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Thursday, August 1, 2013


LENNAR supported by Willie L.Brown Jr. the former Black "thug mayor" of San Francisco is at it again. Willie is now openly backing LENNAR.

Willie and his thug supporters have said not a word - about how LENNAR with intent - slowly helped to kill our infants, our youth, our young adults, our seniors - when Lennar with intent - bombarded the community for months on end - in the year 2004 - with Asbestos structures.

House Negros the likes of Cathy Perry, Doris Vincent, Sophina Maxwell, Malia Cohen, the Tabernacle Group, the many who are now dipping into the BLOOD MONEY  that Lennar keeps harping  are community benefits - have nothing to do with benefits.

Dubious entities one worse than the other  and including on this list -  Gina who runs the YMCA on Lane Street in the Bayview - having NO clue - the damage they are doing to the entire Bayview and how disgraceful their behavior is.

No one should back Lennar that has BLOOD on its hands.

If you serve MAMMON you will die serving the God of Hell on Earth - not somewhere else - but, here on Earth.

The Bayview community once took the lead and pointed the entire Bay Area in the right direction.

It should not come as a surprise that the Human Rights Committee was first formed in the Bayview. That is before it was moved to 25 Van Ness Down Town - and named the Human Rights Commission - who wings have now been clipped - and life style issues are foremost on its agenda.

It should not come as a surprise that the Joint Housing Committee did excellent work - building thousands of homes - up the the HILL - leveraging Federal money with Wells Fargo - to make good things happen.

The units build and now taken over by Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO) - another rogue Property Management Company - that we the community fought to bring justice to the AIMCO pandemonium and utter confusion - of 2004. The company is run by racist - Whites.

The original intention was that those living in the units would own the units. But, this City brought in San Francisco Redevelopment and other dubious entities - always at the back of their sordid mind - to take the units - tear them if necessary - to remove people and bringing in sordid - gentrification and gated communities. 

It should not come as a surprise under a Black person despicable in nature - like Sophina Maxwell that the John Stewart Company - another rouge Property Management Company will - control a large chuck of land on the Hill.

The John Stewart Company already controls and wons the units  at Huntersview Phase One of its larger expansion and devious construction.

Soon the corrupt John Stewart Company will move to its Phase Two operations by Kiska Road.

The John Stewart Company - already controls Northridge Co-operatives - and has designs for more - we are watching them like a hawk.  These are Whites racists to the core - corrupt Blacks to the bidding of the John Stewart Company.

LENNAR has with intent harmed our people in the Bayview Hunters Point area. The are mostly White are racists from Florida. All they want is the money - and they think they will win - but we have something special for them. The can dance the jig for now - he laughs best who laughs - last.

So, why are mostly Black backing these Developers of doom - who treat "people of color" with disdain? These mostly corrupt loud mouth Blacks - love the money - the temporary satisfaction that will consume them sooner than later. Their hell will be on Earth. 

What legacy did Willie B. Kennedy leave? Nothing. Dead and gone and all people remember - is how she hogged and the grants she sought - even to her dying days! What a sordid way to live - when she could have done so much good.

Why are these Developers and Property Managers -  using sell outs like Gina from the YMCA, Lola Whittle, Aurelious Walker, Doris Vincent, Cathy Perry, Sophina Maxwell, Malia Cohen, Veronica Hunnicutt, Dwayne Jones, Linda Richardson, the Young Community Developers (YCD), other thug Community Based Organizations - and the Black, Poverty Pimp Pastors - to steal, rape, and adversely impact our community?  

All those party to Proposition G - that Lennar the Rogue Developer backed - spending in access of $10 million - are sell outs and have BLOOD on their hands. 

Those now taking BLOOD MONEY from LENNAR  - a rogue developer - must be ashamed of themselves.

Leading the pack - Malia Cohen. She is as fake and as shallow as they come. Smiles on your face and stabs you in the back.

Malia Cohen wants is building a Wellness Center on contaminated land at 3450 Third Street - getting $4 million from California Pacific Medical Center and $3 hundred thousand from the 49ers. Can you believe this - a Wellness Center on one of the most congested, contaminated land in the Bayview - in close proximity to the Raw Sewage Plant - the areas stinks to high heaven - day and night. And all this for our children. Malia Cohen and one Nadine Burke - some Jamaican doctor that just moved from some where and now lives on Potrero Hill with a White man. Go figure.

Malia Cohen is the very personification of one that serves MAMMON - her morals, standards, and life style - a disgrace to the human race. 

Malia Cohen wants to run for her second term to serve District 10 - you people who voted for these good for nothing - air head - better think twice.

Why are the Blacks pretending to serve others gravitating towards BLOOD MONEY ?

Do they have any regard and respect for the deeds and actions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

For that matter some one like Frederick Douglass - for the many stellar Blacks thorough out history - who have shunned doing EVIL and stood for what is right?

The YMCA is becoming a hub of EVIL - and those in charge of the YMCA better take another look at the activities within that despicable building that once belonged to the Catholic Church - the Sisters on the Hill; by Silver Terrace - who were given the land - as a donation for good - by the owners of the Rancharias - that history no one cares about.

Also, that the land belongs to the Ohlone and it now disgraced by of all people - the few and mostly Black sell outs and loud mouths in the Bayview.

These House Negros pretend the Bayview belong to them - even though Blacks are dying like flies - having fallen prey to drugs and other habits that the world shuns from.

Failed their ancestors when it come to spirituality - and brought about the spilling of blood - the Black on Black violence - that these sell outs Blacks deem NOT to do anything about - directly and indirectly they foster - gentrification.

These few a disgrace to the human race in San Francisco.

The decent Blacks agree with me on this one - and take time to send me an email or call me - and assure me that they are fully cognizant about this facts - but - do not know how to address the situation at hand.

Well, the sell out Blacks and loud mouths are the devils - Satan at his best - the loud mouths most of them at some point - did drugs - continue to use money to wheel and deal - and will take blood money from Whites to divide the community.

Nothing much has changed from the days of the Slave Plantation.
Divide and rule - the crooks say something nice on the face - and stab the community in the back.

Drive the fancy cars - with ill gotten wealth - take BLOOD money from LENNAR.

Those that backed Propostion F - who demanded 50% housing of proving good housing for those that could not afford it - after a thorough clean up - and broke it down by income - including' " those that had - "no income" and of course - "low income ".

Proposition F stood for 50% Market value housing and explained the situation at hand.

At  first Proposition F  was winning stunning the people and Lennar- only for Lennar to bombard the air waves - spending in access of $10 million and taking the lead. That is the devil in action - flooding the air waves with LIES.

The 2008 spiraling economy took LENNAR down and it has just show it ugly head - with sordid Chinese money and the back of Willie L. Brown and his thug of yore.

These Black sells out will do anything to get money.

They are all about money - tainted money, BLOOD money and they are not respected by the community.

No one decent - should have anything to do with the development on Parcel A - and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The United States Navy that polluted the land - and wants to cap it - more radio active elements - is out if its rabid ass mind. No one can live on such contaminated land - and NOT suffer the consequences.

More the land is desecrated - the remains of the Ohlone were spread all over the land - and this injustice crying to heaven - must be addressed and addressed in detail.

As I have said many times - and say again to the mostly Black Sell Outs - " no good will ever come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Aho"

The nefarious operatives - most divisive in nature - keep on dividing the community - creating confusion and pandemonium of the worst order. The paradox is most of them are Blacks.