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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


All my life I have being involved in sports - the paradox is that when I was  two I was inflicted with polio - my entire left leg affected the most.

All my youth I excelled in sports - never once paying attention - to my leg -  and that physical challenge - practicing and trying to do my best.

As a young man I decided to form teams both for men and women - to bring together young women and men - to form teams to shine in sports - and through discipline - do well in life.

I was watching the World Cup - and in watching the teams - more from Europe those teams seem to have a system - that they have tweaked and it stands to help the European soccer teams a lot.

The teams from elsewhere have their own system of playing - but it is not as well organized as those teams from Europe.

Then you have the teams from South America - and they too - lack the organization and team work - exhibited by the European teams - including England.

Once South American teams has a dearth of talent - but more and more - soccer has invested in other models of execution - that can be put in place - with practice and more practice. Today it is a science - and a good team with talent - if it lacks the finer aspects of "game playing" - can be at a disadvantage.

There is no doubt with Neymar de Silva and Silva the Captain of the Brazilian team - impacted the Brazilian team in the semi-finals.

Neymar injured with a fractured vertebra - and Silva getting one too many yellow cards - that kept him out of the semi-final - game.

The result we saw there was no well oiled engine - and so when the Germans played well as a team - practices with all the players that play on July 8, 2014 - the Germans could make inroads and score so many - goals. The 7-1 in favor of Germany was well deserved.

When Germany scored four goals in 6 minutes - a feat that took place before our eyes - it sent shills and made us all think hard.

Even, at this level in the semi-finals - such a feat could happen in contemporary times. And that too in the World Cup in the semi-finals.

Germany played very well and its 7-1 score in favor of Germany was well deserved. There is more to that - and it is all about discipline, motivation, a system that works  and empowering the German players - to such a level of motivation - that nothing could stop them. 4 goals in 6 minutes - that says it all.

As for Brazil this is the time to ponder hard - create a system where local teams and local clubs - are more involved.

Brazil now has the infrastructure - and must do very well in the next World Cup.

In Brazil - soccer is played by all - more those that are poor - live under conditions that soccer can better.

Neymar de Silva other great Brazilian players - were poor - and so in the future - changes must be made - to bring the poor to witness the game. This is the right thing to do.

As an action item - improve the living conditions - and address Quality of Life issues. Billions were spent by the Brazilian government - but the conditions of many Brazilians - remain the same - and this issue must be addressed - on a - war footing.

FIFA the organizers must take steps now - to make this happen.

This is not the time to point fingers in such a way - that divisiveness rules supreme.

This is a time - as I said - to ponder hard - pick up, learn from the mistakes, have a plan that has been vetted - and aim for better - results and sound progress.

Today - July 9, 2014 - in the other semi-finals between Argentina and Holland -the better team will win.

If Holland wins - two teams - both superiors and from Europe - will go into the finals - and the better team will win.

If Argentina wins - it will be an interesting game - Argentina will display its skills different in many ways from the European way of playing soccer.

If it wins - there will be a lot of rejoicing in South America. Brazilian fans may seek some redress. 

On another note - with all the "yellow cards" and the "ultimate red card" - we have seen the referee - who facilitates the game - make - critical, decisions.

Even with the help of the other two - referees - on the side-lines.

We see what we see - but ultimately in soccer - it is the decision of the referee that has the final - say or word.

On yet another note - in recent years - we have witnessed all sorts of rough tactics - that should be curtailed - again it is the referee who has the charge and ability - to set the tone.

Finally any game - is a  game - the game is played to win but to also to be gracious and respectful to the other team.

Soccer lends to respect and fair play - and has been played in this manner - for a long, long time.

There have been cases of game rigging - and many such cases have some to the fore.

Such exploitation and corruption - has no place - in any game - and more with soccer, futball, football - which has a long, long tradition.

At the World Cup FIFA the organization that sponsors the tournament is a non-profit - but really a for profit that has BILLIONS of dollars - in its coffers.

It is practically a Corporation - that has the money and can pay for the expertise - to foster the best element of humanity. It knows about this - but does not have the "guts" to take the leap.

This is the time to spread the wealth gathered - to nations around the world - to help in the training - of local teams and clubs.

More - so that we improve the standard - and have stability and standards - bring teams on equal terms - some standard level - to play in the World Cup.

Right now favored teams by the FIFA get better facilities - some how better living amenities - closer to the venues so that they do not have to travel far.

African Nations will do better with some qualified help. Those involved in the training for the next World Cup - should be devoid of corruption. If this cannot be attain - shame on those that foster - corruption.

We need to encourage China and the other nations in the Middle East to train better and do better - more with local teams and local clubs.

Korea, India, other countries should be allowed to play and their standard of play - televised - in the qualifying rounds - leading to the World Cup.

The World Cup is now a stage for all the world to see - and in this "digital world" there is much that be attained.

With so many millions watching - and having so much in common - humanity - can be influence and there is much to be done in this area - good.

The time is ripe for a Women World Cup soccer - and why not?

A World Cup for young adults and soccer - under 24 years?

Soccer is much more popular and well known than any other game - the world over.

If soccer can bring people together - and if we have the attention of millions - nearing a billion population soon - regularly.

It is time to focus to bring about - "meaningful change". That time is now.

My favorite team from the early 1960s Manchester United - and those that know about history - Bobby Charlton the goalkeeper who survived the plane crash.

This year my favorite team to win Brazil - they lost.

My respects to the teams that reach the final - why?

It is only a game - and there is time - again and again - every four years to shine. To be a fanatic does not abode well - and those well educated and disciplined - comprehend that.

To all the soccer fans - I wish to you well - play well and learn well - shine light where they is abject darkness. 

Soccer fans children, youth, young adults - men and women rock!