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Thursday, July 17, 2014


San Francisco always seems to know how to throw a party - this time - for "non-profits" - more those with "NonProfit Resource Fair 2014 at Executive Park, 5 Thomas Mellon in San Francisco.

Many came the majority personnel from City Agencies  - to learn the ropes and how to survive the dog eat dog environment - among the many Nonprofits - vying for bread crumbs in San Francisco.

Many Nonprofit after years of dedication and throwing in the towel. Those that want some help from the City and County of San Francisco with a $8.9 Billion budget - are promised the world - and then forced to jump through - hurdles.

All sorts of other hurdles are put in one's way - tons of paperwork - standards that the City itself does not abide with - less accountability and transparency and more.

Stellar nonprofits in San Francisco - are known the world over - and the many Foundations and other Philanthropic Institutions - are hard pressed to issue grants - now making the grants smaller - and increasing the number of nonprofits - who vie for these badly - need grants.

We all pay our taxes - and the City and County of San Francisco is quick to tax you if you live in this City - late fees, tickets linked to parking, all sorts of fees - that the Assessor's Office and the Treasurer's Office - are quick to tell you - have increase by leaps and bounds - but slow to reveal to the constituent - how they manage to accumulate - such large amount. The Assessor Carmen Chiu and the Treasurer Jose Cisneroes.

Most of the City Departments were present - at the Southeast Nonprofit Resource Fair - held on July 16, 2014.

Many City Agencies - some relevant and others who cannot do anything much to offer the nonprofits - anything much in general and less in particular.

For example the organization that receives millions of dollars from the Mayor's Office - Commission and Department on the status of Women - that receives a "favored status" by the present Mayor Office - such are the shenanigans of our times.

The Commission on the Status of Women - allocates near $3 million to fund over 30 community based programs - so says the pamphlet - with pertinent statistic and all that is good.

Another is the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - offering grants to those that work with the Benefits Department - part of the External Affairs and one Juliet Ellis.

Juliet Ellis was absent - she has a track record - being corrupt - trying to funnel over $200,000 to Green for All - that is in the East Bay. Those who surround her - continue to foster - "divisiveness" and some of us are monitoring the ploys and machinations - linked to the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - situated at 1800 Oakdale.

Malia Cohen the "laughing jackass" was introduced and as usual - she spoke in generalities.

Malia Cohen - has done nothing for the community - and as far as the "non-profits" are concerned - she openly stated she does " a lot of things behind the scene" - her words not mine - but what does that mean - is anyone - guess.

She chided the audience gathered at the Atrium at Executive Park, 5 Thomas Mellon Circle - stating the event for Nonprofits - Resource Fair - was by invitation only - and that people may have "crashed the event". What the F*** was that about woman - who the hell invited Malia Cohen - is anyone guess.

Such remarks belie the ignorance of this Black woman who is a disgrace to the human race.

She made a vain attempt to praise the " caterer" - and in attempting to state the obvious - did not know the name of the caterer - stumbled, fumbled - and the many Black sell outs - who were present - applauded Malia Cohen - as she continued to spew diatribe - vague statements - nothing that could be measured.

All nonprofits and more the Nonprofit Enterprises that are certified by the Contract Monitoring Division - comes under the City Administrator - Naomi Kelly.

Previously it was the Human Rights Division - having the Human Rights Commission - that made the policies.

In the case of the Contract Monitoring Division - there is no Commission - who really has control is the City Administrator and the Mayor of San Francisco. The City Administrator Naomi Kelly and the Mayor - Edwin Lee. On may fronts it is a Mafia Operation.

Compliance Officers who dare go to the many work site - some 60 cranes are in the air - when they reach the gate - they are told to wait. After some time some City official calls the Compliance Officer and tell them to return to their desk.

If the Compliance Officer dares to adjudicate the matter - the are targeted. All this in our City and County of San Francisco - with a nearly $9 Billion - budget.

The Contracting Monitoring Division under Naomi Kelly has done little to truly meet those that have Nonprofit Enterprise certification - sans the crooks who hover around - they talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Much is made about the Ordinance, Chapter 14B of the San Francisco Administrative Code - initially you feel some what empowered - every three year - you have to fill out the necessary paper work - a very tedious process - and if you are luck - receive a certification as San Francisco Local Business Enterprise - which is valid for three years. And there is more.

The Controller's Office played an important role - in introducing what the event was all about - at this Southeast Nonprofit Resource Fair - 2014.

In the Southeast Sector the crooks - entities like  The Bayview Hunters Point Foundation, Young Community Developers and Girls 2000 - go directly to entities and get their money.

The District Attorney Office, the Sheriff's Office, the San Francisco Health Department were all present and more.

There were some nonprofits too - many surviving because they have cozy relationships with their donors - most of the money they get - are for administrative services.

Here is how these "evil" people work the crowd - they first gather those that show up - in a large room - where ten to fifteen entities display their wares - pens, bags, other paraphernalia - at sometime - some one will request the crowd - to move to another location where - food is served.

A short time later - someone will announce a little something about the event - in this case the entities - doing the introduction were to focus on the nonprofits.

How to get certified, how to first attempt the cumbersome paperwork.

It takes six months to first fulfill the requirements - then of course build your portfolio - and so on and so forth - Local Business Enterprise (LBE) - the Nonprofit Enterprise (PE) is not for anyone and less for the " faint of heart".

While people eat and drink - someone like Malia Cohen - spews diatribe - and most of the sell outs - and those used to such - ploys and machinations - go with the flow.

Then everyone is invited to gather - back to the place they were gather at first -to conduct - presentations and discussions - in small groups - with little or no education receive at the end of the session.

There is a lot of information out there - the ability to discern, filter and find the best information - is the best education. This process is a far cry - less at this types of FAIRS - hence this article.

We need to do a needs assessment - evaluate the outreach - and of course find out - truly - what were the end results - if some set goals were set in place - were they, attained. It is as simple as that.

Some of us have been there - done that - so novices cannot take us for a ride. Believe you me.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Some years ago the Controller Office - created a booklet for Nonprofits - this booklet if it was available would have gone a long way - if was available - for a small charge

The title - Finance Guide for Nonprofit Organizations.

In the half to forty five minutes sessions - there is little one can learn - and as I said.

Just attempting to fill out the paper-work is herculean. Then getting a Vendor Number even more difficult. Further filling out the paper work to register with State Attorney General - once you are certified - a pain in the ass.

The paper work one submits to the Contract Monitoring Division - takes months - a tall list - some of the elements make sense - a lot can be eliminated.

These forces make you go thorough the hurdles - I doubt the City Administrator - has evaluated the many steps - half of which can be eliminated.

The San Francisco Controller's Office under Ben Rosenfield - acts as some "ombudsman".

Sheryl Ude tried to put her best foot forward - I have the names of some of the players - in this convoluted game - where those with power - love to take those that need help most - for a long, long ride.

Some years ago - following many complaints -  the booklet I mentioned above was created for "non-profits".

In recent years non-profits have been encouraged to get certified as nonprofit enterprise  (NPE)- but as I mentioned the process is cumbersome.

The opportunities few - and always the CMD and others dictating terms - when they in the first place are corrupt, have no standards, gang on personnel with their departments - and I know more - suffice to say - there will be another time - for yet another article - to reveal more - with empirical data.

The City must be encouraged to aid those Non-Profits and NPEs who do good work. 

We do not have such a lists - more when it comes with those - who address Violence Management - Violence Prevention, providing social services to our children who are traumatized.

Parents of the children traumatized who need psychological help.

A host of other pertinent and relevant elements - that the SF Health Department and other City departments - including the Mayor's Office - who have not analyzed - failed to do a needs assessment.

As usual it is fine to take short cuts - it is quite another thing - to be fully transparent and be accountable.

At this event  - the Southeast Nonprofit Resource Fair 2014 -I was drawn to one individual - Mr Mario A. Hernandez. 

I tried to explain to him the events before and after the recent shootings and killings in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

The one particular incident that I wrote about that took place - in the Visitation Valley - where in front of over 60 children - a young man who was turning his life around - was shot and killed.

I hope Barbara Gracia meets Mr. Mario A. Hernandez who is a Program Manager in the Contract Development and Technical Assistance Department of the San Francisco Health Department.

Our City officials love to talk the talk - but if you ask the victims in District 10 - did the District 10 Supervisor visit you - help you in any way - the answer is - "negative".

It is the same with Mayor Edwin Lee - in recent years he loves to talk the talk - but when it comes to reality - monitoring facts and elements - on the front-line.

Mayor Edwin Lee and those he listens to - lack the ability to feel the pulse of the people. They lack "cultural competency" for sure - have a bias - linked to some segments of the population - those that are poor and those that cannot defend - themselves.

 The constituents of San Francisco who are hurting - who cannot defend themselves - and are forced to live with - "buffoons" - who continue to adversely impact - them.

Leading the pack is Malia Cohen - she is inept, shallow, uneducated on issues, as she said; " she loves doing things behind the scene".

The only thing she is known for doing - is creating confusion and pandemonium.