohen is Black - even though she has a Jewish sounding - name. Pathetic.

Malia Cohen wants to form a Task Force to address the growing violence and killings.

Let us see who she appointments to this Task Force - and if it deals with cultural competency.

If her Task Force truly represents the community - as it reflects the latest - demographics - in District 10.

It is a shame that one segment of the population - is the only segment of the population killing one another - that is Black on Black violence. Malia Cohen cannot do nothing much.

Malia Cohen has no plan, has no objective.

What Malia Cohen is good at is circumventing the issues and pussyfooting around.

She is a professional sell out of the first order.

Here is some information that may enlighten the readers: