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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Malia Cohen must comprehend that she is an outsider - no one worth the salt - respects her. Not in the Bayview - not anywhere where sanity and normality - reigns. 

The same holds true of some other policy makers - who have NOT respected the youth and young adults all over the City and County of San Francisco. More in the Bayview Hunters Point. We are watching you all - like a HAWK.

 So this is what I will say - if you cannot RESPECT and cannot create OPPORTUNITIES with tax payers money - get out of the way - now. It does not matter how you all fell about yourselves - it is all about - how we feel about you crooks.

Malia Cohen and practically anyone who works with her - are "out of sync" with the community. There is such disparity - and the pain is so acute - that as much as we all have had patience - patience is running out. The evil whore must go.

When no one respects those that must be respected - and get no respect in their own backyard.

Especially the youth and young adults in the Bayview Hunters Point area - not only the Blacks, the Asians, and the Polynesian and others - all hell will break loose.

There is more to come - in proportion to the madness that is meted out by the "stupid" - policy makers - and folks like Malia Cohen - you see it and it will not be pretty.

What we can do in the work we do - is listen to those that are suffering and help them. So when we feed 500 plus people a day - Tuesday to Saturday. We are helping the City and County of San Francisco.

When the young adults come to help and we help them  dipping into our own savings - we are helping the City. The same holds when the children some to us - many of them - have no father and the single mother - have three and four children - by different fathers - the City know about these factors - and looks the other way.

Malia Cohen has been trying to hoodwink the community at large - appointing some "queer youth" and working with some "fringe individuals" - to serve in capacities that these fools - have no idea about. I have met them and they are not from our community and what is more have no history about our community.

This nonsense will not work. We know Malia Cohen - she is a SELL OUT.  The worst type that one can come across - smile on your face and stab you in the back. Make promises and fails to keep them - each and every time.

Again and again - with the Mother Brown episode - and the 100 beds that a grant was given for - by the State of California. Opposing the community - fighting the "indigent" segment of the population - who are mostly Black like Malia Cohen.

100 much needed beds are needed - and here is this Black woman - who is as fake as they make them - fighting the community. Fighting against the community trying to help the indigent - population.

Bringing in some fake ass yuppies from Potrero Hill to tell us the community - that the indigent folks - most of them from Bayview Hunters Point - all former resident - who fell on bad times.

The paradox most of those that need the beds - who now sleep in chairs and in the bushes.

Blacks as I said - fallen on bad times. How can these poor souls - day after day crash in the open - and face the inclement weather? 

Malia Cohen is heartless - she is a whore who has no soul. She should be ashamed of herself and those that reared such a worthless piece of crap.

Here is a Black woman - who should know better - opposing the community and all that Mother Brown's institution does for the community and the poor. Feeding the poor, giving them succor and trying to do best for the poor.

It was the same with the Wellness Center - where poor children are taken for their health issues. The parents have to face the heavy traffic, the dangerous particulates, the stench from the near by Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant. The Wellness Center - situated at 3450 Third Street closer to Cargo Street.

Malia Cohen pushed for this Wellness center - operating in an area that is very contaminated - 3450 Third Street - by Cargo Way. Millions of vehicles ply by this junction each year - a well known "contaminated hot spot".

Our children should get the best - they get the worst. Go figure!
25% of the children from the entire city live in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Again Malia Cohen fought the community - went out of her way to work with Nadine Burke and other nefarious folks - to put our children in harms way with intent.

Used pressure to force the corrupt SF Planning Department with the help of Barbara Gracia - to place this Wellness Center - on a contaminated site.

This woman Malia Cohen must go - for one simple reason - she cannot and will not comprehend - the "true needs" of the community at large. How can she represent - when all she cares is her evil, self - "ego".

For over one year and before that since the year 2000 - some of us have been trying our best to work - with the community.

Each and every time we expand our own money and make some progress - here come the corrupt and put hurdles in our way.

Some City agencies that get the money to address the issues linked to the youth and young adults failing the youth and young adults - putting hurdles in our way. Expanding tax payer money for other mundane needs.

We had drawn up plans to address Violence Prevention and Intervention. Each time we draw the plans - all efforts are made to sabotage our plans.

Who do you think in behind this plot - Malia Cohen much like Sophie Maxwell did the same - when she was the Supervisor of District 10.

Malia Cohen has spear headed "gentrification" - and you have to watch she her express herself - she is simply "out of sync" with reality.

Her own personal life - is a mess. Now this crazy woman is messing with Quality of Life issues that she does not - fathom less comprehend the details.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

This crazy Black woman - Malia Cohen - must get out the way.

The Mayor Edwin Lee and the Chief of Police, Gregory Suhr - have to take the reins - and do something soon - have a plan with stellar leadership at the front end.

Right now there is NO stellar leadership - to address the killings, the shootings, the plans to deal with the youth and young adults, the adverse impacts of the "gang injunctions".

Training and jobs - career jobs not those jobs given for a week or two and then the youth - get laid off. The stipends given during Summer - and then the youth have to fend for themselves.

