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Friday, May 31, 2013


The fight among the just and unjust is an ongoing battle - and never mind what the outcome is - those that fight for what is right - will WIN. No one can defeat the TRUTH - and the forces of EVIL - will be defeated.

This on going battle is going right now at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. We have sent the necessary clarion call - but, those in power are challenging us - and they will have to pay a price

Juliet Ellis who has done wrong - for all the world to see -  she must go.

Juliet Ellis must go - now - there is no pandering about this issue. If this issue flares up - hundreds of innocent people - will be affected.

This is San Francisco and we San Franciscans will NOT stand some Jamaican woman - corrupt, lying, and full of crap - leading our External Affairs Department at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - having done wrong and exposed by the Main Media and more.

Earning more than $200,000 plus benefits - all tax payers money - and thumping her nose at those that work hard, stand for decency, and believe in justice and fair play.

Why is Mayor Edwin Lee allowing this issue to linger?

Get rid of the bad rubbish - it stinks to high heaven - and you have proof - of lying, deceit, and an on going cover up.

What makes this case all the more sordid - is Juliet Ellis continues hiring cronies - one worse than the other - to surround herself with inept hirelings - who do not know what they are doing.

All in the name of Benefits for the Community - making high salaries - and wasting tax payers money.

What is Ben Rosenfield doing about this situation? Time to audit this External Affair Department - with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Whoever came up with this ploy to hire Juliet Ellis and her minions - must now pay the price. 

San Franciscans - the decent ones will not stand - for some Black Jamaican woman to take us to the cleaners. 

This corrupt woman Juliet Ellis must go now - and we will fight her - with all our might.

I know the Brother Harlan Kelly - and as much as he wants to protect this good for nothing corrupt woman - Juliet Ellis - he must now decide - on which side he wants to be.

We cannot bought and we have the power to bring those who are corrupt down - and expose them.

Nothing good is happening not with our plan to have our youth work - this Summer - with the Nursery Plan and advancements we  had worked so hard on - to  learn to do landscaping and so on.

Now the hitch is with Local 261 and those in power else where - pussy footing around.

It is taking over two years and nothing is happening. Well the Native Plant Program was funded three years ago - and paid for. 

So why all this fuss - when we stepped up and created opportunities; came up with a sound plan - and gave the Blue Print on a platter - to give a  fighting chance to our youth?

Who is SF Public Utilities Commission trying to fool.

It is the same with the Contractors Center - over two years - and nothing substantial happening. Who is creating the hurdles? It is either you are with us - or against us. And we you are against us - the sooner you tell us the better.

The corruption in some City Department has reached saturation point. Who will fix it. Time is on our side - the side of the people.