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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Way back in 1998 - Lennar registered itself as a Corporation - with the backing of  Willie L. Brown Jr. and a host of other crooks.

These wicked men - all wanted to make big bucks - developing Military Bases - that they bought for little money -  using companies like Lennar - and using "Land Banking" and other such devious models - to sell land and make big - bucks.

Then on these sites Developers - crooked developers - built inferior homes. Innocent people bought the homes - and most suffered from health - problems. Thousands of them - all over this nation.

In Florida - Lennar built over 4000 units with inferior - "Sheet Rock" from China. No one could live in these units - and all of them had to be torn down. But, not until - thousands suffered from health problems.

There is nothing holistic about Lennar - all over this Nation.

 Lennar and its directors are known "thugs" - and those that support them - even worse - the likes of Willie L. Brown Jr. who should be ashamed of himself.

When Lennar with intent - did the grading at Parcel A - crushed Serpentine Rock - released Asbestos Structures - at that time - it did not have the best interests of the community - and it does not have the best interests of the community today.

Lennar now goes by so many names - the latest one Hunters Point Development Company - registered in Delaware - which is the devil's workshop.

Lennar was defeated by Stop Lennar Action Committee - we spent about $5000 and Lennar spent $10 million - and Lennar is still reeling from that defeat.

Since 2002 - Lennar has chosen to pay "thugs" in the community. 

Many of these "thugs" were on some payroll.

After the "defeat"  Lennar lay low - and following the Economic Spiraling in 2008 - all was quiet - for a long time.  Lennar failed on the Stock Market - reach a all point low of $12 at one time - Lennar lost millions and continues to loose - millions to this day.

Most of all Lennar and those who work for Lennar are despised - all over this Nation.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District fined Lennar over $500,000 the largest fine ever.

This was because the children, the mothers, the sisters, the brothers, the community spoke up and stood tall.

Today, in the year 2013 - Lennar with a new name Hunters Point Development Company.

Lennar has decided to show its ugly head - the same SNAKE - different head with a new name.

The original Disposition and Development Agreement - linked to Parcel A; the only parcel conveyed by the United States Navy to the City and County of San Francisco.

Which the City and County of San Francisco in turn - decided to turn to the then SF Redevelopment Agency -( now dead ) - who turned it over to Lennar - a Rogue Developer.

The first thing Lennar did was find excuses to carry out an amendment and decided that the rental units that were part of the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) - was not possible. An amendment was in order - and out went the promised rental units

Lennar made it  possible to pay thugs - keep the thugs on the their payroll - to carry out divisive activities. Like the clear cutting of 400 mature trees - without a permit - on Parcel A.

Lennar chose to get rid of the promised rental units and failed - as it has all over the Nation - to NOT accommodate the wishes of the people.

Innocent hard working people - making end meet - who cannot afford the housing units - Lennar is building -  but thought at that time they could afford - rental units.

 Lennar promised but decided to break this promise.

Today the community at large is so disgusted with Lennar - they do not want to have anything to do with them.

The Chinese are now promised a " a way in to live in the United States" - if they can fork up a million or so - then the "crooks" - thrown in an unit - which they pay for - and an opportunity to work - and more - all for some tainted BLOOD money.

The Chinese from Mainland China - have no clue about the deal - and some of them do not care living on contaminated soil - all they want is a chance to get our of China. They could live in San Francisco at Hunters Point for a moment - and then move away.

You will hear more of these shenanigans - as the months go by.

From the inception I wrote and spoke out, LENNAR - because I have been following this "snake " since 1998.

I am not a sell out - and the many sell outs - mostly Black the likes of Lola Whittle, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Sophie Maxwell, Willie B. Kennedy, Doris Vincent, Veronica Hunnicutt - still continue to worship - Lennar and have turned their backs - on the community. Their time is coming.

Today, in the year 2013 - Lennar wants to start breaking ground - promising to build 1400 units, 20 acres of open space, trails and what not - these guys surely know what to promise - but; will never, ever deliver. Right now it is a conceptual plan.

" A conceptual plan is like a dream - you wake up and it could be your worst - nightmare".

Who would want to live on land that is contaminated. More with radio active elements in very high doses.

Like, I have been saying - why live in the middle of Chernobyl.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site - contaminated and polluted by the U.S. Navy.

The United States Navy first tested "depleted Uranium" at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - as part of the experiment during World War II.

The National Defense Radiological Laboratory was first established at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Now, moved to Lawrence Livermoore Laboratory. Few know this - but it is good - to keep this in mind.

Hundreds of large animals tested in the Bikini Atomic experiments - were brought to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and buried. So was the sand blasts from the many ships that took part in the "Atomic Experiments" - off the Bikini Islands.

Of the Bikini Islands - innocent Polynesians were used as targets - and even today they suffer - and we must stand up for them - as we must for all innocent people - taken advantaged off.

The radio active elements that are found at Hunters Point in large  quantities - that the U.S. Navy wants to cap - have  resulted in "still births" - the SF Health Departments does not want to reveal this fact.

The U.S. Navy admits it has polluted the entire watershed. Hundreds of innocent people exposed to the land - suffer from cancer, large tumors, innocent people who worked at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - during the effort linked to World War II - died suffering from Asbestosis and many other types of cancer.

May their souls rest in peace.

90% of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is poor landfill.

Prone to liquefaction and flooding. Only a fool would make his or her abode - on that God forsaken - contaminated land.

You see the water by the Bay but signs will be placed to tell you not to go near the Bay - less dip your feet - even on a warm day.
You will have to sign man waivers - to leave on that land - and if you fall sick it will be on you.

Simply because you could not live there unless you signed a waiver. Ask those that live at Mission Bay. They ask me why they have to sign the waiver - and I tell them why f- and they are aghast.

If  you purchase a home - in your own back yard - you will not be able to plant anything.

You may - if you buy some clean dirt - put it in a garden box - and see these plants breathe the air - that is contaminated - and risk you health - that is if you dare eat some vegetable or fruit grown in that - environment.

Now, imagine living in an area - with radio active elements - and these rascals - enticing you to buy their contaminated units. Imagine the fate of innocent children - mothers bearing babies - children playing and living in such - sordid, contaminated, more with radio active elements around in high doses - who is fooling - whom?

Do not trust Lennar and do not trust this snake called - Hunters Point Development Company.

They are no good - they took the community for ride - the first time around.

More, with the Black sellouts - the Black - Poverty Pimp Pastors - are geared up to take us the community - for a bad ride - the second time around.

Wake up and tell these good for nothing - bad folks, more evil - that we the community do not want to do anything to do  with them.

In the first round they harmed with intent our innocent children. Up till now they have not apologized.

It is the same with the San Francisco Health Department.

It is the same with the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - and the District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen who is hand in glove with Lennar.

All Malia Cohen desires is the money. Before her it was Sophie Maxell - both of them Black and a very bad example they are.

Two people were the proponents of Proposition "F" - Jim Queen and Francisco Da Costa.

We stood by the people and will continue to stand by the people.

We made Lennar spend over $10 million - and as I have been saying; for the longest time ever :

" No good will ever come good at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard". Aho.