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Friday, July 25, 2014


There are some Blacks in San Francisco that will never ever get it. Blacks are dwindling in San Francisco - nearing 3 percent - this is a reality - and the few that are left - are constantly begging for - "bread crumbs".

There is NO Black leadership in San Francisco - and those that stumble to represent - are sellouts of the worst order - leading the pack the NAACP. Others that will go unnamed for now - but not in the future - complete with empirical data.

The San Francisco Tourist Industry is powerful - and it will never bow down to any pressure.

Less from a segment of the population led by - inept, shallow, ignorant and very arrogant - Malia Cohen and London Breed - who happen to be Blacks - and one of the worst - when it comes to representing our City and County of San Francisco - with some standards.

The recent hearing held July 24, 2014 is one glaring example - and these fools can keep on having hearings - they have NO concept what so ever - how the Tourist Industry works - or for that matter any sound - organization.

These two black politicians London Breed and Malia Cohen are pathetic. Now both of them are feed off their nonchalant behavior - thinking they are wags their tongues - and impress some one - only the fools will listen to them. Pathetic.

In the past these so called leaders have met under the Chair of the NAACP - and have NOT permitted the women who attended the meeting to have a say.

Women have come to me and state this - the Black woman - has always been at the center of any "progress' from the days of slavery - but many Blacks do not get it - not the NAACP for sure.

Recently these so called Black leaders - met with the City Administrator - a Black woman - all men and the City Administrator who happens to be a Black woman - was the only Black in the room.

The met to force the Tourist Industry that contributes in access of $800 million - to the City and County of San Francisco - General Fund - the famous Hotel Tax - that the City doles out to those who have connections.

That is a lot of money - but no one - especially those not worth the salt - can have access to this money - just because they huff and puff - and form only 3 percent of the community.

There are those that are living - and then you have the "living dead" Those that have eyes to see - will know what I am talking about - it is a pity to see a community sinking - and dwindling in front of our eyes.

The other so called Blacks - all men - are looking out for themselves. The first thing out of their mouth - you have the money - can we have some of it? It fact we deserve it - never mind they have no idea of a Business Plan - many have no resume - and others have been incarcerated too many - times.

They have been looking out for themselves since the days when Willie L. Brown Jr was the Mayor - before and after. Willie would give them a break - but in these years - more so 2008 and before - the economic spiraling of our economy - things have changed drastically.

Again and again you will see the same fools - beg for money - hold protest at Candlestick Stadium - and only a handful will show up - and they call that  "some protest " - making a fool of themselves.

It is true that Blacks are dwindling - even a blind person can see that.

If Blacks get one half of one percent contracts - that is on them.

You just have to review the scandals at the San Francisco Airport - the list of Blacks - "blacklisted" by the former Human Rights Commission - and the Blacks shunned by the present Contract Monitoring Division.

The head of the Contract Monitoring Division is Black - you fools have full access to her - so take your credibility, your certifications, your portfolio - and compete in a fair manner.

No one stops you - but, you will get nothing on a platter for sure.

The head of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is Black - and all you want him to do - is give you money on a platter. And some of you get this - and still want more. Disgusting to say the least.

Do not tarnish the name of the few Black left who are decent - and do not want to have anything to do with those who are sell outs. Those who were on the pay roll of Lennar - and those who still are - be they in fewer numbers - but still sell outs.

New on the scene a Black who openly states that he an adviser to the Mayor, works at the SF Public Utilities Commission who I suppose pays his salary.

A Black man who has no sense of history and will never make it - because he is not educated on issues. We have seen jerks like him - come before - try to make a splash and drown  - in the cesspool of their own creation.

This man took the lead - and soon learned - that at this hearing he was foolish - a novice at that. He purports to be advising our Mayor, Edwin Lee - no wonder the ship is sinking.

The Human Rights Committee was first formed in the Bayview in the early - 1960s.

Latter it became the Human Right Commission - today its wings have been clipped - and it mostly engages in matters pertaining to the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender - Queer issues - and more power to the Human Right Commission under Theresa Sparks.

What little clout the Human Right Commission had - is now transferred to the Contracting Monitoring Division - as far as certification and jobs are concerned. Blacks on low on the totem pole - and most of them suspect - as least the ones - that are Blacklisted and now trying to make a come back.

The Blacks can huff and puff - always begging for money - and they will not get anything much.

It does not help the - "black on black" violence and killing - in San Francisco - mostly in District 10 represented by Malia Cohen.

There is NOT one single well respected Black - on the front line - addressing this issue - about Black on Black - violence - and making progress.

Blacks want others to take their mess - and address it - and this mentality is mind boggling - and a shame to the human race.

As I said - others are on the front line - address the issue - and in recent weeks in the Bayview Hunters Point - others try their best - only for the Blacks - to defy law and order - and continue imposing mayhem - in the Bayview Hunters Point - and beyond.

