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Sunday, July 13, 2014


In recent years we have had corrupt, inept, fake, and mostly shallow so called representatives - failing to represent all of San Francisco. Here is San Francisco - we call them - the Board of Supervisors.

Once this great City has Supervisors that represented the entire San Francisco - now with a population of about 605,000. In recent years - some one created District - some 11 Districts. The worst represented District is District 10. 

The first one to represent District 10 was one Sophie Maxwell - corrupt to the core - and now we have another more nefarious person - in Malia Cohen - besides being inept, shallow, and uneducated on issues.

Supervisors like Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, David Chiu getting away with murder in broad daylight. Their constituents - the more astute constituents - adversely impacted.

In recent years - when it comes with our homeless, our seniors, our failing transportation, our health issues, our  constituents in general - and our physically challenged and our mentally challenged endure too many hurdles and difficulties - all linked to Quality of Life issues.

These so called SF Board of Supervisors - these so called representatives - will talk - from both sides of their mouth. Now is the time - to boot these good for nothing - Board of Supervisors - and replace them with representatives - who understand what "true representation" - really means.

We have independents - who are not behold to the hags and other crooks who have being beholden to the failing and stumbling - Democratic Party. More folks like Diane Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum - Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi - the Pacific Heights Mafia - controlling most everything in San Francisco and beyond.

Behind the behind is the MACHINE - the brain behind the ploys and machinations - y very corrupt Democrats who do the bidding of  - the likes of Willie L. Brown Jr and the minions who work for him - Platinum Consultants - others who act as point persons - plotting, deceiving, creating confusion - and this has been going more since 1996.

District 10 for example has never had a good representative - the former Supervisor Sophie Maxwell was corrupt and so is the present incumbent Malia Cohen. Both of them do NOT have the respect of the people at large - within District 10 and beyond.

The plan during the election years - is to back a number of candidates; beholden to the Machine - funded by crooks and  mostly corrupt developers - one in particular - Lennar Urban - a Rogue Developer. No one invited Lennar Urban, a Rogue Developer into our community. 

Let me make this very clear to the Ghanaian Kofi Bonner - who thinks those that stand for the community and expose Lennar for their crimes are - "gadflies".

Lennar Urban was fined $515,000 for bombarding our community, our children, our seniors - with Asbestos structures. Lennar Urban is now selling contaminated parcels to the Chinese - who are encouraged to invest in " water front properties" - in return the Chinese from Mainland China - receive EB-5 visas.

None of those who invest in these contaminated homes and properties can dig into the dirt - in their backyard. None of them can even go near the Bay or shoreline that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - because it is contaminated.

 Such ploys, machinations, lies, and more lies are in the resume that Lennar Urban and those who work with Lennar - are famous for. Time will tell. Lennar will fall on its face - it is just a matter of time.

On another note in the last Supervisorial elections linked to District 10 - we had 23 candidates.

The result - Malia Cohen a good for nothing individual - won - with a mere hundred votes - with a system that does not bode well - Rank Choice Voting.

All over our City and County of  San Francisco when it comes to low income housing, no income housing, Senior Housing, housing for the Physically Challenged and the Mentally Challenged - our City of San Francisco talks the talk - spews hot air - and most people are fed up. Disgusted.

In District 10 on very contaminated ground - hundreds of housing units are being built. The worse contamination is found at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The U.S. Navy has not abated or cleaned the area - yet on Parcel A - Lennar a Rogue Developer - is bragging that it is building "water front property" and deceiving innocent people to invest in those units. Bringing shame to San Francisco and the decent constituents - who love our City and County of San Francisco.

Those who are involved must be investigated by Law Enforcement - and if found guilty - sent to jail.

Now, you "thugs" are put on notice - you had been put on notice before - but NOW you REALLY are put on notice.

As the elections near - and throughout the year - all sorts of corruption - is taking place.

Now our UNIONS are failing to abide by long time proven standards - their sordid actions - adversely impacting - the rank and file.

UNION representatives must learn to work with the rank and file.

The rank and file pay their dues - those in management are quick to use the money - to cater to their own needs. Using vacation funds from the rank and file - to spend of their own needs.

