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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The demographics of California are rapidly changing and so is it here - more - in good old San Francisco. 

We have more independents as opposed to Democrats and Republicans - so can we united to save our Seniors - since the other two - talk from side of their mouth - and pander.

For sure we have more "techies" - without soul and compassion - and on a destructive path. They will fall our their faces - as did the and others who always create a mess - and cannot leave a legacy - they know - for the worst things - and the "techies" will be the same - good for nothing - not worth the salt.

More and more we are witnessing before our very eyes - disrespect for our aged, our seniors, our frail, those that have wisdom.

In the golden years we must care for our grandmothers, grandfathers, our elderly, our aged - those who made what California is now - with their hard earned, blood and sweat - only for Society to look down on our seniors with disdain.

Why do they deserve this cruelty and when will California wake up - and for heaven sake - why has San Francisco decided for a long time - to shun our Seniors?

Recently we saw this with a up and coming - Alta Vista School - that invaded our Portola neighborhood - that is in District 9.

This nonsense has been brewing up for a long, long time.

The Alta Vista School using back room deals and sleuth - offered as much as $5.7 million to acquire the University Mound Ladies Home - for the aged - which in recent years has also offered services to senior men.

This building is 130 years old - was formed with the express desire to serve the aged.

It once boasted to have over 25 acres of land - much of it was sold - to acquire money - that was NOT well spent. It now sits on a 4 acres plot if not less.

That is what happens when Foundations - have no transparency and less accountability. When these evil Foundations have disdain - and corruption rules the roost.

The present Board of Directors - linked to the University Mound Ladies Home - are challenging those that want to keep the seniors intact and from being - evicted.

Many in their late 80s and 90s - to avoid the stress and trauma - many are so comfortable at this home - that this one act to move them - would bring them closer to death - faster.

San Francisco - named after Saint Francis Assisi is known for compassion.

Recently we have seen monsters - buying up everything because they have some ill gotten wealth.

The time has come to preserve our historic and landmark buildings - which our San Francisco Planning Department has failed to do.

Once on these 25 acres stretching from Wayland Street to Cambridge - they were other facilities too in the vicinity of the University Mound Ladies Home.

Near by there was a home for pregnant young girls and women - when it was a taboo - for those that were pregnant to have children - out of wedlock. 

San Francisco had generous patrons - and they put their money to good use - only, for those with ill gotten wealth - to come and destroy all that was charitable, good, and worth the salt.

The nuns had a home - and there were other facilities - on this land bordering McClaren Park.

Much of the land at one time - Homestead - farm land - and many nurseries - some of which still are there - prime roses blooming - after 70 plus years.

What is it that some Cities have against having NO regard for the elderly?

Those with wisdom, those that should be given the best to live their golden years?

 I do not see Google, Twitter, Face Book, the "techies" in short - do anything for our Seniors. Why?

The statistics all point to an aging population - in San Francisco upward of 54% are Seniors - if you count those in the 55 to 80 age group. In fact it is more - but just to be on the safe side - 54% is a large - group.

Recently a hearing was held - at City Hall in Room 250 the August Chamber - where the SF Board of Supervisors are mostly pussyfooting around on drab and mundane - topics.

Lost in the contemporary world of corruption, lying, bragging, making illegal deals, pandering to the Zionists - and making a food of themselves.

In recent years in this City and County of San Francisco we have seen - a huge increase in Ellis Act evictions.

At the eleventh hour - some SF Supervisors and the Mayor - Edwin Lee - with Mark Leno who favors crooks like Lennar Urban - made some vain attempt trying to create some amendments to the Ellis Act - to stop the evictions of seniors and others in San Francisco. It failed in Sacramento when landlords and developers sit side by side with legislators in the Hearing Committees. 

The legislators have been bought - lock, stock and barrel. Pathetic and disgusting.

On three other occasions Seniors in three other Senior Centers - were evicted.

They were force to go - to near by areas out of San Francisco. 
Many died - because the stress had the better of them. What a sorry plight for these individuals. Can you imagine the sorrow that the families, loved ones, friends had to endure?

In fact if today some one has a elderly person - who needs a lot of help and care - dementia - paralysis - you know what I mean - some one will be hard pressed to find a bed for a senior. 

Even if you find one it will cost you over $9000 per month - and that too you will have to visit the elderly, loved one - to see that your loved one gets - the required services.

At one time we had Laguna Honda - first named the "Poor House".

It was built by contribution from San Franciscans - before the City and County took in over - and it is now run by the sordid - San Francisco Health Department - under the Directorship of Barbara Gracia. 