Recently one shooting taking place in front of 60 children - how low can some "thugs" get to - these are truly the scum of the earth.

Of course Malia Cohen will open her mouth and shove her dirty foot - talking about everything under the sun - fluff and more fluff - giving commentaries but not doing anything - practical .

London Breed too - pretends she knows something - always pandering to the Fishers - and others - she comes from the Non-Profit world.

Her world - beg for crumbs and destroy what was good. For example getting rid of Al Williams - and taking charge of her once non-profit - and African American Historical Society - jumping from the frying pan to the fire - trying to be the District 5 Supervisor. 

London Breed could pass as a heifer - thinking she is having it good - in the pasture - even though - we are in a "drought".

She thinks she can take on the Elders - disrespect those that know - and does not have on single astute, stellar, Black staff in her office - worth the salt.

Malia Cohen held the hearing - just to give herself some "props" - she wants at this late hour - to make herself known.

Her last chance win - winning the election from a crowd of 23 candidates - just sneaking in - and wining by a coupe of hundred votes. Using unsavory tactics - in the Rank Choice Voting -which is suspect.

Malia Cohen and one Nadine Burke  - both Black of a kind - are operating a Wellness Center at 3450 Cargo Street by Third Street.

One of the most contaminated hot spots in San Francisco. All this for our children and their well being - children deserve the best - Malia and Nadine are giving them the worst.

The California Pacific Medical Center has given Malia Cohen and Nadine Burke - $4 million and the 49ers another $300,000 - and it is this money - that has propped these two Black women - one from Jamaica and the other so called Black from America - to do what they do best - act as SELLOUTS - at the expense of the needy - our children and others.

Malia Cohen again defied reason and is against providing 100 beds to the indigent - linked to Mother Brown's operation in the Bayview.

The money is coming from the State of California - decent people are for helping the mostly indigent Blacks - trying to give these "poor souls" a place to lay their head - and not force them to face inclement - weather. 

Not Malia Cohen - a pathetic soul.

In District 5 represented by London Breed - by the McDonald's is a Park - mostly Blacks hanging there - for years - whiling away their time - and giving a bad name to the City and County of San Francisco. 

In District 10 by Palou represented by Malis Cohen - another site - mostly Blacks whiling away their time - from early morning to late evening.

Mostly Blacks - conducting all sorts of nefarious activities. Again giving our City and County of San Francisco - a bad name.

You would not want tourists to see such pandemonium and the worst type of poverty  exhibited for all the world to see - complete with stench and dirtiness - would you ?

A first hand view of abject poverty - foul, nasty, and reeking with stench of the worst order. Seeing is believing. These scenes are growing - and some one must put a STOP - to such sordidness and blight of the worst order. 

These two Black women - Malia Cohen and London Breed - have been fast asleep at the cockpit.

Have no clue how to represent. Each time they have some sort of hearing - they make a fool of themselves.

No other community or segment of the population has two documents - written about them - sitting on the shelf gathering dust - the "Unfinished Agenda" and the " Out Migration" document.

Each one of the members on the "Out Migration" committee was a Sell Out. They are still around - begging for "stale bread crumbs".

In the past - Blacks proved they were respected in the hotel industry - and I know many of them. I guess you have to move in some circle to know that.

At this late date we want Blacks who are dwindling - to enter the Tourist Industry - where you have to speak English correctly - dress right, have good manners, be clean at all times - many of these fundamental habits - are challenging to many Blacks - more those that do not have opportunities and live in poverty.

The Black Church - took the lead at one time - now the Black Pastors and into developing and construction - on entity - the Tabernacle Group - tried working with Lennar and failed - now, making in roads - stumbling, falling, and wailing for help - having no skills and less character - to stand up tall.

Some of us continue daily to uplift these Blacks - without begging the City and County of San Francisco to help us.

Blacks once ran the Housing Authority - and see what they did with that. The NAACP in San Francisco is a JOKE.

Did the NAACP stand with the people and against Lennar a rogue developer - each of those who were at the hearing - pretending to represent as leaders - one way or the other - got money from Lennar and now want money from the Tourist Industry - on a platter.

A'int going to happen.

Never working for the community - but to fill their own pockets. 

Thugs of the worst order  - next time I will call them out by name.

Finally for those Blacks who want one final salvo - one final parting words - "leave a legacy".

Pass the torch to the young ones - the Blacks who will carry out good things, stellar and astute, laser beam focused on doing right - with habits and deeds - worth the salt.

You do not see the folks from other communities always begging for money - do you?

They work hard - and they make ends meet.

Our Blacks leaders - constantly bragging - talking from both sides of their mouth. 

Now, they want to hold the gun to the head of the "Tourist Industry" - and will come out short.