Just because they have access to some accounts - failing the rank and file - bring disgrace to this City and County of San Francisco - that takes pride in our UNIONS - from the days of the famous General Strike - 80 years ago and beyond.

In the past we have seen San Francisco Plumbers' Union 38 - invest in land deals and risk the enitire investment - failing the members of the Plumbers' Union 38 - whose hard earned dues were invested without their permission and took a great - hit. 

Again with the Apartment Investment Management Company - a rogue Property Manager - that permitted - Carpenters Union 22 - to force the Latino workers - to sign their checks.

The corrupt leaders from Local 22 - cashed the checks - and gave those who should have received the full amount - whatever, the thugs - who belong to Local 22 - had in mind - we all remember - Wong.

Some carpenter who should have received $800 - got $200 - the rest pocketed by the -"thugs ".

One Latino carpenter begged to get his full check. His son was undergoing an operation. He got nothing for pleading - and was to told to shut up.

All this and more in San Francisco and reported in the press - complete with facts.

Our SF City Dennis Herrera Attorney knew about it -  but did nothing about it.

Our then District Attorney Kamala Harris knew about it - but did nothing about it.

Fred Blackwell the then head of SF Redevelopment Agency and now Chief Executive Office of the San Francisco Foundation - knew about it - but kept quiet.

Our SF Board of Supervisors have been accommodating the UNION leaders - all these years - looking the other way - while the UNION leaders - are involved in ploys and machinations.

The UNIONS without doubt helped elect Mayor Edwin Lee - the also contribute the SF Board of Supervisors' campaign - coffers.

The Ethics Commission has been shoddy in the recording of donations to the SF Supervisors - linked to the their election - again and again - we have asked for the records - and again and again - we have found - what has been reported - to be faulty.

The contribution should be to do good - not to foster greed, evil deeds, harm the constituents - truly, destroy the good that encompasses Democracy - in our great Nation - and more here in San Francisco.

If the SF Board of Supervisors are full aware of the machinations - they are a party to "corruption' of the worst order. This was the case with Sophie Maxwell - who should have been sent to jail  - linked to the famous AIMCO housing scandal.

Again the UNION leaders contribute some money - the money they contribute to the SF Supervisors and others - should be tied to something holistic, wholesome -  not blatant - corruption as is the case in recent, years.

In our City of San Francisco - which is UNION City - where we are celebrating the 80th anniversary of the famous General Strike - we are seeing before our very eyes - blatant corruption of the worst order.

Remember " Union Workers" - were killed - laid their lives - and today this mockery is totally uncalled for - using Union dues - for uncalled for and sordid - purposes.

Earlier members of the Local Union is San Mateo - Local 389 were promised permanent positions - if they joined Local Union 261. 

Some prominent members spent months - consolidating the rank and file information. Promises were made for a better future. 

Having embrace the UNIONS and having been a staunch Union Steward - I know ins and outs of how business has to be done. There are rules and regulations - that are critical - to keep all things - under control - abide by the LAWS of the land. 

Of course my links with the Unions - was more with the Federal Government - still affiliated to all UNIONS -  is sisterhood and brotherhood.

May be a little better organized - and since closer to Federal Agencies - have more accountability and transparency.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

No rank and file member should be terminated without justification.

No rank and file member should be denied running for election.

I know of too many good, astute, stellar, union members who were targeted - and have stood by them. In our City and County of San Francisco we have good leaders and I am in touch with them. Some of them - keep reporting to me - that the UNION are out of control.

Well, here is a SALVO - if the cap or hat fits you - reform ourselves.

On the eve of the 80 years of the General Strike - all union members must abide by standards - remember that union members died - so that other may benefit. We must stand united to do - good.

We must remember "BLOODY THURSDAY" - I have documented recent meeting, parades, and have on my own contributed to the Union Movement.

We must speak to the "truth" - Union members, Union leaders, Union Policy makers, the various Trade Councils - today in America - we must stand united to do good - and take those that join us and support us - to a better place.

I challenge our UNION to be educated on issues and not take short cut. To do fall in the trap - take money from corrupt developers like Lennar Urban - Harry Bridges would not stand for corruption and short cuts - pandering to spineless, clueless, uneducated on issues politicians - the like of Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, David Chiu, and Jane Kim.

We are watching you all - like a HAWK!