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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Juliet Ellis who heads the External Affairs Department and bears the title of Assistant General Manager - has FAILED - all of San Francisco.

For sure more the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). The rate payers who pay for the sewage services, the clean water, our hydr0-electricity and the shenanigans - wasting millions of tax payers - money.

In the interim those that shun morals, ethics, standards, infringe on the right of innocent people are suffering.

Crooks and those who are divisive are given grants - in the name of Community Benefits - it is getting too hot in the kitchen. Something must - give. 

SFPUC is an Enterprise Department - that generates is own money from revenues it receives from rate payers - linked to clean drinking water with over 2.4 million customers - Bay Area region wide.

Generates income collecting money from sewer services from San Francisco rate payers.

More from leasing vasts lands that it holds adjacent to the pipe-line that comes all the way from Yosemite Valley to San Francisco.

It has Quarries near Sunol that generate millions, some excess facilities.

Renting facilities such as the nurseries at 1800 Oakdal and more - that the general public knows little about and more kept in the dark.

On the $2.6 billion - our SF share of Bond Measure linked to the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) that is at its tail end. Another $2 Billion coming from the immediate Bay Area Region that SFPUC provides clean drinking water - for a fee.

In all the  $4.6 billion WSIP - is nearing completion - we are now made fully aware that Mountain Tunnel  - adjacent to the Hetch Hetchy reservoir - needs emergency repairs.

If Mountain Tunnel fails - it will be a catastrophe single most in the annals of the Hetch Hetchy - operations. It is just a matter of time - in fact time is running out.

First reports indicate - it would be better replacing the tunnel with a brand new tunnel - costing in excess of $600 million.

Where will the money come from?

It does not matter that our SF Board of Supervisors, our Mayor, others who should be speaking up - are all caught with the pants down - their hands in the cookie jar.

Not too long ago - fissures were found at Calavares - that required moving 2 million tons of dirt.

Costing additional millions. These two locations - have caused the SFPUC endless headaches - and most of the facts - have been kept under the radar.

Primes like URS continue to rake in the millions - with little or no accountability and less transparency.  Richard Blum the husband of Senator Diane Feinstein could not be happier.

Next he is looking the reservoir near City College - while eyeing the take over of City College - to build homes and rake in billions.

Our SF Board of Supervisors - fast asleep at the helm of affairs. While millions are dole out - at the SF County Transportation meetings - Jane Kim and London Breed involved in side bars chats.

Jane Kim talks about regressive taxation - but did not blink to give TWITTER tax breaks - and does not care and looks the other way - while millions are wasted on the TranBay project - Jane Kim knows it all - a former transplant from New York.

On another front the External Affairs Department part of the SFPUC - has done nothing much - accept keep the rate payers, the constituents of San Francisco - in abject - darkness.

On other fronts the External Affairs - has chosen to produce printed materials  - that defy logic.

At the SFPUC meeting on July 22, 2014 the President of SFPU Commission - asked some pertinent questions - Juliet Ellis was at a loss - and admitted that her presentation had glaring - flaws.

Humans do make mistakes - that can be remedied -
 - with Juliet Ellis she cannot fathom the obvious - which makes it difficult for others - to work with her - less address the obvious.

She made her nest at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Hardly that she had access to the Benefits money linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP).

Juliet Ellis made her illegal move - to facilitate moving over two hundred thousand dollars - to facilitate, abuse, and foster - her connections - from the East Bay - one of them -  Green For All. 

Juliet Ellis admitted to the Ethics Commission the many charges filed against her .

Then had the audacity to bus Van Jones, Dwayne Jones, Angelo King, Fred Blackwell, other despicable characters - to back her her up. Van Jones creating a ruckus at the SF Ethics Commission - and warned by the Chair of the Ethics Commission - to behave himself.

In recent months Juliet Ellis has continued to defy the norms - and continues to be a pain the neck. Time will tell.

The General Manager at yesterday's meeting - held July 22, 2014 in Room 400 - was quick to make a general statement.

He said - that Nationwide - other agencies give San Francisco kudos - for our outreach.

Truly speaking this statement is pompous to say the least - and has no empirical data to back the General Manager - up with facts.

I do not know what he is talking about - I am here attending the meetings - carefully trying to address outreach at very level - and pointing out the flaws - blatant flaws.

No one seems to have the impulse of the community - and when you say so - those behind the ploys and machinations - get confrontational. 

Here we have the General Manager - engaging in general statements - jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Much like the Main Media - it is customary for those that do not address the obvious, that which is pertinent -  gathering FLUFF - some call this statistics.

The Bayview Hunters Point and adjoining area - have since the early 1980s been adversely impacted.

Stench in the air - at times resulting in sore throats and burning eyes.

Methane gas spewing the in the air, raw sewage spills on our streets, and a host of other very perturbing incidents.

