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Thursday, July 10, 2014


Time is running out and though some have awoken from their slumber -  a bit too late - we need to do more - by putting the "techies" on notice.

Grabbing land, homes, buildings and using their wealth to destroy what was once good. The University Mound Elder Center, 2 Henry Adams at the Showplace Center - in the Mission, in the Western Addition, Mid- Market downtown - everywhere in San Francisco

More and more poor and innocent San Franciscans - are forced out of the Mission, the Bayview, the Excelsior - here, there, everywhere - where once low income and no income decent San Franciscans could live - and make ends meet. Those that make so little - cannot afford to live - where the rents - have gone sky high.

Where there were real families - father, mother, children - where the children went to the neighboring schools, to City College.

Once - there were Blue Collar jobs, and even if they worked menial jobs - they could make a living - save some - and make some gradual progress in life. Good neighbors helped good people- the neighborhood people knew most anyone who lived close by. 

We have the Middle Class - right now this segment of the population is simply evaporating in front of our eyes.

The "techies" are people - but they are so far removed from reality. Much like you see a person - but they behave like robots.

The non-profits that take a lot of burden on themselves - cannot pay the rent on their long established organizations.

The non-profits are now begging the City and County of San Francisco for some financial assistance.

It is coming they say - but the process is cumbersome - and those in line to get it - are the ones - who can play the game.

We have the Housing Element - a document that spells the details about the need for housing. Every five years - the same thing happens - we look for a holistic document - but all we get are plans and stats - that are cooked up.

The last three Housing Element documents - created every five years - have been faulty - all of them have landed for adjudication in the court.

Three Housing Elements taken before the Courts - where our City and County has been mandated to follow the laws - but noting much is forthcoming. Crooked to the core - the policy makers - want to deceive - but no one can fool all the people - all the time.

It is important to note that our neighborhoods in San Francisco are unique - but Jane Kim and Scott Wiener two transplants from New York would not know that. Both talking from both sides of their mouth. Never to be trusted.

Nor would Malia Cohen and Katy Tang - two inept, shallow, and so called SF Supervisors. Both want to represent - but are shallow - like a reed blowing in the wind  - a disgrace to anything - decent.

Our Mayor, Edwin Lee is bragging about low unemployment - and that may be "true" with the cooked up statistics.

With outsiders coming to San Francisco - and taking our jobs - there is no compliance. There are journey men workers - both men and women - who do are not called by their UNIONS. There is discrimination in the UNION - aided and abetted by our City and County of San Francisco.

Recently we had the elections of the officers from Local 261 - and low and behold - City vehicles on City time - workers were herded to vote - for those other told them to vote. This is worse than the Mafia - more when good, stellar, decent UNION leaders - should do right.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

San Francisco used to be a good UNION city - with stellar Union workers - I was in the UNION and know what I am talking about. Now, you have UNION leaders - stubborn, going with the flow - not understand the dictates - of what being in the UNION and those working for the UNION - must be treated - right.

We still have hot spots - with twenty to forty percent unemployment in the Bayview Hunters Point, the Mission, the Western Addition - in other smaller locations too. When will those in position - address these concerns? Are these tirades or are these facts - and most of those in power - are running away from?

The City's empirical data on "unemployment" is faulty - and some investigation must be done - on the highest level - projecting figures that are tweaked and do not reflect - the actual state of affairs.

We have the Department of Building Inspection that is NOT doing any meaningful inspection - when you query - all they have are excuses. Contributing to Gentrification.

You have the Contract Monitoring Division - that has taken over the compliance and other meaningful tasks from the former Human Rights Commission. Failing to do their work - contributing to Gentrification.

Small businesses follow the process - shown in the bids - expand their own resources - following the bids - and yet in many cases - it takes over 180 days to pay the smaller businesses.

The present Contract Monitoring Division (CMD) is ripe with corruption. Again and again - entities that must follow the rules and regulations - are told to their face - there is nothing they can do to help the small businesses.

Some contractors having insider - "connections" - are using "change orders" to circumvent the system. Raking in thousands and million of dollars.

But as I said those that follow the process and do the work - do not get paid on time. Local businesses are folding up - and leaving San Francisco. Many businesses have been here for years.

There is no strict process to pay on time by Primes who have connections with the City and City Departments - such as the SF Public Utilities Commission.

In many cases - the small businesses - fold. Often time the small business are told - point blank - go to court - and get a ruling.
"Then we can work something out" - this is pathetic - pointing to blatant - corruption.

We have NO - Compliance Personnel - who can do their job - if they do their job - they are - intimidated. 

What is happening? Why is there no Commission - no Oversight Body - to monitoring the Compliance and other pertinent - laws, ordinances, and regulations - linked to the Contractor Monitoring Division?

The University Mound that catered to our Elderly Women - are now on the verge of being - closed down - after over 130 years.

Alta Vista Middle School - run by those who have the backing of "tech money" - first bought the St Elizabeth's School, in the Portola District - creating problems for the neighbors - trying to expand - their premises.

Now, since they have the money - positioning themselves to buy the University Mound Elder Center. There is going to be a hearing today - at City Hall - at 10 am. Be there.

This gentrification is too much to bear - and we must stand up and fight the -injustices.