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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Our political whores that are our San Francisco Supervisors - simply do not get it. They all talk the talk but fail - each and every time - to walk the walk.

John Avalos was bragging about a junket with some of his fellow San Francisco Supervisors and their aides to Mexico.

These morons just found out that in Mexico - considering that population Mexico City is in the millions - Mexico has a better transportation system.

We have a population of 805,000 and our public transportation stinks. We are a City of hills - and some think - bikes make a good mode of transportation. With our cars running all over the place - you will see more DEATHS on our streets - from bike collisions - in the near future.

In Mexico City the Bus Transit System, their bus operators support  the entire transportation system by participating as equals; including the operators and Management - with full transparency and accountability. 

Unlike the stupidity that reigns supreme among our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - who have yet to chose a Director of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

We have a qualified one in the wings - Maria Lombardo in the wing. She does all the work - and these buffoons keep taunting her - leading the charge - Scott Weiner and David Campos.

Why is it taking so long - to choose the SFCTA Director?

Simply because the SF Board of Supervisors are morons.

Take a look a the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA). The most dysfunctional agency in the Nation. Their only support - loco - Scott Weiner - forever support this failing - agency.

Over 60% of our MUNI buses do not have the cameras working - compromising safety. We lodged a complaint - complete with documentation and empirical data - no adjudication - from the San Francisco - Controller's Office. The corruption is deep - deep into the DNA of the MTA and related City Departments.

Leading that charge Scott Weiner on Muni and now to support Israel; who as I said is a pain in the ass - and who now has become the spokesperson for Israel. What is this man doing - on the SF Board of Supervisors.

Ordering us - how our Nation has to adopt Israel - and waste billions of our tax payers money - on that Nation. All the while - when our citizens and our Nation needs - help.

Let us get realistic - if anyone follows a moron like Scott Weiner - you are doomed.

He badly wants to be the next lanky Mayor of San Francisco - a staunch Zionist by nature - this man will fail - he will fail miserably.

I was at the San Francisco County Transportation full meeting - yesterday, May 21, 2013 - the entire SF Board of Supervisors - acting as Commissioners - and many of the SF Board of Supervisors - were not present - at this meeting - when the meeting began.

Then once roll call was taken - mention was made to recess - so that these dumb, idiotic San Francisco Supervisors could go attend some drab ceremony to hand over the key of the City of San Francisco - to this basketball player - who plays for the Warriors.

We as a City as far as I know - have nothing in writing that the Warriors belong to San Francisco - yet?

So, why all these fun fare - I do not know?

The main purpose of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is to represent and serve the constituents. And that they have NOT done - yet.

Each and every time; you see these SF Board of Supervisors - most of them "political whores" - you feel like - puking - nuseating.

The reason is simple - these mostly dumb Supervisore have nothing to contribute - nothing what so ever to offer, meaningful -  Jane Kim, London Breed, Scott Weiner, John Avalos, David Chiu, David Campos, Norman Yee - and the rest of them too.

None of them are articulate - educated on issues - and that is because of their life style - and how they carry on their daily activities - pandering the corrupt - the lobbyists.

The company they keep - and the orders they take from other "political thugs" - the likes that have made their nest - raking in millions.

Folks like Diane Feinstein, her husband Richard Blum - Nancy Pelsoi her husband Paul Pelosi - the other thugs - Rose Park and Willie L. Brown - who are ruining the fair name of this great City and County of San Francisco - fostering - corruption.

Mexico City has a fine transportation system at every level.

Mexico City - even has a fine ridership of fellow citizens who ride bikes on the level terrain - unlike the hills that we have in San Francisco. 

Here is San Francisco for the last two years - we are experiencing - clogged streets - back to back traffic - too many cars on our streets. 

Too much construction - and our roads worked on - without any planning with Traffic Management in mind. Mind boggling!

Add to that the construction some 30 Construction Sites; abject pandemonium around these sites; and you have a even greater  mess.

Even of San Bruno Avenue - no one is paying real attention - the situation is a mess. Heavy traffic - no parking - business hurting - and the City Officials - not aware of what is happening.

David Campos is far away from this site and area - that he
 purports to represent.

Such are the workings of so called Representatives - who care more about trivial subjects - like the renaming of the San Francisco Airport - then what happens on San Bruno Avenue that pays millions in taxes to San Francisco - and gets NOTHING, comparable - in return.

Business and restaurants are hurting in down town San Francisco.

What are we doing about it?

More and more folks from San Francisco are going outside San Francisco - because the service is better and parking - easier.

Do these dumb folks - who say this and that is better here in the City - do they really know - what truly is happening?

Now, the businesses are hurting all over the City - the Mission, the Portola District, Noe Valley, on Geary Street - North Beach, Union Square - what really is happening - no one knows - there is NO - full explanation - from those that purport to know.

The Mayor keeps bragging we have fine restaurants in San Francisco. That is all hot air - restaurants are fed up with City Hall - you have to talk to the owners - and hear what they have to say.

That is not for the Mayor to say - when the restaurants are hurting - from all the construction and depriving business - from parking - if you have no customers - than how will you pay the rent?

Something; is fundamentally wrong with our planning.

The 49ers won their bid to hold the next Super Bowl and rightly so - Santa Clara - won the bid and deserves it. Mayor Edwin Lee - unlike Gavin Newsom the Mayor before him - stuck with the 49ers and worked with them - even though they moved to Santa Clara. The dividends paid - and now Mayor Edwin Lee shares in this victory.

Mayor Edwin Lee must distance himself from Larry Ellison and the America's Cup - on this issue - if he does not - it will drag him down - and undo the little credibility he had when making key - decisions.

Anyway you look at it - San Francisco will play second fiddle - if not third fiddle - linked to the Super Bowl being played in Santa Clara - but the 49ers known better - by association as belonging to San Francisco Santa Clara is 30 miles or so away from San Francisco - not near but not too far.

Considering how badly we treat our - tourists in San Francisco. 

The traffic, the many filthy beggars, the dirty streets, encouraging some business to sell their product on the side walks, failing to power wash our streets, the constant tearing up of our streets - pot holes - other encumbrances - all over San Francisco - it is becoming ugly. Some one has lost their mind.

We need to get a grip on a war footing - and stop bragging we are good - when there is better and best. Stop playing mind games - and using Press Conference to up your antics. 

I have not seen such a mess in the last 35 years or so.

Santa Clara will have a brand new stadium - what I have seen so far is first class.

San Jose which is closer to Santa Clara - will step up and offer the services needed - and at the rate San Francisco is going - it is all talk and less walk.

Hotels and the restaurants around San Jose will step up and do well - and may be our shopping malls in San Francisco will do well - that is if there is parking and we get rid of the many beggars who tag along and worry the tourists and ruin their stay in San Francisco. 

No one wants to face the logged streets, back to back traffic in the City itself - the filthy beggars, no parking, poor Public Transportation; lack of toilet amenities - poor tourist signage and the many crucial amenities lacking - more no services offered to our Seniors and other Seniors - and those that really - need help.

Now, for the first time in our history - the lack of hospitality and sound amenities when it comes to the hospitality industry. Wake up San Francisco - stop talking and start acting.

Those running our Protocol at City Hall - are old, ancient, and out of tune - with the times.

We need fresh blood - and all these Sister City deals with Spain and Barcelona - is mostly hot air.

The same with Shanghai, Paris, Melbourne and what have you - we talk a lot and when you really visit these foreign cities - no one knows what you are really talking about - there.

This is a Joke. A lot of hog wash from our City gurus - with a hidden, agenda.

Of course taking a junket is the "in" thing now. The SF Board of Supervisor get to "whore" a lot on these - junkets that are useless when the SF Board of Supervisors have ulterior - motives.

 Malia Cohen the premier "political Whore" - has been to Ireland, Israel, here, there, anywhere - she will go anywhere to pander and worship a dirty "buck". She makes her abode - in doggy, doggy - Dog Patch.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisor is becoming a "Circus" - a circus of buffoons - and it does not help with other leaders - from the other City Departments - acting like fools - too.

The America's Cup is going down the drain, we really lost as a City to build a stadium - we lost to Santa Clara.

We now want to bet - building thousands of homes on contaminated soil - at Hunters Point and Candlestick Point.

We keep building Market Price homes to bring in the Chinese - and compromise our standards and our Security - offering work and stay permits - for money - more blood money.

We keep pandering to the old dogs with fleas - the likes of Diane Feinstein and her minions, Willie L. Brown Jr. and his ilk - the many Zionists that have ruined our Nation and keep ruining our Nation. Richard Blum and CBRE.

When will we wake up.

In the mean time - just go down town San Francisco - and take a walk.

Please see - for yourself - if pandemonium does not reign supreme. Aho.

Mayor Edwin Lee - positive attitude towards the 49ers - unlike the wounded Mayor Gavin Newsom - who created all the divisiveness - with the 49ers - helped San Francisco win the bid to hold the Super Bowl. This is a big plus for Mayor Edwin Lee:

Bay Area congestion - something we must deal on a war footing: