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Sunday, July 6, 2014


The budget sessions are over - the poor and those needing assistance - came before the San Francisco Budget Committee - begging for assistance - some got it - but many did not.

Our City and County of San Francisco has a $8.9 Billion budget.

Brags that it is a booming City - meaning that "developers" - the hotel industry, tourism, our many restaurants are doing well - the City is raking in with millions - from all of the above.

The City's Treasury is raking in the millions - but has failed, miserably to provide those that most need help - any succor.

Of the entire amount that the City spends from its General fund - a measly two percent is spent on the homeless. This is a crying shame.

Our non-profits are hurting - those on the front-line dealing with abject poverty, hunger, people so ill that it is difficult for the non-profits to find a solution.

Our City named after Saint Francis Assisi is known for its compassion, embracing all - yet, somehow in recent years - the City in general and more City Hall and Room 250 - where the sordid deliberations are held - has turned its back - on those that most need - help.

Gentrification is affecting all in San Francisco - like a Tsunami - it catches one when they least expect to be hit and wiped out.

Soon you are desperate, homeless, evicted - and there is no one to help you. The number of decent people who were once middle class - and now on the streets. It affect all - and when it affect those that you know - it is unbearable.

In San Francisco by the "DAY" the middle class is being wiped out. The politicians brag - and we must NOT continue to tolerate their - nonsense.

Single mothers call me - "my babies need help - and no one want to help me". These are pangs crying to heaven for help - and our City continues to give tax breaks to TWITTER and other such corporation that have failed to give - back.

Others show up at my office with all sorts of complaints - some we resolve - in our own way -spending our own money.

 Others - we contact City Departments - and it is very difficult - to find solutions. Many City Department have to prepare their budgets - paring their budgets by ten percent - and those who come out with such policies  - must be crazy.

Our City Pension System must be reformed - it is simply not acceptable - that those who retire - those making over $200,000 with benefits - retire earning 90% of their salary. All at tax payers - expense.

We have at this time 26,000 City workers - most of them do not live in our City. All of them make good money.

We have a population of about 805,000 in San Francisco - so you do the math. We do not need one City employee for every nine constituents.

Our City right now is bragging about having 58 cranes in the air - building high rise building with condominiums that go for millions of dollars. Most market rate units.

Our Housing Element that is created every five years - mandates - "affordable housing" - yet those making $40,000 a year - cannot afford owing a home. Our last four Housing Elements have gone to Court - as fake projections - have been incorporated into the document - all the more revealing the corruption at SF Planning Department - and City policy makers.

No one is paying attention to the congestion on the streets of San Francisco. Take 45 minutes to cross ten blocks - where once you could in ten minutes. Back to back traffic during Peak Hours - is now compared to that of Los Angeles. 

Our City's infrastructure is falling apart - the over 1200 miles of clean drinking water - most over 85 years old.

The over 100 miles of sewer pipes - also over 85 years old.

Waste water leaching into our Water Shed and creating problems. There is a lot of talk at the SF Public Utilities Commission - hot air - that goes no where.

In the Southeast Sector our children are suffering - they talk to me - and tell me everything.

Our SF Health Department and Barbara Gracia must step up when it comes to our children.

She must also step up when it comes to Violence Prevention and Intervention.

It is the same with the San Francisco Police Department and the Command Officers.

We must step up and address Quality of Life issues. 

Much like I did when SF Police Officers were stationed at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - on very contaminated land.

We had to speak up for everyone and we spoke up for our SF Police Department. Some changes were made - quickly.

It cost us the tax payers over a million to train one single SF Police Officer - during a ten year period.

We have lost many to cancer, others to chronic diseases - because someone wanted to save some money on rent - and put them - in harms way - in close proximity to contaminated land.

It is the same with our Fire Fighters - many have been put in harm way. The system taking their sweet time - to offer succor - and workers' compensation. 

The City has been slow to understand contamination and toxicity at high levels. Dangerous  particulates that create toxic hot spots over 5000 in our City.

The Precautionary Principle, the Meher Ordinance are NOT implemented.

The time has come to implement these Ordinances - and silence those who are corrupt and need to be removed from office.

Our children, our seniors, our physically challenged, our mentally challenged - must not be put on the streets of San Francisco.

These vulnerable segments of our population -  forced to deal with inclement weather - and more put in harms way.

It is the right of every single person to have a roof. To have some basic health services. To have a right to sound education and safety.

To live we must have good jobs, with good pay, more career jobs - and San Francisco must lead the way. Should have - it is already late - as many have taken flight - and left San Francisco.

Among them our Artists, our blue collar workers, those many that clean our homes and work in the hotel industry. Now forced to leave across the Bay - and commute and stress themselves.

Families have been separated - children forced to live a life of despair - it is not easy to hear the plight of those that come for help - after trying to fend for themselves. Some of us have tried our best - at peril to ourselves and our operations - dipping into our savings. What does the City think? And when will there be a change?

Our United States Constitution gives us those rights that the world admires. We call our selves a Super Power? All this in the land of the Native American.

The United Nations lays out in detail Human Rights. Our Founding Fathers fought hard to give us - more American citizens these - rights.

Let us as San Franciscans think hard if our Representatives - the ones representing us in Congress Nancy Pelosi - and our Senator Diane Feinstein are worth the salt. 

The time has come to remove these Representatives from office.

 Send them packing - they have been in office for one sole purpose - fill their campaign coffers - and accumulate inordinate - wealth.

In Europe today those parties that once wielded power no longer do.

In the United States those Independent Voters - must do something about our cumulative power - for good - select, empower, unite behind - and remove the corrupt ones that now pander - force them out from office.

We can do it in San Francisco - and the time is now.

We should allow no politician to harm our children, our single mothers, our seniors, and those that have challenges  -the physically and mentally challenged.

We San Franciscans have been very, very patient.

Now is the time - before it is too late - to plan on a clean sweep - remove the cob webs, and have a clean slate. Out with the corrupt, the crooked, those that have no conscience.  Aho.