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Friday, July 25, 2014


The killings and shooting in District 10 is a result of very poor representation.

 Malia Cohen must go - and we all have had sufficient excuses.

When you have lousy representation from the District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen - the first thing that happens - is the ruckus and mayhem - we see happening and going on - in District 10.

It is now spreading all over the place - Sunnydale and soon the Portola District and beyond - in recent weeks - we hear gun shots - in the wee hours of the morning on a regular basis.

Malia Cohen has done nothing for the youth - more during Summer Time.

We know what we are doing - because we have gone  out of the way to help the City and County of San Francisco. Many City heads of Departments know this - but the Mayor's Office has not noticed anything substantial - not knowing what is happening at ground zero.

The Mayor office is focused on Market Rate Housing and giving tax breaks - all regressive to those that do not need it.

Smooching with Sales Force, Twitter, and such large corporations - that can buy anyone - and this must come to a stop.

I represent the First People of San Francisco more on Infrastructure and Quality of Life issues. The Mayor - Edwin Lee who I know pretty well knows this.

This land all of it was stolen. Show me a document where any government bought the land from the Ohlone - in this case the Muwekma Ohlone. Crooks stole the land - period.

While once this land was pristine.

In the last 250 years - most everything is contaminated.

The Mayor, Edwin Lee knows this. Our City is now facing serious problems - congestion on our streets, violence, and adverse impacts - when it comes to good schools, childcare, recreational facilities, hospitals, safety, transportation - in short Quality of Life issues.

We are the only ones who do meaningful Community Engagement, Violence Prevention and Intervention, we work with the community to Certify those business who need certification - all this and more at Executive Park.

We find jobs for the youth - that need jobs. We work with contractors with whom we have built relationships. We build relationships with good people - and shun the sell outs.

Of course we need skilled workers - there is City Build and others pretending to do training - but less than five percent - get long term jobs. Such programs and centers - are an abject - failure.

There is no system to monitor - how many candidates that graduate - stay at their jobs. There is no system to track the youth and young adults.

The Contract Monitoring Division works for the City Administrator and the Mayor of San Francisco - we have no Contract Monitoring Commission -  a body that looks at - policy. This is a flaw starring at us in the face.

Every summer we know - there is going to be an influx of youth - seeking opportunities. Some get the opportunities but many do not. It is at times like this that the Opera House and other establishments - must step up.

The paradox is the Opera House is closed - why? Because some dumb person decided to need to upgrade the Opera House during Summer.

So what happens to the many who cannot go to the recreational centers? The many youth girls and boys - who have nothing - meaningful to do during - summer.

Devious people plan to do construction, rehabilitation during summer - depriving those that conduct meaningful and progressive "programs for our youth" - putting them in harms way.

Malia Cohen says she represents - but she has no clue how the "gang injunctions" came about. 

She has no clue about - how City Build and Young Community Developers - really work.

She has no way of evaluating such organizations.

 More Girls 2000 or other programs - linked to these groups - where the training given and the programs conducted - fall short.

It is the same with the Community Response Network - that is now defunct - now there is a new Group - with a brand new name.

How can we address Violence and Intervention - if we have NO stability?

The only group that does Violence Prevention and Intervention - keeps records - put themselves on the front line - and they happen to be Polynesian. But they have NO sure place - not short term nor long term? Who is fooling whom?

For the last one year this group has been feeding 500 plus constituents - at Potrero Hill, Huntersview, Sunnydale, mostly areas where there is Public Housing - and people need good food - including Public Housing by Garfield Park and more.

This group is now funded by HealthRight360 and we must have a plan where there is stability - shot term and long term.

Where the rent in paid on time - and where those that work - work is clean and an environment that soothes their soul.

Where there is ample parking and if it is free as it is now - better - we have to do it right - but as these folks see it - they do it wrong - even when you give it to them on a platter.

I say this because I know what I am talking about.

Malia Cohen thinks - things happen in a vacuum - and she thinks if she knows some one - or two - that is all that matters.

Malia Cohen reacts after the fact - always after the fact - the hearings are for fools - do you have a action plan, a Blue Print to execute - how long can you do on like this?

No one can fool - all the people - all the time.

Malia Cohen has no ability to evaluate any situation. 

She is so pathetic that she once live by Candlestick Park - and then could not - she lost her $580,000 condominium - she went under.

This is not to put her down - but to reveal to those that know little about her - she has no clue about budgeting and less about accountability and transparency. Her life has been a mess - and how can she help - others?  The blind leading the blind.

We have had some very serious shootings and killings in the last few weeks. The Bayview Police Station is at a loss - and so is the City and County of San Francisco.

I reached out to the Police Chief and after a long time we had a talk. He knows how I operate - and I introduced him to a system - and how I have the pulse of what is going on.

You may not believe this - but I also met with the Mayor, Mayor Edwin Lee at my office at Executive Park.

And we had a talk - "Mr Mayor my main purpose is to serve the community. Please help me to serve the community - more our elders and our youth and young adults".

The Mayor heard me loud and clear.

Millions of dollars are given to organizations - who do nothing much - they have access to corrupt folks like Malia Cohen and others.

We will not beg -  we need the funds to - do what we have been doing - and we keep doing it with standards. We have full accountability and transparency.

You may not believe this too - each and every week - I have to dig into my pocket - to help keep our programs together.

There is insurance, there is the Internet, there are utility bills, there is a cost for food and so on. Nothing just happens - money is required to do what it takes to be done.

We have the right people who know what they are doing - when it comes to Violence Prevention and Intervention.

The City and County knows this - but has not chosen to step up and talk to the right people - and more to back those that can deliver. 

We are not going to beg - but we will expose those that are not doing what they are suppose to do. Shame on them.

I reached out to Maria Su - she has yet to call me.

I am reaching out to Mayor Lee - may be he and the Chief of Police can visit me.

I can give you the empirical data - and a run down on the field operations. 

I have qualified experience having worked for the United States Park Police and over 35 years working and living in the community.

It is amazing when it comes to Blacks and people of color - how these so called officials - think.

The think about this segment of the  populace - as if they are expandable.

Our City and County of San Francisco has lost its mind.

We have hot spots with over 30% unemployment in District 10. You may ask Dr Espanola Jackson - she gets a lot of briefings from me.

Come on San Francisco - you know better - you can give TWITTER a regressive tax break. 

You collect over $900 million from the Hotels call the Hotel Tax that goes into the General Fund.

You even take in close to 3% from huge projects and give it to the Arts Commission.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has set aside $300 million in community benefits. The very people who fought for this - are shunned. The money is for Community Benefits - not to aid - crooks who continue their ploys and machinations.

The crooks get all the money - and those that do the work - must literally beg. Why?

It is not as if you do not know - you want to foster - gentrification.

It is as if you want to foster - divisiveness - as if you endorse the killings and the shootings.

Only God can forgive you charlatans - and more have mercy on your sordid - souls.

Wake up and do something now - you have not seen much so far - there is more to come. Aho.