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Saturday, May 18, 2013


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors have now resigned to selling their souls to the devil - linked to major projects - ongoing in the City and County of San Francisco.

Behind close doors the lobbyists keep doling the money - never mind who they are - as far as the San Francisco, Board of
Supervisors are.

Each one of them have sold their souls - to the highest bidder - to do WRONG.

Most of them do not give a rat ass about the constituents, the citizens, they are the scum of the Earth. Excreta!

Leading the political whores Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Scott Weiner, David Chiu, David Campos, Norman Yee, London Breed - and the others close behind - making deals and compromising their positions.

Their political platforms - the many promises they make - down the drain - and into the cesspool of their own - making.

Platinum Consultants has been investigated in New York and fined.

Our City Attorney and District Attorney - Dennis Herrera and George Gascon - do not have the guts to shut down - Platinum Consultants - who demand - millions of dollars - to deliver a contract on a platter.

Our Mayor Edwin Lee in beholden to Platinum Consultants - folks that work for this devious consultant - and part of his inner circle.

The matter is simple - the Federal Bureau of Investigation must read the RICO ACT - and those that have tarnished the good name of sound governance - must go to jail.

All the Primes pander to Platinum and if you do not pay these "vermin" then you cannot make your move.

AECOM is beholden to Platinum Consultants, so is LENNAR - it does no good to mention the others - but all of them - the large primes - any one that is part of the " so called breakfast" shenanigans - $500 to $1000 a table - where they sit, hog, plot - and make small talk.

These political whoring have been going on for too long - and has been accepted - and must be nipped in the bud.

The sham with outreach is another - the gurus who are corrupt to the core - Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Millard Larkin, Al Williams, the many Black - Poverty Pimp Pastors - none of these characters have anything holistic to do with the Southeast Sector.

Yet, again and again - I am asked what do these crooks - so called consultants do - with all the millions - given to them to do - outreach.

These scum bags receive millions  for their fake outreach - all of which they pocket. All of these scum bags - not to be trusted - will ROT in hell. 

Outreach is now synonymous with CORRUPTION.

People come to me - asking me to be part of outreach - if you dare join anyone doing outreach with any large project in San Francisco - you must sell your soul. Only crooks do outreach - blatant corruption  is associated with OUTREACH.

Many of the these folks who take money to do outreach - are jail birds.

The City permits and tolerates their diatribe, these scoundrels are a disgrace to anything decent, a shame to our laws and ethics - and San Francisco City Hall gives these jerks - full access - to carry out white collar - crimes.

It does not help that Juliet Ellis - from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, who purports to be the Assistant General Manager for External Affairs - has cheated the tax payer.

Juliet Ellis is still being tolerate for her blatant corruption - in office - smiling and taunting those around her.  Juliet Ellis has  INTENT committed defraud  - she has cheated the tax payers in San Francisco.

Juliet Ellis and her corrupt practices - at tax payers expense - must end - even as she is still being investigated by the City Attorney and the SF Human Resources - who are taking their time - on this critical issue - linked to abject, corruption. It has been over three months now - the woman must go.

This cancer must go - and with her all those she employed - when decent San Franciscans - are told there is a freeze - and deprived of good City jobs.

Crooks move with the breeze - laughing to the bank with salaries in access of $200,000 plus benefits. Added insult they do not live in San Francisco - the come in to commit their - dirty deeds.

A former "thug" Mayor also Black has placed his henchmen and women in places of import.

All the above and more - political whores - who do his bidding.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation - is looking into the shenanigans - and be ready for the BIG - blowout.