The youth have to deal with serious problems. No money in the home - hunger and mental issues. Contamination and toxicity that contributes to anger, stress and related issues.

No one is looking at the issues and applying them to the consequences - we have folks like Malia Cohen - who has no clue about the Community. 

Always laughing - always grinning - much like a jack ass.

Right now the City is using tax payers money - pandering to "idiots" who are  sell outs.

These vermin the likes of Malia Cohen and those few who get funding - acting as sub-contractors - raking in money - getting contracts that are "out sourced" - these types of shenanigans will not work.

I had an opportunity to talk to Maria Su who heads the Mayor's Office of Children, Youth, and Families.

Maria Su has been in the trenches with us - but really does not have the "pulse" of what is happening - at ground zero.

No one has to beg - for a measly small amount of money - to provide resources that the City and County of San Francisco has to provide in the first place.

We tax payers pay the City workers - and no one should get more than $100,000 - I am talking about managers - but guess what the policy makers and those that control the policies - make in access of $175,000 easily with benefits - many making over $200,000 - our tax payers money.

More than 25% of the children in the City and County of San Francisco live in Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

I have known these children for a long, long time. Many of them come to me for help - and when I can - I help them.

It is the same with youth and the young adults.

It is a shame that the City and County of San Francisco with a $9 Billion dollar budget - cannot help our youth and young adults. 

Always lying, promising them something and giving them nothing.

Closing and rehabilitating recreational facilities during Summer time - putting our youth - in the streets - to fall prey to violence and killing and mayhem. 

Malia Cohen has been a panderer all her life - and if you look how she behaves - like  a reed - blowing in the wind.

No one worth the salt respects her. I have observed her - for a long, long time - pathetic.

The Mayor Edwin Lee must now investigate why our children, our youth and young adults are neglected in the Southeast Sector. 

Who are the organizations getting money - and why our youth and young adults are falling prey to adverse impacts. I am an open invitation to come to my office - sit down and bring along the Chief of Police and I will explain to you two - what is happening.

Tape the deliberations and play it to our esteem advisers who have FAILED to deliver.

Our youth and young adults are  neglected - too much money spent - at the top - and those that can deliver and are on the front linees - are given bread crumbs.

Since when has it become a norm that we citizens who have worked hard - must spend our own money - to take care of the concerns of the City and County of San Francisco?

You truly want to play this game? Bring it on.

When San Francisco and Mayor Edwin Lee as much as we explain to him what is happening - listens to the crooks, the corrupt, the panderers - our City will fail - more with very poor - representation.

The Mayor knows me and I will speak the "truth".

 I am not afraid of these panderers - and I have the support of those that can do the work and deliver and have for over 35 years.

Every time we try our best to provide our best - at our expense to those front line workers - others want to ruin our plans.

There is an out house - you must go an visit it - truly a shack - by the Old Bayshore where some of our front line workers - are asked to work in. 

This is a shame. One toilet for 20 people - and the place will not pass any valid inspection - if the Department of Building Inspection - goes to the place and inspects it - understanding the circumstances - they will not allow any operation - to go on.

The Mayor and the Chief of Police must go and visit this place and find out for themselves - what is happening?

The Community Response Network (CRN) under the Bayview Foundation and one Jacob Moody - ruined the CRN.

Now, the Community Response Network (CRN) and what remain of this organization - has been thrown to the winds.

Those behind the scenes - do not want the "good workers" - to do their job - hurdles are put in the way.

Over $20 million is available to address mental, violence, killings, and a host of issues in the Bayview.

Right now - two stellar organizations address mental concerns with children, youth, and families - one at Evans Street and another on Polk Street - both City organizations - are targeted by Barbara Gracia and her minions.

The Mayor, Edwin Lee has no clue what is happening.

Ben Rosenfield the Controller has no clue what is happening. 

These workers - front line workers - and treated with "disdain". I know the workers - and each and every day - corrupt supervisors - are making their lives - hell.

Now imagine front line workers - dealing with patients - hundreds of them have mental issues - we must protect these workers and help them. Right now the opposite is done.

No one who truly understands "cultural competency" - truly does not have the pulse of the Black Community.

There is talk about  - "people of color" - but beyond that nothing - people suffer and no one cares.

Put in charge of the organizations above White folks - who run their mouth, do as they please - while away their time - and target those that do the work.

Barbara Gracia has met with the workers with the SEIU representatives - and nothing is coming out from these talks.

Barbara Gracia has millions that she gets for the Bayview - and very little is put into the community.

It is time to protest and take over City Hall - much like we did when we had to rein in the City Officials - when Lennar - a rogue developer - was adversely impacting our community.

Barbara Gracia has been hood winking the Bayview community - because of Malia Cohen - and others like Malia Cohen who is a pander - and is a sell out - working withe Barbara Gracia - approving the Wellness Center for our children - operating on a contaminated site - 3450 Third Street near Cargo Way in San Francisco.

Malia Cohen now wants - to appoint a Task Force to address the killings and shootings.

 I surely want to meet this "Task Force" - where have these folks - been - all this while - while we have put our lives on the line?