The stench linked to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - in the year 2014 much as it was in the year 1980 - contaminates the entire area within a radius of a mile and half - adversely impacting thousands each year.

Excuses were made that because the 4 huge Digesters had their covers compromised - that was the result.

Millions of dollars have been spent to rehabilitate the Digesters - the stench is still there and getting worse. As much as $50 million is being expanded - all tax payers money - with these idiots - telling us about fluff - from statistics gathered by social media - what a bunch of idiots.

With the lack of rain - and very hot weather - the stench is getting unbearable - making those who work and live in close proximity to the Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - a living hell.

Over $7 Billion Bond Measure gives the SFPUC an opportunity to make the Bayview Hunters Point area - whole.

The Bayview Hunters Point -  that has suffered unbearable adverse consequences - mitigating and abetting; the on going stench and other adverse impacts - would be a holistic change.

This progress is moving at a snail's pace - and all we hear is FLUFF - social media, all sorts of rosy pictures - none of the facts - no solutions to the on going misery, stench, contaminated air, failing WEIRS, the raw sewage running down our streets.

Who is kidding whom?

The contamination of the Bay. Raw Sewage running freely on our roads. Spewing methane gas and other foul smells in the environment. Manholes popping up and more - is well know to Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor - but she is busy - pussy footing.

Weirs that are beyond repair. Weirs contain secondary effluents - but the Weirs are in disrepair - and must be replaced on a War Footing.

Outfalls that have been in operation and the public at large - knows nothing about them.

One brand new outfall - placed in close proximity to Executive Park - and now a Causeway is planned to be built in close proximity.

This brand new outfall could be compromised - much as the Force Main was compromised by Marin Street in San Francisco.

Of course Juliet Ellis and her minions would not know about this  fact and other facts - as they have no clue what they are doing - less history about the area at large - the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Twitter, FaceBook, Instagam, the statistics linked to them - contribute nothing what so ever  to make the adversely impacted community of the Bayview Hunters Point - whole.

The other shenanigans work well and may cause those within SFPUC and more the External Affairs Department to titillate and salivate with - glee.

Not those who have to bear the stench from the Sewage Plant in the Bayview - situated in the middle of a residential area - since the early 1970s.

Deal with sewage leaks on our streets, the many ploys and machinations - linked to the Southeast Community Facility Commission building situated at 1800 Oakdale.

Plans for a campus - when at this very moment the SFPUC cannot operate less maintain what they have - fulfill a mandatory obligation. 

We have these outsiders - remote control trying to teach us and dictate to us. The Southeast Community Facility Commission - all appointed by the Mayor of San Francisco - to rubber stamp - issues.

Some do not know anything much - they are prompted what to say and do. 

The Chair cannot speak English - and we the public at large - must bear such nonsense - in your face - abuse of the worse order.

Retreats and Workshops are held - cancelled - held again - and there is nothing meaningful discussed.

 The agenda items are convoluted and the facilitator - arrogant. What is happening to SFPUC?

It would behove the External Affair to make a list of the adverse impacts - that has adversely impacted the community at large.

Report to us the community - what the External Affairs Department as done to mitigate, abate, address with time-lines and goals. 

All else is FLUFF. You can shove your Social Media shenanigans - you know where. " Much like your number 2 is our number 1 - cliche of sorts".

Over $300 million have been set aside for Community Benefits - those of us who work hard, monitor, come to the meetings and participate - have seen NO viable and sustainable benefits.

Suffice to say we suggested, chose the location with free parking and other sound amenities - a safe haven - the Contractors' Center at Executive Park.

Created the conceptual plan - linked to the Contractors' Center that took a few us - 3 years to execute at Executive Park, 5 Thomas Mellon Circle, Suite 168 - in San Francisco - without remuneration.

We also initiated and drew plans - with details  - our holistic plan to create a work program with Local Union 261 who were part of the Project Labor Agreement linked to WSIP.

This to help with Riparian Projects, landscaping, maintenance of trees, tree pruning - and so on - this has taken 4 years and nothing seems to be moving in the right - direction.

I have have seen a bunch of buffoons - that take so much time - to initiate any viable and sustainable plan.

Then when you give them the plans on a platter - they will take forever - to execute.

The External Affair is quick to dole money to Hunters Point Family, Girls 2000, Young Community Developers, others who have not worked, less contributed, to the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP).

Less the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP). This salvo is one of many coming your way - as you try to hoodwink the community at large.

I represent the First People the Muwekma Ohlone - more on matters linked to Infrastrutute and our Environment. This land was stolen - and more the Hetch Hetchy waters from the Piutes and the Miwoks - we know what we speak of.

The strangers are thieves, they lie, what they see they want - all of it - plundering and contaminating.

They call themselves - civilized.  Go figure!