Before that Mitch Katz one of the most despicable clowns - who called himself the Director of Health - but was a monster. 

Speaking from both sides of his mouth - he dared to put patients prone to violence in "drug rehabilitation" - in very close proximity to the elderly - our senior population at Laguna Honda.

These "thugs" in rehabilitation - terrorizing our seniors and elderly love ones - before some of us put a stop to it.

Our City and County of San Francisco does not have a stellar record when it comes to aiding our Physically Challenged, our Mentally Challenged, our Seniors who are Challenged.

We have no model in San Francisco - worthy of decency - that is worth the salt - for our Elderly, our Seniors, those who are aged and are Mentally and Physically Challenged.

We have so called experts that we explain the situation at hand with graphs and fake presentation from the SF Health Department.

Try to give you some information about how much is spent by the SF Health Department - but most of it is - chaff - garbage when you investigate these - vermin - they are a disgrace to the human race and they all make in access of $200,000 plus - benefits.

Good for nothing - so called experts.

The San Francisco Health Department has over a $1 Billion dollar budget - and has a track record of fleecing the public at large. 

We have a population of 805,000 and for the large amount of money we receive - our San Francisco Health Department - our SF General Hospital - is doing a Lousy Job.

Let us keep it real. Take a tour of the SF General Hospital - on any given day - especially the Emergency Services.

The newer wing of our Hospital is just being finished - over budget!

There was no money for the windows and other critical changes required by the new wing of the hospital.

Private money was raised - and WEBCOR who got the contract - has raked in millions - and keeps raking in the millions - all over our City and County of San Francisco.

Our City is busy taking junkets to China - trying to win over the Chinese from Mainland China - to build a High Speed Rail.

Homes on contaminated ground at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Treasure Island - both sites have recorded high levels of radio active elements - another 40 plus toxic elements - all documented.

How about inviting the Chinese who have trillions of our dollars - to build  homes for our Seniors - at the Presidio of San Francisco.

In the Mission by tearing down the former Armory - now, a haven for making pornographic movies and other devious activities going unchecked - permits readily given by former Mayor Gavin Newsom and endorsed by the present Administration that has FAILED - our SENIORS - miserably.

Our City and County does NOT have a Toxicologist.

Our City has some people who are interested in our Seniors - more to rake in the millions - pretending to give our Seniors some solace - providing "drab" - geriatric services - to the public at large.

At Mission and Silver - a large campus caters to the Jewish population - it is not situated in the Pacific Heights area  - but right on Silver and Mission - known as the Outer Mission.  In the midst of a growing - immigrant population. 

People think it is a hospital - it is and more - millions spent for a segment of the population - by ill gotten wealth. Those of us who keep tabs know more - but for decency sake - we have to look the other way.

They must be spending over $15,000 per month on each patient much of the money coming from the State and Federal Government.

Why the disparity when it comes to others - who pay the taxes and have work very hard for their living.

Our stupid SF Board of Supervisors; our SF Mayor - and our nefarious SF Health Department have failed our Seniors - and their day is coming. Make no bones about it.

If those at the above establishment were evicted - there would be a hue and cry.

What is this Zionist establishment doing in our neighborhood any way?

 How much charity care do they provide?

Our City is full of it - always pandering to the Zionists.

No one has the guts to speak up - and our Mayor and many other continue to pussyfoot - and all that and more - must come to an end.

Cowards, spineless, who pander to those that have ill gotten wealth - none of it earned by one sweat and tears. Always targeting others to make money - using our hard earned taxes to carry out evil designs - here at home and aboard.

Find out who were behind the spiraling of our economy in 2008?
Find out who were the leaders - and who led the many huge financial institutions that brought our Nation to its knees - and will bring about the more trials and tribulation - in the near - future.

The closing of the University Mound Ladies Home will NOT take place - it will be kept open.

The public is perturbed - we are angry, and when thousands are angry - this Alta Vista School - better move out of the way.

In fact we want you out of the former St Elizabeth School - you are not wanted - who have disrespected the community.

Get the F*** out of our community. Trying to put our Seniors out and moving in to operate a sordid Charter School. What a crime.

For over 130 years - that site - once 25 acres - was set aside for our Seniors our beloved Elderly - not for a private charter school - that sneaked into our community. 

Time to drive the Alta Vista School out - for being a very BAD neighbor.

Some statistics that will help the reader understand better - how our Senior and Elderly population in San Francisco - fare: